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Cypress certification course in Chennai with guaranteed 100% placement opportunities! Master cypress automation testing with Aimore!
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Cypress Automation Training - An Overview

Experience the evolution of end-to-end testing with Cypress, a revolutionary automation tool that simplifies test setup, execution, debugging, and writing. Unlike its predecessors, Cypress makes testing a breeze, earning favour from developers worldwide. As an open-source solution, Cypress offers free access to powerful front-end and API test automation capabilities.

Designed for modern web test automation, Cypress stands out with its JavaScript-based framework. Unlike Selenium WebDriver, which relies on various language bindings and grid architecture, Cypress offers seamless test creation and execution.

Embark on your journey to a successful career in software testing with Aimore Technologies. Renowned as the best software training institute in Chennai, our Cypress testing course equips you with the skills needed to excel. Our comprehensive cypress automation training curriculum covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques, ensuring you emerge as an expert by course completion. Don't hesitate—enrol today and unlock your potential!

Aimore’s Cypress Certification Course Features

Comprehensive Overview
Our SoapUI course offers a detailed exploration of all relevant topics.
Practical Exposure
Gain hands-on experience with real-world data applications.
Skill Enhancement
Learn key classification techniques to maximise benefits.
Experienced Instructors
Be guided by expert instructors boasting 12 years of industry experience.
Personalised Attention
Our small class sizes ensure individualised attention to each learner.
Affordable Investment
We offer the course at competitive and affordable fees.
Our 100% job-oriented training also guarantees placement.
Satisfaction Assured
We stand behind our courses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cypress Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 45 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 8 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

Be a Cypress Expert

Join the cypress training in Chennai led by industry experts at Aimore Technologies today! Your first step towards a fruitful career begins here!
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Prerequisites For Joining Our Cypress Training

To enrol in Aimore’s Cypress automation training in Chennai, candidates are expected to possess a foundational grasp of essential programming concepts, including functions, variables, conditional statements, and loops. A basic familiarity with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML is also advisable. Armed with these competencies and a commitment to practical application, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the material and successfully complete the projects required for the course.

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Cypress Testing Course Syllabus

  • Understanding Cypress
  • Cypress Architecture
  • Difference between Cypress and Selenium
  • How Cypress works
  • Cypress Features
  • Running Sample code, explaining Playground and Test Runner
  • The conditions
    • Node 12+
    • VS Code
  • Project creation
  • Installation of Cypress
  • Configuration of Cypress
  • Package.json
  • Cypress JSON file
  • Folder structure explanation
  • Test Structure
  • DOM Terminology
  • Locators- The different types
  • Launching URL
  • First Sample
  • Finding Web elements
  • Saving the Subject of the command
  • Implicit pause, debug, and wait
  • Invoke command
  • Radio buttons and Checkboxes
  • Web Tables
  • Dropdowns and Lists
  • Tooltips and Popups
  • Cypress Assertions
  • Child window handling
  • Handling frames
  • Shadow DOM
  • Chaining Assertions
  • Implicit pause, waits, debug
  • Running tests in Headless mode
  • Cypress logs
  • Validating element counts of the page
  • Browser reload and refresh
  • Screenshots
  • Variables and their aliases
  • Analysing find and get commands
  • Difference between Cypress commands and JQuery methods
  • Handling Async promises with Cypress
  • Using Cypress text command for grabbing the text for validations
  • Handling invisible elements in Cypress
  • Usage of Fixtures
  • Environment variables
  • Hooks
  • Custom commands
  • POM in cypress
  • Stubs and Mocks
  • BDD with Cucumber
  • API testing
  • Cypress reporters
  • Cypress retries
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Running different browsers
  • Visual Testing
  • Cypress Dashboard
  • Cypress CI environment testing
  • Cypress End-to-End Testing
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Using Jenkins to run Cypress testing in different browsers
  • Introduction to Git
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Key Benefits of 

Cypress Automation Training

Exceptional Training
Since its inception, Aimore has set the standard for excellence in professional training programs, boasting a history of over 2000 successfully trained students. Highly skilled instructors deliver our Cypress training program, offering unparalleled expertise and support to enhance your educational experience.
Comprehensive Curriculum
Our Cypress curriculum meticulously integrates the most current features and methodologies of Cypress, covering a broad spectrum from its architecture and setup to fundamental testing strategies. We aim to furnish you with the competencies required for a prosperous career in testing, ensuring you are well-prepared for industry challenges.
Career Support
Recognising the significance of both academic achievement and career advancement, Aimore provides dedicated career support services. Our goal is to facilitate your transition into the workforce post-completion of our course, empowering you to achieve excellence in the testing domain.
Continuous Learning
Enrollment in our Cypress course affords you perpetual access to course materials and continuous support from field experts. This lifelong learning opportunity allows you to hone your skills and remain abreast of testing field advancements, thereby sustaining your professional growth.
Practical Applications
At Aimore, we emphasise the importance of blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Our training program is structured around hands-on projects that enable you to apply Cypress functionalities and techniques in real-life testing situations, significantly boosting your practical expertise.
Flexible Learning
Understanding the need for adaptability in education, Aimore offers versatile online training solutions. Our program accommodates your personal schedule and geographical constraints, providing you with the flexibility to engage in your Cypress training journey from any location at any time.

Build Your Cypress Skills

Your dream career is just a step away! Join Aimore’s Cypress certification course in Chennai today!

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