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ReactJS Training in Chennai

We are the most prominent ReactJS training institute in Chennai. Enrol in our course for the most hands-on learning experience.
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ReactJS Training - An Overview

The ReactJS JavaScript library was developed by Facebook and is considered the most optimal solution to develop a frontend layer for mobile and web applications. ReactJS is powered by a virtual DOM-based mechanism for data processing and can be developed by multiple components.

In reality, ReactJS was to coordinate UI development, maintenance, and updating UI. The main objective of using ReactJS is to support teams to build dynamic web applications when handling average and challenging projects. Its powerful JavaScript library gives app developers more adaptability and flexibility in their projects.

ReactJS Training at Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai will transform your skills into an expert Front End Developer. Our hands-on training and extensive theoretical classes will help you scale this much-in-demand technology and prepare you for a great IT career.

Aimore’s ReactJS Course: Top Features

Practical Training
Aimore offers extensive hands-on experience to its candidates with 100% Placement At Top MNCs.
Lab Sessions
Our training offers a practical experience through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios.
Unlimited Sessions
Freedom to attend unlimited batches anytime you need, whenever you feel so.
Intensive Coaching
Direct question-and-answer sessions with instructors to resolve doubts in your ReactJS training.
Intensive Training
55 hours of extensive training with our instructors to promote learning at a convenient pace.
Customised Learning
Tailored plans that cater to a specific domain or ReactJS- related job role of your choice.
Direct or online proctoring to validate your ReactJS skills and improve your credibility with industry-acknowledged credentials.
Professional Guidance
In-person or online instruction from our certified trainer to help improve your technical abilities and learn industry standards.

ReactJS Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 60 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 10 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

Learn From the Best Faculty

Get comprehensive practical and theoretical training at Aimore- the premier destination for ReactJS courses in Chennai.

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ReactJS Training at Aimore: Eligibility Criteria

Aimore’s ReactJS training in Chennai does not have any mandatory prerequisites. However, knowledge of JavaScript concepts and working knowledge of HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, C, and C++ will help simplify your learning process.

Our course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn React and build user interfaces for web applications. The main goal of this course is to train students in the skills they need to be effective when it comes to designing and building an interface with React.

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Aimore’s ReactJS Course: The Syllabus

  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Key Benefits of Using ReactJS
  • ReactJS Workflow Insights
  • Opportunities Presented by ReactJS
  • The Role of Virtual DOM in React
  • Distinguishing JSX from JS
  • A Glimpse at React Components
  • Exploring Containers, Namespaced Components, Child Components
  • Available JavaScript Expressions in JSX
  • Node Installation Process
  • Using NPM Effectively
  • Crafting and Understanding package.json
  • An Overview of ES6 and Its Capabilities
  • Introduction to Webpack
  • Recommended IDEs for ReactJS and Writing Efficient ReactJS Code
  • Browser Extensions Beneficial for ReactJS Development
  • Using JSX Templates to Design React Component
  • Crafting Nested Components
  • Unravelling ReactJS Rendering
  • Deepening Understanding of React Props
  • Prop Validation with Various Data Types
  • State Management: Initialization and Updates
  • Exploring Different Form Components
  • Managing Uncontrolled and Controlled Form Components
  • Handling Input Elements
  • Setting Default Values for Various Input Elements
  • Implementing ReactJS Form Validations
  • Styling Techniques in ReactJS
  • An Overview of Animations
  • Phases of Initial Rendering
  • Prop and State Changes
  • Component Mounting and Unmounting Processes
  • An Introduction to Single-Page Applications
  • React Router configuration
  • Tracing the Router History in React
  • Handling Conditional Statements in JSX
  • Using IIFE in JSX to gain Advanced Logic
  • ReactJS Event Handlers: onKeyUp, onChange, onBlur, and more
  • Sharing Event Mechanisms Across Components
  • Using Inline Styles and CSS in ReactJS
  • Introducing Styled-components in React
  • Loading the Essential Router Libraries
  • React Router Configuration
  • Integrating React-cookie
  • Passing and Accessing Parameters Efficiently
  • Understanding the Flux Architecture
  • Available Flux Components: Dispatchers, Stores, View Controllers, Views, Actions
  • The Mechanics of Flux
  • Integration of Flux with React
  • A Glimpse at One Store Concept
  • Exploring the Provider Component
  • Insights into Reducers, Actions, Sagas, View Controllers, Selectors, and Dispatchers in Redux
  • Essential Tools for Unit Testing
  • Introduction to the JEST Testing Framework
  • Overview of React Unit Testing
  • Testing Techniques for React Components and React Router.
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Know the Benefits of

