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SQL Server DBA Course- An Overview

Microsoft accredits Aimore’s SQL DBA training in Chennai and covers vital aspects like database management, operation and migration of databases to the cloud, and database scaling. In short, our course is crafted by Microsoft-enabled experts and is rated the best in the industry.

Furthermore, Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai offers SQL DBA database certification courses that could put you ahead of the job race. You can differentiate yourself in the job market by possessing functional knowledge of SQL, the language used in relational database management systems.

SQL DBA Certification: Top Features

Hands-on Experience
Aimore offers extensive hands-on experience to its candidates with 100% placement at top MNCs.
Lab Practice
Our training offers a practical experience through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios with SQL DBA.
Industry Accreditation
Direct and virtual proctoring to validate your MERN Stack skills with industry-recognised credentials.
Skilled Staff
In-person and virtual courses taught by industry-accredited experts to build your practical and theoretical skills.
Tailored Schedules
Specially customised learning plans that focus on your chosen SQL DBA- domain or job role.
Intensive Coaching
55 hours of instructor-based training to improve your understanding and enable learning at your own pace.
Expert Assistance
Direct doubt resolution sessions with SQL experts to ask as many questions as you want in SQL DBA.
Flexible Classes
Freedom to attend as many sessions as you want for a lifetime of learning with Aimore Technologies.

SQL Server DBA Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 30 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 5 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

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Aimore’s SQL DBA Training: Eligibility Criteria

To enrol in our SQL server DBA course, candidates must possess an undergraduate degree or high school diploma. Having prior knowledge of RDBMS is an added advantage, although it is not a mandatory prerequisite.

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SQL Server DBA Certification: The Syllabus

