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UNIX Training in Chennai

Become a Certified UNIX Shell Scripting professional at Aimore, Chennai’s prominent UNIX training institute.
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UNIX Training - An Overview

In the world of Information Technology, there are many different operating systems that professionals must learn how to use. One of the most popular and widely used operating systems is UNIX, which is used by many large organisations, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft. UNIX is known for its stability and security, making it an ideal choice for businesses that must protect their data. While it is possible to learn how to use UNIX without formal training, it is highly recommended that IT professionals take a UNIX training course to fully understand how to utilise all of its features.

If you want to advance your career in Information Technology, there’s no better way to learn UNIX training in Chennai from industry experts like Aimore Technologies. Our UNIX training courses teach students how to work with directories, manage files, install programs, edit text files and configure network settings.

Additionally, students will learn shell scripting, a programming language for automating commands. Shell scripting is useful for automating tasks when using a UNIX-based system. No matter what field you’re interested in—mobile application development, cyber security, network administration, or even essential tech support—UNIX shell scripting can be a crucial tool in your arsenal of skills.

Aimore’s UNIX Course: Top Features

Unlimited Batches
Flexibly designed courses with the freedom to attend any number of sessions for a lifetime.
100% Placement
Aimore offers extensive hands-on experience to its candidates with 100% placement at top MNCs.
Practical Training
Our training offers practical learning experiences through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios.
Expert Support
One-on-one question & answer sessions with our instructors to clarify doubts for better learning.
Intensive Coaching
55 hours of instructor-led training in UNIX skills and knowledge for you to learn at your own pace.
Customised Plans
Domain or job-oriented learning plans that allow you to study UNIX shell scripting at your convenience.
Industry Validation
Direct or virtual proctoring to demonstrate your UNIX skills and earn industry-acknowledge credentials.
Certified Faculty
Technical skill training and theory learning from accredited instructors via direct or online courses.

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Aimore’s UNIX shell scripting training in Chennai is a surefire way to bag coveted jobs in the fastest-growing organisations. Sign up now!
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UNIX Training at Aimore: Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who wants to learn UNIX at Aimore can do so without any prerequisites. However, it’s recommended that you have some experience with operating systems and basic computer concepts. Knowledge of the command (order) line will likewise be useful.

If you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry. Our UNIX courses in Chennai cover everything from beginner-level topics like file management and editing text files to more advanced subjects like process management and networking.

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Aimore’s UNIX Training in Chennai: Syllabus

  • Basics of computer applications
  • UNIX Course Introductions
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Summary

Processing & Listing

  • Processes and Directories
  • Displaying Processes – ps
  • Displaying Directories – ls
  • Getting Help – man
  • Simple Commands used for processing
  • Using Wildcards

File Creation and Displaying

  • Creating files – using > symbol
  • Redirection – using >> symbol
  • Redirecting Input – using < symbol
  • Displaying Files – cat, more
  • Piping – using | symbol
  • Word Count
  • Sorting a file
  • Removing duplicates
  • Transliteration
  • Using the Head and Tail commands in files

Files Handling

  • Creating directory
  • Moving files to directories
  • Copying files to directories
  • Changing directory
  • Removing files and directories
  • Special Files
  • Creating Aliases
  • Using Aliases

Cut and Paste

  • Displaying selected characters – using cut
  • Displaying selected fields – using delimiters
  • Displaying selected files – using paste
  • Using the paste with delimiters


  • Displaying the content of the file using GREP
  • Displaying the content of the file using EGREP
  • EGREP Meta-character
  • Back Referencing concepts


  • Zipping a file
  • Unzipping a file
  • Combining a set of files using TAR
  • Extracting TAR file
  • Using TAR with ZIP

FIND command

  • Searching for a file – using find
  • Finding a List of files and directories
  • Finding Last modified files
  • Find with -exec
  • Find with -xargs

Handling Jobs

  • Using /dev/null
  • Foreground Jobs
  • Background Jobs – &
  • Stopping Jobs – kill
  • Changing Permissions – chmod

Introduction to Shell

  • Basics of Shell
  • Set and Unset a variable
  • Displaying – using echo
  • Using Expr
  • Using Test
  • Getting input – using read
  • Header file of shell script – using Shabang (#!)
  • Sample Shell script program

Command Substitution

  • Assigning a command to a variable
  • Storing output to a variable
  • Assigning global value – using Export

Command Line Arguments

  • Passing input in runtime.
  • Using input inside a program

Conditional & Looping Statement

  • Using if statement
  • Using the if-else statement
  • Using Nested if statement
  • Using ‘While’ Loop
  • Using ‘Until’ Loop
  • Using ‘For’ Loop
  • Using CASE


  • Creating a function
  • Calling a function in file
  • Calling a function in another file

Advanced Commands

  • SED
  • Replacing values in a file
  • STTY
  • TOP
  • Sending an email – using MAIL
  • HERE


  • NANO
  • PICO
  • Vi Editor


  • Basics of AWK
  • Displaying values – using awk
  • Using awk in Shell script


  • Scheduling a job – using ‘Crontab’
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘at’

Advanced Shell Scripting

  • Monitoring a file
  • Extracting data from HTML/XML file

Database Connectivity

  • Connecting MYSQL to Shell
  • Running SQL queries from Shell Script
  • Generating a report and storing it in a file Shopping car
Multiple Benefits of

Aimore’s UNIX Certification

There’s no better place than Aimore Technologies to train for UNIX shell scripting. Our course is extremely beneficial for these reasons:
Detailed Curriculum
Our course covers everything from beginner to advanced UNIX shell scripting, preparing you to take the UNIX Certified Professional exam and earn your certification.
Well-Trained Instructors
With over 12 years of industry experience and more than 500 successful projects, our UNIX experts are trained professionals with immense practical knowledge.
Real-World Learning
Our instructors impart a deep understanding of UNIX shell scripting through real-world examples and give you complete freedom to explore the nuances of the subject.
Global Accreditation
Our UNIX certification is globally acknowledged by major companies. Upon course completion, we train freshers and corporate trainees with theory & practice sessions.
Job Opportunities
Aimore’s UNIX certification training opens up a gamut of high-paying jobs in SQL, Hadoop, ETL and other testing domains in reputed MNCs around the globe.
Lifetime Support
We offer free, lifetime learning support via videos, upgraded course materials, and instructor-led discussions for our candidates, thereby making it a good learning opportunity.

Want to Talk to Our Experts?

Have doubts and queries regarding our UNIX certification training? Get a free consultation with our instructors today.

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UNIX Certification Training: FAQs

Generally, UNIX shell scripting uses several natural language commands, which makes it easy to learn even without a programming background. Since each shell scripting dialect is considered a language, it will require plenty of training to use UNIX for complex activities.

Although there is a considerable demand for UNIX shell scripting talent, there is a dearth of skilled programmers to fill the job roles. Hence, there’s a wide range of opportunities for system admins and developers with exceptional skills in UNIX.

As an IT professional, keeping your skills up-to-date is essential for your success. Aimore Technologies can help you do just that with our UNIX certification training. With industry experts as instructors, you’ll be learning practical skills that you can use in your career right away.

Our course covers everything from beginner to advanced topics, so no matter your level of experience, you’ll be able to find something of value. And because keeping your skills sharp will only help improve your career prospects, taking our course is a no-brainer.

In India, skilled UNIX developers earn between Rs.2.4 lakhs to Rs.15.1 lakhs. The average salary per annum is Rs.5.1 lakh.

Yes, we provide 100% guaranteed placement. Aimore Technologies will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in UNIX administration. We offer training from beginner to advanced levels in the UNIX Shell Scripting course.