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Data Analytics Courses in Chennai

Explore the arena of Data Analytics and sharpen your skills. Enrol for our Data Analytics training in Chennai and become an expert in data.
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Data Analytics Training - An Overview

Data analytics is on the rise, becoming a popular choice among students and professionals alike. However, the right course choice can be challenging amidst a multitude of options. Here at Aimore Technologies, we offer a solution with our online Data Analytics courses in Chennai.

Our tailored program ensures you gain business domain knowledge, master data transformation, understand complex problem-solving algorithms, and learn optimisation techniques and data visualisation. The curriculum also covers storytelling, data science project execution strategies, and more.

Our Data Analytics course empowers you to become proficient in Data Wrangling, Power BI, and Data Mining, among other industry-relevant skills. You'll learn from industry experts through real-time projects and case studies, leading to a Data Analytics certification from Aimore Technologies. Enrol today to get on the fast track to a successful Data Analytics career.

Key Features of Aimore’s Data Analytics Training

High Placement Success
Aimore ensures 100% job placement at leading MNCs, turning you into a valuable asset for top-tier companies.
Practical Learning Approach
Our Data Analytics certification training prioritises hands-on learning through lab simulations that emulate real-world scenarios, providing you with applicable experience.
Expert Instruction
Build technical competencies and absorb best practices from accredited professionals, with the option to choose between in-person or virtual courses.
Credible Certification
Validate your Data Analytics proficiency with our industry-recognized certification, available through secure online proctoring or at a dedicated testing centre.
Flexible Learning Paths
Follow a recommended curriculum for a specific domain or job role, or personalise your learning journey for maximum flexibility.
Self-Paced Learning
Learn at your own speed, ensuring a thorough understanding of each topic with our self-paced learning format.
Comprehensive Training Duration
Benefit from 55 hours of comprehensive instructor-led training that dives deep into the core of Data Analytics.
Dedicated Doubt Resolution
Make the most of our one-on-one doubt resolution sessions to clarify your queries and enhance understanding.
Lifetime Batch Access
Join our training batches as many times as you want for a lifetime, ensuring continuous learning and skills refinement.

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Turbocharge your career with the power of Data Analytics. Don't wait - join the best Data Analytics institute in Chennai today.
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Eligibility for Our Data Analytics Training

At Aimore Technologies, our Data Analytics course is designed to be accessible to all, with no strict prerequisites in place. However, a foundational understanding of data analysis, statistics, and probability could be advantageous to gain the most from the Data Analyst course.

Our course caters to a wide array of individuals seeking to broaden their skill sets. Non-IT professionals from various sectors, such as Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Banking, can significantly benefit from enhancing their data-driven decision-making abilities.

Similarly, professionals already versed in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics can use this course to refresh or deepen their knowledge. Project Managers and Software Developers, who often interact with data in their roles, would also find this training valuable.

Moreover, Information Architects can enhance their design decisions by developing a stronger data analytics foundation. We also welcome Freshers and Undergraduates who aim to kickstart their journey in the burgeoning field of data analytics.

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Aimore’s Data Analytics Course Syllabus