Aimore’s ReactJS Certification

Here’s a plethora of benefits that make it worthwhile to signup for our ReactJS training in Chennai:
Comprehensive Course
We offer ReactJS courses for beginners and advanced-level professionals, providing everything from fundamental-level lectures to intense coding sessions. We also have flexible batches for all students.
Certified Faculty
Our ReactJS trainers are industry professionals with extensive experience in providing solutions to real-world problems. They are certified trainers who will help you to transform your skills into an expert Front End Developer.
Practical Experience
You will get hands-on exposure by working on various projects throughout the course duration, along with detailed analysis so that you can understand how it works and apply them practically to solve complex programming problems.
Direct/Virtual Training
We offer both classroom and online training. The course fee is very reasonable for ReactJS Training in Chennai. Aimore Technologies also provide 100% placement for all students.
Preferred Choice
The comprehensive course is designed to help you become a frontend developer and covers all the important topics that you need to know. It is a popular JavaScript library that is used by many companies today.
React Mastery
By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to use the library to create user interfaces that are both dynamic and responsive. You’ll also gain an understanding of how to manage state and props within React components.

Talk to Our ReactJS Experts

Get comprehensive guidance from our expert team to know what our ReactJS course in Chennai is all about.

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ReactJS Training: Question & Answers

ReactJS is a JavaScript open-source tool used to construct user interfaces for single-page apps. Also, handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. ReactJS was developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. He aimed to create a more efficient way of developing user interfaces.

The JSX syntax allows us to write HTML-like code that converts into JavaScript automatically during compilation time. ReactJS has been adopted as the most popular frontend framework by top companies like Instagram, Skype, Netflix, etc. Moreover, its simplicity is its strongest point because it can be learned with just a few hours of study.

ReactJs is a JavaScript library for developing declarative, quick, and adaptable user interfaces. It lets you create reusable UI components. Also, React uses a virtual DOM, which is a JavaScript object. This makes it more efficient to update the UI.

Furthermore, ReactJS can be used with other programming languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, Dart, and Python. Unlike other frameworks, react allows us to design using human-readable HTML templates that are compiled into lightweight JavaScript by the React engine. With this technology, we are able to build applications that were never possible before.

JSX language is an extension of JavaScript. Using JSX, web developers can:

  • Write HTML code within JavaScript
  • Simplify user interface and code consistency development

Aimore Technologies is a premier ReactJS training institute in Chennai, offering an extensive syllabus that includes comprehensive theory and practical sessions. Each theoretical module is followed by intensive hands-on training sessions aligning with the current trends.

Proficiency in ReactJS offers incredible career opportunities across multiple industries and organisations. A thorough understanding and a solid skill set will help you land coveted job roles with an impressive pay cheque. You can also future-proof your career as the digital landscape changes.

ReactJS is an ideal career choice in the current IT landscape because it is:

  • Simple to learn with good documentation
  • Supported by a strong community and backed by Facebook
  • Rapidly evolving to become the preferred web development software
  • Universally used software for creating web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • The preferred choice for large companies like PayPal, Netflix, Airbnb, etc.

React JS is not a framework but a library to create reusable UI components for presenting dynamic data. Unlike AngualrJS, a complete application framework, ReactJS is only a view layer.

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