Course Contents:
  • Highlighting the features of Oracle Database 11g
  • Explaining relational databases, including both theoretical and physical components
  • Classifying various SQL statements
  • Overview of the dataset used throughout this course
  • Techniques to access the database via SQL Developer
  • Methods for saving queries and utilising script files within SQL Developer
Learning Activities:
  • Hands-on exercises to familiarise with SQL Developer and basic database interactions.
Course Contents:
  • Abilities of SQL SELECT statements
  • Generating reports using basic SELECT statements
  • How to select all or specific columns
  • Default column headings usage
  • Application of arithmetic operations
  • Understanding the hierarchy of operations
  • Introduction to the DESCRIBE command to inspect table structures
Learning Activities:
  • Engage in practical exercises to create simple reports with SELECT statements.
Course Contents:
  • Applying WHERE clauses to limit data retrieval
  • Comparison and logical operators used within WHERE clauses
  • Precedence rules for operators
  • Incorporating string literals in WHERE clauses
  • Implementing ORDER BY clause to sort SELECT statement results
  • Techniques for sorting data in both ascending and descending orders
Learning Activities:
  • Hands-on exercises focusing on filtering and sorting data.
Course Contents:
  • Distinction between single-row and multiple-row functions
  • String manipulation using character functions
  • Numerical manipulations with ROUND, TRUNC, and MOD functions
  • Arithmetic operations with date data
  • Date manipulation with date functions
Learning Activities:
  • Practical exercises on customising output using various functions.
Course Contents:
  • Overview of implicit and explicit data type conversions
  • Utilising TO_CHAR, TO_NUMBER, and TO_DATE conversion functions
  • Nesting functions
  • Application of NVL, NULLIF, and COALESCE functions
  • Implementation of conditional logic within SELECT statements
Learning Activities:
  • Interactive exercises on data type conversions and conditional logic.
Course Contents:
  • Utilising aggregation functions for report generation
  • Grouping data with the GROUP BY clause
  • Excluding data groups with the HAVING clause
Learning Activities:
  • Exercises on using group functions to summarise data.
Course Contents:
  • SELECT statement creation for multi-table data access
  • Usage of outer joins to view non-matching data
  • Implementing self-joins
Learning Activities:
  • Practical tasks involving various join types.
Course Contents:
  • Solving queries with sub-queries
  • Definitions and classifications of sub-queries
  • Writing single-row and multiple-row sub-queries
Learning Activities:
  • Targeted exercises on sub-queries.
Course Contents:
  • Explaining SET operators
  • Combining multiple queries with SET operators
  • Managing the result rows order
Learning Activities:
  • Assignments on combining results from different queries.
Course Contents:
  • Examination of DML statements
  • Insertion of rows using INSERT
  • Row modifications with UPDATE
  • Row deletions with DELETE
  • Committing and reverting changes with COMMIT and ROLLBACK
  • Concept of read consistency
Learning Activities:
  • Real-world scenarios for practising DML operations.
Course Contents:
  • Categorisation of principal database objects
  • Table structure analysis
  • Available data types for columns
  • Creation of a basic table
  • Constraint implementation during table creation
  • Functionality of schema objects
Learning Activities:
  • Activities on creating and designing tables.
Course Contents:
  • Creation and usage of simple and complex views
  • Data retrieval from views
  • Sequence creation and maintenance
  • Index creation and maintenance
  • Synonyms creation for simplification
Learning Activities:
  • Structured tasks on schema object management.
Course Contents:
  • Differentiation between system and object privileges
  • User creation processes
  • System privilege allocation
  • Role creation and privilege assignment
  • Password modification techniques
  • Granting and revoking object privileges
  • Privilege transfer methodologies
Learning Activities:
  • Exercises on user and privilege management.
Course Contents:
  • Column addition, modification, and deletion
  • Constraint management: addition, deferral, and dropping
  • Constraint enabling and disabling
  • Index management: creation and removal
  • Function-based index creation
  • Flashback operation utilisation
  • External table creation with ORACLE_LOADER and ORACLE_DATAPUMP
  • External table querying
Learning Activities:
  • Practical scenarios on managing and altering schema objects.
Course Contents:
  • Data dictionary explained
  • Utilisation of dictionary views
  • Views for user and all objects
  • Table and column informational queries
  • Constraint, view, sequence, index, and synonym information queries
  • Table commenting and comment information retrieval
Learning Activities:
  • Real-world examples to explore the data dictionary.
Course Contents:
  • Subqueries for data manipulation
  • Data retrieval with subqueries as a source
  • Data insertion with subqueries as a target
  • Implementing WITH CHECK OPTION in DML statements
  • Multitable INSERT statement types
  • Execution of multitable INSERT statements
  • Merging table rows
  • Tracking data changes over time
Learning Activities:
  • Case studies on manipulating large volumes of data.
Course Contents:
  • Understanding time zones
  • Time zone comparison in sessions
  • INTERVAL data types
  • Extraction and time zone offset functions
  • Conversion functions for timestamp and intervals
Learning Activities:
  • Practical exercises related to time zone data operations.
Course Contents:
  • Multi-column subqueries and comparisons
  • Scalar subquery expressions
  • Correlated subqueries problem-solving
  • Updating and deleting using correlated subqueries
  • Utilisation of EXISTS and NOT EXISTS operators
  • WITH clause invocation
  • Recursive WITH clause application
  • Complex exercises on advanced subquery use.
Course Contents:
  • Applying regular expressions in SQL
  • Utilising meta characters within regular expressions
  • Basic searches with REGEXP_LIKE
  • Pattern discovery with REGEXP_INSTR
  • Substring extraction with REGEXP_SUBSTR
  • Pattern replacement with REGEXP_REPLACE
  • Working with sub-expressions in regular expressions
  • Applying REGEXP_COUNT
Learning Activities:
  • Case studies on regular expressions in data searches and manipulation.
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SQL DBA Certification:  The Benefits

Learning SQL will add great value to your professional capabilities thanks to these benefits:
Quick & Robust
MS SQL is packed with incredible security features for data protection, giving database administrators better control over their databases.
Exceptional SkillSet
You can demonstrate your SQL server knowledge and skills to potential employers by earning AImore's SQL DBA certification.
Professional Commitment
Our certification showcases your professional commitment, which most employers find appealing during recruitment.
Career Growth
Mastery of MS SQL enables you to advance up the corporate ladder, contribute more, and improve your productivity and insight.
Good Remuneration
Aimore’s Microsoft SQL Server Certification is your best bet for landing a good job and salary.

Enhance Your Technical Abilities

Take your data fluency to the next level with Aimore’s SQL server DBA training in Chennai. Get in touch with us for enrolment details.

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SQL Server DBA Course: Finer Insights

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