  • Define and explain key concepts involved in Data Analytics, including data, data analysis, and data ecosystem
  • Conduct an analytical thinking self-assessment, giving specific examples of the application of analytical thinking
  • Discuss the role of spreadsheets, query languages, and data visualisation tools in Data Analytics
  • Describe the role of a data analyst with specific reference to jobs/positions
  • Explain how each step of the problem-solving road map contributes to common analysis scenarios.
  • Discuss the use of data in the decision-making process.
  • Demonstrate the use of spreadsheets to complete the basic tasks of the data analyst, including entering and organising data.
  • Describe the key ideas associated with structured thinking.
  • Explain factors to consider when making decisions about data collection
  • Discuss the difference between biased and unbiased data
  • Describe databases with references to their functions and components
  • Describe best practices for organising data
  • Define data integrity with reference to types of integrity and risk to data integrity
  • Apply basic SQL functions for use in cleaning string variables in a database
  • Develop basic SQL queries for use in databases
  • Describe the process involved in verifying the results of cleaning data
  • Discuss the importance of organising your data before analysis with references to sorts and filters
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what is involved in the conversion and formatting of data
  • Apply the use of functions and syntax to create SQL queries for combining data from multiple database tables
  • Describe the use of functions to conduct basic calculations on data in spreadsheets
  • Describe the use of data visualisations to talk about data and the results of data analysis
  • Identify Tableau as a data visualisation tool and understand its uses
  • Explain what data-driven stories are, including reference to their importance and their attributes
  • Explain principles and practices associated with effective presentations
  • Describe the R programming language and its programming environment
  • Explain the fundamental concepts associated with programming in R, including functions, variables, data types, pipes, and vectors
  • Describe the options for generating visualisations in R
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic formatting of R Markdown to create structure and emphasise content
  • Differentiate between a capstone, case study, and a portfolio
  • Identify the key features and attributes of a completed case study
  • Apply the practices and procedures associated with the data analysis process to a given set of data
  • Discuss the use of case studies/portfolios when communicating with recruiters and potential employers
Benefits of Being

Data Analytics Certified

Career Opportunities
Improve your employability prospects with top companies in the field of data analytics.
Competitive Salary
Position yourself for lucrative compensation packages as a certified Data Analyst.
Business Enhancement
Leverage data analytics to augment your own business or website's performance.
Industry Differentiation
Stand out among peers in your industry through specialised data analytics knowledge.
Descriptive Expertise
Master the art of summarising data and deriving meaningful interpretations through descriptive analytics.
Diagnostic Proficiency
Harness diagnostic analytics to pinpoint problems and uncover root causes effectively.
Prescriptive Solutions
Utilize prescriptive analytics to identify optimal solutions to complex problems.
Predictive Forecasting
Learn to anticipate future trends with the power of predictive analytics.

Advance with Analytics

Looking to elevate your data expertise? Our Data Analytics courses in Chennai provide the ideal platform to skyrocket your skills. Enrol now and stand out in the world of Data Analytics.
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Got Questions? We’ve Got the Answers

  • Understand Data Analytics and its types.
  • Know how Data Analytics is done with the aid of software and systems.
  • Learn about the different objectives of Data Analytics.
  • Find trends in data sets and draw conclusions from them.
  • Learn how to use Data Analytics to make predictions about future events.
  • Understand the importance of Data Analytics in business and decision-making processes.
  • Know how to choose the right Data Analytics course in Chennai according to your needs and requirements.

Data Analysts, Business Analysts, and Data Scientists each hold unique positions within the data landscape. Data Analysts are engaged in the entire cycle of data analysis. In contrast, Business Analysts focus on implementing, building, analysing, and reporting on business capabilities. On the other side, Data Scientists employ statistical analysis in the construction of machine learning systems, making them crucial players in today's data-driven world.

The Data Analytics certification course at Aimore Technologies equips you with the necessary skills to land your dream role in the Data Analytics field. Beyond the position of Data Analyst, potential job titles that you can explore after this course include Data Analytics Lead/Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence Engineer, among various managerial roles.

Data Analysis tools greatly facilitate tasks such as data processing, manipulation, analysis, and the identification of patterns and trends. Prominent tools in the field of data analysis include R programming, QlikView, Tableau Public, KNIME, RapidMiner, Excel, Apache Spark, SAS, and Splunk.

At Aimore Technologies, we offer two main training formats: instructor-led online training and self-paced training. In addition, we provide corporate training services, helping organisations enhance their workforce's skillset. Our trainers, boasting over 12 years of relevant industry experience, are not just instructors but active consultants in their respective domains. This experience transforms them into subject matter experts, ensuring the highest quality of training.