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Machine Learning Course in Chennai

Machine Learning is the future of technology. Let us help you master it. Enrol yourself in the most valuable ML certification course today.
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Machine Learning Training in Chennai - An Overview

With the rapid expansion of data and the increasing need for organizations to make sense of it, machine learning has become one of the most sought-after skills in the job market. If you want to learn how to use Machine Learning algorithms to make predictions or improve decision-making, then the Machine Learning course by Aimore is perfect for you.

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai with placement is a prominent machine learning training institute offering courses that take you one step closer to your dream career. Our course covers all the critical aspects of ML. You will master ML algorithms, Python, and AI under the tutelage of experienced industry professionals and IIT-Madras faculty. Our ML certification polishes and hones your skills in handling Natural Language Processing, classification, supervised and unsupervised learning, and regression.

Machine Learning Course: The Highlights

Broad Spectrum
Delve into all Machine Learning topics with our comprehensive curriculum.
Real-world Exposure
Harness hands-on experience with real-time data, imparting practical knowledge.
Skill Acquisition
Master classification and other beneficial techniques to maximise your potential.
Seasoned Faculty
Learn from expert instructors boasting a rich experience of 12 years in the field.
Tailored Instruction
Benefit from personalised attention due to our intentionally small class sizes.
Access our high-quality curriculum at affordable course fees.
Career-focused Training
Avail 100% job-oriented training with guaranteed placement on completion.
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Experience utmost contentment with our promise of 100% satisfaction on courses.

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Transform Your Future With ML Certification

Aimore offers the most comprehensive, trending, valuable and affordable Machine Learning training in Chennai. It’s time to book your seat asap.
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Machine Learning Training: Eligibility Criteria

To maximise your learning experience in our Machine Learning course, we recommend certain prerequisites. These primarily include prior experience with data-centric work.

We encourage familiarity with statistical software, such as R or Python. A foundational understanding of linear algebra and calculus will also be beneficial.

An understanding of basic machine learning constructs, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, can further enhance your grasp of the course content. However, this is not a strict prerequisite, as the course is designed to cater to a range of competencies.

This course is also fully accessible to beginners. If you lack prior experience, our expertly curated course content will ensure all necessary concepts are introduced and comprehensively covered, setting a firm foundation for your journey into machine learning.

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Aimore’s Curriculum For Machine Learning Certification

  • Understanding Java Programming Language Keywords
  • Exploring Literals and the Range of All Primitive Data Types
  • Introducing Array: Declaration, Construction, and Initialisation
  • Dive into Declarations, Modifiers, and Rules
  • Learning Interface Implementation
  • Understanding Overloading, Overriding, and Constructors
  • Exploring the Benefits of Encapsulation
  • Distinguishing Between Overridden and Overloaded Methods
  • Basics of Constructors and Object Instantiation
  • Grasping Legal Return Types
  • Writing Code with if and switch Statements
  • Mastering Loops in Java
  • Exception Handling Techniques
  • Utilising the Assertion Mechanism in Java
  • Crafting Java Programs
  • Setting Up TestNG
  • Mastering Testing with TestNG
  • Crafting Test and Test Suites
  • Producing and Analysing HTML Test Reports
  • Troubleshooting in TestNG
  • Getting Started with Machine Learning
  • Deciding Between Automation and Manual Processes
  • Exploring Test Automation for Web Applications
  • Components of Machine Learning
  • Understanding Supported Browsers
  • Valuing Flexibility and Extensibility in ML
  • Exploring the IDE: Introduction, Installation, and Access
  • Navigating IDE Features
  • Building, Running, and Debugging Test Cases
  • Constructing a Test Suite
  • Executing Tests on Various Browsers using Machine Learning IDE
  • Gaining an Understanding of Source Files and Target Relationships
  • Techniques in XPATH: Using Attributes, Text(), Following
  • Deepening Machine Learning Knowledge
  • Installing and Configuring Machine Learning with Eclipse
  • Comparing Machine Learning RC with Machine Learning
  • Programming Tests in WebDriver
  • Debugging Techniques in WebDriver
  • Handling HTTPS, Security Pop-ups, Alerts, and Multiple Windows
  • Test Execution in Various Browsers using WebDriver
  • Understanding Test Design Principles
  • Identifying What to Test and Verifying Results
  • Location Strategy Selection
  • Mapping User Interfaces (UI)
  • Handling Errors and Testing Ajax Applications
  • Debugging Test Scripts Effectively
  • Reading and Writing Test Data from/to Excel
  • Fetching Test Configuration Data from Text Files
  • Logging Tests Effectively
  • Overview of Machine Learning Grid
  • Understanding the Concept of a Framework
  • Types of Frameworks: Modular, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, and Hybrid
  • Recognising the Importance of Frameworks
  • Building a Robust Framework using TestNG and WebDriver
Aimore’s Machine Learning

Certification: The Benefits

Expert Insights
Acquire in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning topics from industry stalwarts.
Practical Experience
Develop proficiency through hands-on experience with real-time data.
Data Classification
Understand the mechanics of effective data classification.
Maximised Benefits
Learn how to leverage Machine Learning to derive significant benefits.
Professional Guidance
Gain insights from experienced professionals leading the course.
Affordable Learning
Access an affordable course designed for the convenience of busy professionals.
Flexible Scheduling
Enjoy the liberty of choosing a time slot that aligns with your schedule.

Master Machine Learning At Aimore

Discover the limitless career possibilities with Aimore’s Machine Learning course in Chennai. Enrol today to unlock your potential.
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