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Software Testing Training in Chennai

Aimore is a highly-reputed software testing training institute in Chennai offering high-level certification courses in software testing.
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Aimore’s Software Testing: An Overview

Software testing is the process of verifying the functionality of a software program. It is essential to test software to ensure that it meets the user's requirements, is error-free, and works as intended. So every organisation in the IT industry looks for proficient and talented software testing experts to meet their requirements.

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai offers a comprehensive software testing course with the placement that covers all topics, including Selenium, Core Java, web and mobile app testing, usability engineering, and much more. Our experienced trainers will help you master the skills you need to be a successful software tester. You’ll get hands-on experience with manual testing methods and automated software testing tools like Selenium.

Our software testing course trains you in the latest tools and techniques to refine your industry-related skills. industry-related skills. It covers everything from manual testing to automated testing to prepare you for a career in software development. Enrolling in our Software Testing Course now gives you access to live training and expert instructors!

Key Highlights

Extensive Training
Direct and interactive online training sessions conducted by our accredited instructors.
Certified Courses
Carefully curated certified courses catering to global standards in software testing.
Detailed Syllabus
Comprehensive curriculum with a vast compilation of testing methods and strategies.
In-depth Analysis
Detailed explanation of the Software Testing life cycle for thorough understanding.
Testing Tools
Detailed overview of software testing tools like Selenium and its frameworks.
Multiple Test Cases
Demonstrates the ability to create various test cases for several testing scenarios.
Manual/Automated Testing
Demonstrates your ability to effectively perform manual and automation testing.
Our Candidates
Our Candidates
  • Anyone with a basic ability to write code and understand the basics of computers.
  • Fresh engineering graduates are eligible for foundational courses.
  • Software engineers or developers wanting to improve their testing knowledge.
  • Quality Analysts, Quality Analyst leads, and Quality analyst managers.
Our Candidates
Our Trainers
  • Real-time professionals with more than twelve years of experience in software testing. 
  • Software testing mentors who have worked on more than ten testing projects. 
  • Proficient trainers with many hours of extensive, individual training in testing.
  • Online instructors who teach interview preparation and professional resume writing.
  • Direct and virtual trainers who provide career assistance and mentorship.

Aimore’s Software Testing Certifications

Manual Testing
ETL Testing
API Testing
Cypress Automation Tool

Curated by leading industry experts, our manual testing certification helps you understand various testing methods and to develop specific test cases like Black-Box Techniques or error-based scenarios like Error Guessing techniques. It also trains you in various testing systems like integration, system, unit, and regression testing. Our manual testing certification also facilitates the design and execution of software testing activities.

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The image illustrates software Manual Testing course certifications for professionals.

Our Selenium Certification is an online automation testing course which helps you become a Certified Selenium Tester. The course includes hands-on classes and case study-based training in RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, and Selenium IDE. Enrol in Aimore’s Selenium Certification Course for an added career advantage.

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Aimore’s ETL testing is apt for beginners and experts alike. It is a step-by-step course that introduces you to testing and teaches data warehousing concepts, the difference between OLTP and OLAP, RDBMS, and workflow. It also trains you to check data using SQL, data validation, data correctness, and how to differentiate between data warehouse and database testing.

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The image illustrates ETL Testing course certifications for professionals.

Designed per industry standards and practices, this certification teaches students to use SoapUI for web testing, create work sipexes and much more. A web service is tested to ensure it is functional, reliable, secure, and performs well. SoapUI is one of the most preferred open-source, cross-platform tools. Hence it carries a lot of value.

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Aimore’s API testing certification is carefully curated to advance your career as an API test engineer with all the necessary skills and techniques. It trains you to work with the Postman tool, NPM, and Newman and create quick receipts and other vital API Testing skills.

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Aimore’s Cypress training course is meticulously crafted to empower you with indispensable skills for excelling in modern web testing. It delivers in-depth guidance on leveraging Cypress features and adhering to best practices. Our curriculum covers everything from architecture and installation to testing methodologies.

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Our Placement Program at Aimore

Our Candidates
Live projects and valuable certifications
Our Candidates
Resume preparation & technical support
Our Candidates
Lab exercises for hands-on experience
Our Candidates
Mock interviews for training
Our Candidates
Placement in leading organisations
Our Candidates
Free Wi-Fi and lab facilities
Our Candidates
Prime location in Chennai’s IT hub
Our Candidates
Earning money via online blogging
Our Candidates
Availability of trial classes
Our Candidates
Free technical support post-course completion

Become a Pro in Software Testing

Improve your software testing fluency at Aimore- The premier software testing institute in Chennai.
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Aimore’s Software Testing Course: Further Details

The objectives of software testing are to find errors, defects, or bugs in the software, assess the software's quality, and ensure that it meets the end user's or customer's requirements. In addition, software testing can also help improve the usability and performance of the software.

  • Software testing is important because it helps ensure software meets its requirements and works as intended.
  • It can also find errors that would otherwise go unnoticed, which can cause major problems down the line.
  • Testing can also help improve software quality by catching errors earlier and helping to prevent them from becoming bigger issues later.
  • Testing can help improve a software application's usability by ensuring that it is easy to use and understand.
  • Furthermore, software testing can ensure that a software application is compatible with other applications and systems it needs to work with.
  • Finally, software testing can improve a software application's performance by ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.

A software tester must be analytical and problem-solving savvy. They should be able to think critically and identify potential issues with a software application. They should also have good communication skills, as they must liaise with developers to report bugs and provide feedback. Additionally, they should be detail-oriented and able to follow instructions carefully. Furthermore, they should be patient and able to work methodically. Finally, it is also beneficial if they have some experience with coding, as this can help them understand how applications are built and how to test them effectively.

Software Testing requires no prior knowledge except a basic understanding of computer science. Knowledge of computer programming languages will also help you understand the concepts faster.

Our software testing course imparts the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basics of software testing
  • Importance of testing
  • What is SDLC?
  • Types of software development
  • Types of software testing strategies
  • Ability to identify errors
  • Ability to fix errors before application release

Any application that is developed requires mandatory software testing to check for errors and integration at every stage of the software development. This is one of the main reasons why software testing is a much sought-after necessity. Moreover, software testing improves product quality, reduces maintenance risks, and boosts the organisation’s credibility.

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