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Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

Join our comprehensive Cassandra course that guarantees 100% placement, project-based learning, and certified completion. Transform your career with us.
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Apache Cassandra Training: Overview

Step into the future with Apache Cassandra, a cutting-edge technology trusted by thousands of leading companies for its scalability and flexibility in distributed database management systems. With no single point of failure, Cassandra, a NoSQL DBMS, effectively handles vast data volumes across commodity servers, ensuring high availability.

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai offers practical Apache Cassandra training to implement and harness the power of Cassandra in real-world business scenarios. Our comprehensive curriculum keeps pace with global business demands, covering vital aspects such as replication, distributed systems, multi-datacenter replication, fault tolerance, scalability, tunable consistency, query language, eventual consistency, and MapReduce support.

Embrace the tool of choice for top-tier companies like Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Spotify, and Instagram, among 500+ other esteemed firms. With our Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai, you will gain proficiency in managing substantial data sets, opening avenues for robust career growth and potential salary enhancements. Get ready to become a sought-after professional in the burgeoning field of database management!

Aimore’s Apache Cassandra Course Features

Placement Assurance
Aimore ensures extensive practical exposure with a 100% placement guarantee in top-tier MNCs.
Practical Exposure
Our training incorporates hands-on lab sessions, simulating real-world scenarios for practical experience.
Expert Guidance
Gain valuable technical skills and industry best practices from our certified instructors. Opt for in-person or virtual training as per your convenience.
Certified Validation
Earn a widely recognised credential in Apache Cassandra. Validate your skills virtually through online proctoring or at a testing centre.
Flexible Learning
Follow a recommended plan for a specific domain or job role, or flexibly navigate through the course at your pace.
Self-paced Study
Aimore enables self-paced learning, allowing you to progress at your comfort.
Comprehensive Training
Get 55 hours of rigorous, instructor-led training for a well-rounded learning experience.
Lifetime Access
Attend as many batches as you like with unrestricted access for a lifetime.

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Gain Unparalleled Cassandra Mastery

Join Aimore’s industry-leading Apache Cassandra training in Chennai, assuring live-project exposure, a course completion certificate, and 100% job placement.

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Prerequisites for Aimore’s Apache Cassandra Training

At Aimore Technologies, our Apache Cassandra Training Course in Chennai does not necessitate specific prerequisites. We provide thorough, foundational training for freshers, equipping them to kick-start their careers in this dynamic field. Simultaneously, we offer a tailored curriculum for seasoned professionals seeking to elevate their skills.

To optimise the hands-on experience and engagement during the course, we recommend a baseline understanding in specific areas. Familiarity with the Linux Command Line, foundational knowledge of the Java programming language, and an elementary grasp of database and data warehouse concepts can contribute significantly to the learning journey. This knowledge, however, is not mandatory, and aspirants without these skills are also welcomed at Aimore.

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Aimore’s Apache Cassandra Syllabus

Course Contents:
  • Introduction to the world of Cassandra
  • Comparative analysis between NoSQL and RDBMS databases
  • Unique attributes of Cassandra
  • Evaluating the superiority of Cassandra in comparison to other NoSQL systems
  • Criteria for choosing Cassandra for particular applications
  • Recognising scenarios where Cassandra excels
Learning Outcomes:
  • Grasp the fundamental concepts of Cassandra.
  • Understand when and why Cassandra is chosen over other databases.
  • Identify real-world scenarios appropriate for Cassandra implementation.
Course Contents:
  • Detailed examination of Cassandra's architecture
  • Discussion on Cassandra's internal mechanisms such as the gossip protocol, hinted handoffs, and read repairs
  • Insight into Merkle trees and their role in Cassandra
  • Introduction to Staged Event-Driven Architecture (SEDA) in Cassandra
Learning Outcomes:
  • Comprehend the intricate architecture of Cassandra.
  • Understand how Cassandra maintains consistency and performance.
Course Contents:
  • Overview of the course structure and learning objectives
  • Examination of different Cassandra releases
  • Detailed instructions for installing and configuring Cassandra on Ubuntu
  • Selection criteria for operating systems and hardware for Cassandra deployment
  • Step-by-step preparation and installation guide
  • Guidance on configuring single-node and multi-node/datacenter clusters
  • Instructions on configuring property files for optimal performance
  • Starting and managing Cassandra services
  • Steps for establishing connectivity with Cassandra
  • Methods for installing Cassandra on CentOS
  • Demonstrations on setting up and configuring Cassandra on Ubuntu
Learning Outcomes:
  • Equip students with the knowledge to install and set up Cassandra.
  • Enable students to configure Cassandra clusters for different scales of operation.
Course Contents:
  • Planning and designing a database for application use
  • Translating a relational database design into a Cassandra-centric design
  • Writing application code to interface with Cassandra
  • Instructions for database and schema creation
  • Techniques for structuring data within Cassandra
  • Setting up connections to the Cassandra database
  • Guidelines for populating the database
  • Analysis of application features and database interactions
Learning Outcomes:
  • Construct and launch a functional application using Cassandra's database design.
  • Perform hands-on exercises to familiarise with real-world application development using Cassandra.
Course Contents:
  • Advanced data modelling techniques
  • Core principles of Cassandra data modelling
  • Strategies for optimising write efficiency
  • Approaches to data duplication for improved performance
  • Techniques for minimising read operations
  • Designing models based on query patterns
  • Structuring tables to support intended queries
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand how to create efficient data models in Cassandra.
  • Learn how to enhance database performance by modelling around query patterns.
Course Contents:
  • Utilising Data Definition Language (DDL) commands
  • Managing data with Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Managing user permissions
  • Procedures for creating and altering user access
  • Techniques for capturing CQL outputs to files
  • Guidance on importing and exporting data
  • Executing CQL scripts within the CQL interface
  • Running CQL scripts from the command line
Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain proficiency in using CQL for database management.
  • Understand how to control access and manipulate data within Cassandra.
  • Develop skills in data import/export and executing scripts for database interaction.
Why Choose Aimore’s

Apache Cassandra Certification

Enrol in our Apache Cassandra Training Course for a robust introduction to the industry-relevant concepts and skills led by our dedicated team of subject matter experts.
Comprehensive Training
Gain a solid understanding of core concepts and a practical approach to their application. We incorporate real-world scenarios and use cases, enabling learners to undertake real-time projects confidently.
Personalised Attention
Our trainers provide detailed explanations on all topics, ensuring every student receives individual attention. As experienced professionals, they promptly address any course-related queries, offering continuous support for jobs and projects.
Detailed Course
Our training starts with fundamentals and advances to complex concepts, crafting you into a Cassandra expert. Our comprehensive approach not only aids in job placement but also empowers our students for career growth.
Ease of Learning
With its simple learning curve and efficient data writing speed, Cassandra NoSQL is an easy-to-learn Column-Family NoSQL database, making it a wise choice for learners.
Certified Professionals
Our trainers are certified professionals with extensive industry experience. They offer expert hands-on training, honing your Apache Cassandra skills to conquer technical rounds in RDBMS interviews confidently.
Placement Assistance
We offer 100% placement assistance to our students as we care about your career success. A globally recognised Cassandra Certification from Aimore Technologies significantly enhances your resume.

Be Cassandra Certified

Choose our premier Cassandra course! We offer hands-on live projects, a coveted completion certificate, and guaranteed placement.

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Apache Cassandra Certification - FAQs

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