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Want to learn more about SoapUI or try it out for the first time? Here are some resources for getting started and gaining the Soap UI certification.
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An Overview of Aimore’s 
SoapUI Course

Aimore Technologies' comprehensive SoapUI training course is designed to empower you with in-depth knowledge of the market-leading web services testing tool, SoapUI. This course offers a foundation for an advanced level understanding of web testing techniques, enabling you to create work Sipexes and delve into key SoapUI concepts.

Our curriculum, adhering to industry standards, introduces you to the intricacies of testing APIs for functionality, reliability, security, and performance using SoapUI. Recognised as the most prevalent cross-platform open-source tool for API testing, SoapUI forms the bedrock of our course content.

This training program serves as a launchpad for high-earning careers in the testing arena. With a comprehensive understanding of SoapUI, you're equipped to excel in roles such as QA, lead, and SoapUI tester, amongst other critical positions.

With Aimore Technologies, you will gain hands-on experience in web services automation using SoapUI. The live, instructor-led sessions are coupled with flexible scheduling, allowing for effective and self-paced learning. Completion of this course ensures your readiness to address real-time issues, making you a highly desirable candidate in this sought-after field. Join us to start your journey towards SoapUI proficiency.

Aimore’s SoapUI Course Features

Comprehensive Overview
Our SoapUI course offers a detailed exploration of all relevant topics.
Practical Exposure
Gain hands-on experience with real-world data applications.
Skill Enhancement
Learn key classification techniques to maximise benefits.
Experienced Instructors
Be guided by expert instructors boasting 12 years of industry experience.
Personalised Attention
Our small class sizes ensure individualised attention to each learner.
Affordable Investment
We offer the course at competitive and affordable fees.
Our 100% job-oriented training also guarantees placement.
Satisfaction Assured
We stand behind our courses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Elevate Your Expertise

Boost your career prospects! Enrich your professional journey with our Soap UI certification training today.

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Prerequisites for Aimore’s SoapUI Training

Aimore Technologies' SoapUI Training program is meticulously designed to cater to a wide array of learners. The foundational aspects of SoapUI are effectively presented for easy comprehension by non-specialists, ensuring our course is accessible to all interested parties.

While a deep understanding of API testing and protocols is not a requirement for our course, familiarisation with languages commonly used in the field could prove beneficial for tackling more advanced operations.

However, our WebServices with SoapUI Testing online training is a welcoming platform for all aspiring learners. We have constructed it in such a manner that anyone eager to master SoapUI, irrespective of their background, can join and excel.

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Aimore’s SoapUI Syllabus

  • What is Soap UI? Why Soap UI for Web Service Testing?
  • Soap UI Features and Benefits.
  • What is Web services and the scope of Web services & Testing?
  • Why is Web Services Testing needed? And Real-Time Example
  • SOAP Model and Architecture
  • Soap UI IDE
  • What is xmls?
  • Schema validation in Xmls on SoapUI.
  • Schema Types and Binding
  • XMl Messages
  • Soap Formats and soap Envelope (Headers+Body+Message)
  • Xml and soap
  • About WSDL URL, WSDL Import
  • About Port Types and Soap binding Interface and Address of binding
  • Soap UI Test Structure
  • What is the END Point?
  • Understanding WSDL
  • Webservice explorer
  • Manuel verification
  • Response Validating using Assert Class.
  • Response validation based on the status codes
  • Find out Errors with Error codes
  • Create a new project in soap Ui
  • Project import and export
  • Interface the WSDL URL, Binding from the WSDL list to Soap UI
  • Create a sample Request
  • Testsuite and test case preparation
  • Message Passing and Getting Response
  • Verify the Response output
  • Functional Testing
  • Manually adding the Parameters in the XML request
  • Thread count, Loops, Timeouts, etc.
  • Introduction about automation
  • Functional automation with Testsuite
  • Property Transfer from One Response to Another Request
  • About Groovy Script
The Benefits of 

Soap UI Certification

Here are the benefits you gain by completing your Soap UI training at Aimore Technologies, Chennai:
Competitive Edge
A SoapUI Certification helps you stand out in the competitive job market, broadens your career prospects, and potentially boosts your income.
Developer Enhancement
Particularly beneficial for Cloud-native App Developers, it empowers overall development skills.
Communication Boost
The certification aids in refining both your communication and collaboration abilities.
Increased Visibility
Professional certifications like this pave the way for greater visibility, enhanced opportunities, and new career paths.
Growing Demand
The rising usage of web-based APIs has escalated the demand for Certified SoapUI Testing Professionals in recent years.

Ascend to Excellence

Step up to proficiency in Soap UI! Register for our Soap UI certification training today and embrace your professional growth.

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