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10 Most Compelling Reasons to Get Selenium Training

August 25, 2023
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What is Selenium & Why is Selenium Training Important?

The software and web application development sector deserves considerable credit for creating smarter and more innovative gadgets. With such a broad spectrum of users, something that always matters is the accuracy of the software or the web application performing a concerned task. This is one of the reasons why software testing is considered a great career option, and platforms like Selenium have widely contributed to this matter.

Selenium is a free, automated testing framework to test web-based software and websites functioning on various OS. This open-source suite of tools is predominantly used to verify website functionality, browser automation and cross-browser testing.

Amongst its other capabilities, Selenium has a single interface that enables writing test scripts in programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, NodeJS, PHP and Perl. Moreover, Selenium is very extensible and can be integrated with other tools and frameworks like Cucumber, TestNG, and JUnit.

If you are a technical student striving to make it big in the IT field, mastering Selenium could be one of the best ways to achieve your dream. Discover the ten most compelling reasons to opt for Selenium training.

Why You Should Learn Selenium to Excel in Website Testing

Selenium should be your tool for learning because it is:

1. A free tool and open source.

One of the best aspects of Selenium is that it is an open-source tool, which comes free of any subscription fee compared to other testing tools. It is also a clear winner in terms of features that can be:

  • Used by anybody completely free of cost.
  • Used by any type of business for website and application testing.
  • Used to modify and adjust settings
  • Utilized by independent programmers to learn and implement automation testing with Selenium WebDriver.

2. Does not have browser & hardware demands or any special OS.

Selenium is an incredibly desirable tool to learn due to its compatibility with any operating system or browser. The automation framework can also:

  • Function on low-end hardware without massive volumes of RAM or hard drive space.
  • Function without a system with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems or high HDD.
  • Test websites and web applications in any browser, whether Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

3. Supports multiple programming languages.

Selenium can be used with a wide range of programming languages like:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript

Furthermore, since most commercially available testing tools necessitate proficiency in specific programming languages, Selenium’s compatibility with multiple languages empowers you to excel in testing without being restricted to a single programming language.

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4. Offers multiple framework templates.

Selenium’s wide range of frameworks, which also work as software templates, allows users to adapt the code to various scenarios with minimal modifications rather than completely overhauling the entire codebase. Thus, the time spent for writing and testing codes is drastically reduced.

Selenium’s most popular frameworks include:

  • Module test plans
  • Hybrid testing systems
  • Data-driven testing
  • Keywords-based testing frameworks

5. Easy to integrate with other tools.

Selenium’s effortless integration with other open-source tools enables easy automation or continuous testing in DevOps. Also, as a web testing tool, Selenium offers unparalleled flexibility for achieving competitiveness.

6. Significant role in the DevOps lifecycle

Selenium is a crucial component of the DevOps Lifecycle, considered the best alternative to agile models. DevOps engineers’ core competencies are developing the methodologies and infrastructure required to develop and support software testing.

In such cases, Selenium stands out among other testing tools as it perfectly aligns with the DevOps cycle requirements, which values the use of open-source software. The device is a powerful ally in automating your testing process, guaranteeing comprehensive and practical testing of your software applications.

7. Distributed and parallel testing

Parallel and distributed testing is the process of simultaneously conducting test cases on multiple systems. Using the Selenium Grid, you can effortlessly conduct both types of tests without deriving extra processing power from the machine. Also, with Selenium, it is possible to run these tests on several web hosts, which makes it ideal for testers to complete their work more efficiently.

8. Does not depend on a GUI-based system

Selenium testing is suitable for executing on web servers since it requires no GUI-based system prerequisites. Automating testing can be made more efficient by scheduling its execution and seamlessly integrating it with other devices. Moreover, eliminating the user interface dramatically enhances the capabilities of the user’s computer.

9. Versatile and flexible for designing test cases.

Proficiency with Selenium allows you to create test cases by recording them and playing them back or by predetermined logic. Despite your unfamiliarity with writing the WebDriver code, you can still take advantage of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) code to test the program and export it to a programming language of your choice.

Using Selenium WebDriver to implement logic in code, you can execute the web driver test.

10. A technology in great demand.

Selenium is an indispensable tool for automation testing. Its widespread use and popularity have significantly increased the demand for skilled Selenium-accredited testers in the IT field. Being a Selenium tester is sure to land you in plum jobs in reputed firms across the globe.

Enrol For Selenium Training at Aimore Technologies

If you are uncertain whether to choose Selenium, the aforementioned reasons should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the significance of this technology.
The tool’s popularity, versatility, scalability, and flexibility make it one of the most preferred choices for web applications. Mastering Selenium can be a wonderful launching pad for a colourful career in the field of your choice.

Talk to Aimore’s team about our courses for Selenium. Enrol yourself at Aimore Technologies at the earliest and enjoy the benefits of our highly valuable Selenium training courses. Call now!

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Sugumar S

Sugumar S, a seasoned Selenium Trainer, brings nine years of expertise to the field. Holding a Bachelor's degree from Anna University, he stands as a pillar of knowledge and proficiency in software testing. Sugumar's passion for cinema and music mirrors his dynamic approach to teaching, infusing creativity and enthusiasm into his training sessions.

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