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Achieve 100% placement and get live-project experience with our Linux training in Chennai. Boost your IT career with our Linux certification.
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Aimore’s Linux Training in Chennai

As a versatile, open-source operating system, Linux enjoys widespread use across diverse hardware and major corporations, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Linux serves as the backbone for high-powered servers, smartphones, and machines. Linux's adaptability makes it an ideal skill set for IT professionals.

The Linux certification course at Aimore Technologies in Chennai empowers developers with an in-depth understanding of Linux, delivered in an accessible format. Our certified experts have tailored the course content to streamline your grasp of Linux fundamentals effectively.

Our Linux certification training not only emphasises interactive, hands-on practical sessions but also illuminates the functional aspects of Linux essential for coding, debugging, and deployment. Enrich your professional toolkit with our streamlined Linux course.

Key Attributes of Our Linux Course

Assured Placement
Aimore guarantees enriching hands-on experience complemented with 100% placement in leading MNCs.
Real-world Simulation
Our training offers practical experience through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios.
Qualified Instruction
Enhance your technical skills and learn best practices from our accredited instructors. Opt for either in-person or virtual courses.
Recognised Certification
Validate your Linux proficiency with our industry-recognized credentials, available via online proctoring or in a testing centre.
Flexible Learning
Follow our recommended learning plan tailored to specific domains or job roles, with the flexibility to explore at your own pace.
Self-paced Study
With our Linux course, learning is at your convenience, entirely self-paced.
In-depth Training
Benefit from our 55 hours of comprehensive, instructor-led training.
Personalised Assistance
Avail of one-on-one doubt resolution sessions throughout your learning journey.
Lifetime Access
Enjoy the freedom to attend as many batches as you desire, lifelong.

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Excel in Linux

Enrich your career prospects at our Linux training institute in Chennai. With live projects, 100% placement assurance, and Linux certification, we pave your path to success.
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Linux Training Prerequisites  at Aimore

Aimore Technologies welcomes everyone keen on learning Linux, with no specific prerequisites required. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our course is designed to cater to all skill levels. Although having a basic understanding of operating systems could be advantageous, it is not mandatory.

Our Linux training courses, led by seasoned industry professionals, ensure you receive a top-tier education tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. At Aimore, you can confidently embark on your Linux learning journey.

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Linux Course Syllabus

  • Installation in Standalone Machine
  • Installation through NFS
  • Installation through FTP
  • Installation through HTTP
  • Installation through KICKSTART
  • Creation of File Systems
  • Understanding EXT2, EXT3 & EXT4 File Systems
  • Converting EXT2 to EXT3 file systems
  • Reverting back from EXT3 to EXT2 files systems
  • Understanding fdisk, e2label, mount, umount commands
  • Understanding fstab and mtab files
  • Understanding different types of groups and the creation of groups
  • Creation of users in different groups
  • Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
  • Understanding password ageing
  • Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  • Understanding users' security files
  • The different commands for Monitoring the users
  • Understanding the different types of run-levels
  • Understanding different types of shutdown commands
  • Understanding run control scripts
  • Understanding the different types
  • Understanding NFS server and NFS clients
  • Understanding daemons and files in NFS of boot phases
  • Configuring the NFS server and different NFS clients
  • Configuration of autofs, NFS security
  • Understanding the features and advantages of FTP server
  • Configuring FTP server and FTP clients
  • Configuring FTP server for anonymous and real users with download and upload permissions
  • Configuring FTP user access, FTP security
  • Understanding FTP Basic Commands
  • Configuring of anonymous FTP Server
  • Understanding xinetd-based and non-xinetd-based services
  • Configuring xinetd-based services
  • Xinetd security
  • Understanding TCP WRAPPER
  • Configuring TCP WRAPPER for services
  • Understanding DNS service and different types of DNS servers
  • Configuring DNS (master) DNS (Slave)
  • Understanding & Configuring forward (DNS) and cache (DNS) of boot phases
  • Understanding different types of files when the system is booting
  • Creation of file systems and converting into LVM
  • Creation of physical partitions
  • Creation of volume groups
  • Creation of logical partitions
  • Extending the volume group
  • Extending the logical partitions
  • Understanding the features and advantages of RPM
  • Installation of RPM packages
  • Upgradation of RPM
  • Verification of RPM
  • Understanding different types of file system backup
  • Understanding different types of files backups
  • Understanding different types of file system backups
  • Understanding different types of dump levels
  • Understanding monthly, weekly, and daily backups
  • Different types of backup strategies
  • At Jobs. Cron Jobs
  • Understanding NIS and daemons at NIS (Server, Slave and Clients)
  • Configuring NIS (master), NIS (slave) and NIS clients in heterogeneous environments
  • Integrating NIS (master and slave) with NFS Server
  • Understanding DHCP
  • Configuring DHCP server for different DHCP clients
  • Understanding APACHE
  • Configuring APACHE web server with virtual hosting
  • Configuring APACHE web server with IP BASED, HOST BASED and PORT BASED
  • Configuring member logins for the APACHE web server
  • Understanding the features and advantages of SAMBA server
  • Configuring SAMBA for a heterogeneous environment
  • Sharing the resources between UNIX to UNIX using SAMBA
  • Sharing the resources between Windows to Unix (and vice-versa)
  • SAMBA security
  • Understanding SQUID proxy
  • Configuring SQUID proxy with ACL
  • Understanding RAID LEVELS
  • Configuring different types of RAID LEVELS (0,1 and 5)
Advantages of

Linux Certification

Undertaking Linux training at Aimore Technologies in Chennai offers a unique learning experience. Our specialists are devoted to imparting successful training rooted in real-world scenarios. Here's why choosing our Linux course is a wise decision:
Industry-Oriented Training
Our Linux course at Aimore Technologies focuses on delivering a quality education that encompasses a strong foundation in core concepts with a hands-on approach. This enables learners to master real-time project execution with industry best practices.
In-depth Syllabus
Our Linux syllabus dives deep into the critical system and network administration tasks, equipping you with the essential skills to become a certified and dedicated Linux System Administrator.
Basics to Advanced
Enrolling in our Linux course in Chennai, you'll master everything from the basics of Linux OS to proficient command line usage. You'll learn about different file types, their management, configuration, software installation, and troubleshooting common issues.
Skills Enhancement
By the end of the course, you'll be a Linux expert, equipped to leverage it for your various projects. Our trainers provide personalised attention, explaining every topic in depth to boost your confidence in handling Linux independently.
Globally Recognized Certification
The Linux certification you receive from us adds substantial value to your resume, given its global recognition for quality and performance.
Career Development Assistance
Our Linux training, covering from fundamentals to advanced topics, aims to mould you into a Linux expert. We pride ourselves on aiding our students in their career development and offering valuable support in their job search.

Gain Linux Mastery

Ready to make that crucial step for the benefit of your career and future? Get the best Google Cloud platform training in Chennai at Aimore Technologies!
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