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Selenium Training in Chennai

Begin a journey towards a successful career today! Join us at the leading Selenium Training Institute in Chennai, renowned for its meticulous approach and thorough syllabus.
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Selenium Training - An Overview

Automation testing is gaining momentum nowadays. When discussing automation, one cannot overlook Selenium, which is regarded as one of the best tools for automation testing. Having a suite of tools that looks into the various requirements of organisations, Selenium supports important languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc. The open-source nature of Selenium is one of its major advantages. Any organisation can deploy it to test its web applications. You can seamlessly test a website on any browser and can even perform a tiny modification to the code so that it fits your requirements with the help of Selenium.

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai offers job-oriented Selenium training with 100% placement. Learning Selenium automation testing is extremely beneficial for IT professionals looking to advance in their careers. At Aimore, we have trained over 2,500+ students. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with us today!

Aimore’s Selenium Course Features

Placement Assurance
Join Aimore for your Selenium training and secure your spot in top-tier MNCs. Our 100% placement record stands as a testament to our commitment.
Hands-on Training
Gain the practical skills you need to tackle real-world challenges later on with our experiential lab sessions.
Flexible Timings
Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you are comfortable with the help of our virtual and in-person classes by experienced instructors.
Assured Credibility
Earn industry-recognised certifications that clearly prove your expertise and skills when it comes to Selenium.
Tailored Learning
Choose a learning path exclusively tailored to suit your specific job roles and domains. Customise your learning curve with Aimore!
Self-Paced Training
Learn at your convenience without being rushed or feeling overwhelmed. We ensure that you get to learn at your own pace.
Insightful Sessions
Utilise 55 hours of uninterrupted learning led by our expert instructors. Gain insights, ask questions, and upskill yourself.
Assured Clarity
Benefit from the one-on-one doubt resolution sessions we offer at Aimore. We ensure the concepts are crystal clear before moving to the next.
Unlimited Access
Attend as many sessions as you need throughout your lifetime and gain insights. We believe in encouraging lifelong learning.

Selenium Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 45 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 8 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

Gain Selenium Success

Join the ranks of over 2500 satisfied students and advance your IT career with our 100% placement guaranteed, job-oriented Selenium training.
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Eligibility Criteria for Selenium Training

While anyone is eligible to learn Selenium at Aimore, some foundational knowledge can enhance your learning experience. Familiarity with manual testing concepts and a basic understanding of core Java can significantly amplify your grasp of Selenium. But, these prerequisites are not exactly mandatory. Basic knowledge will help you understand the concepts faster when you start your training at Aimore. Having a basic understanding of programming language combined with an IT background will be great. These prior insights can streamline your learning path and facilitate a more intuitive understanding of the material.

Regardless of your previous knowledge and experience, Aimore is committed to providing a top-tier educational journey, empowering you to become a proficient Selenium tester.

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Aimore’s Selenium Syllabus
  • Objectives of the Course
  • Various Learning Phases
  • Beginning with Java
  • Java Installation
  • Setting up Eclipse
  • Creating Your First Eclipse Project
  • Crafting Your Initial Java Program
  • Project Import Process in Eclipse
  • Understanding Data Types and Variables
  • Exploring Operators, Looping Structures, Arrays, and String Methods
  • Introduction to Classes and Their Objects
  • Familiarising with Class Constructors
  • The Concepts of Encapsulation and Inheritance
  • Unpacking Polymorphism and Abstraction
  • Using Packages, Access Modifiers, and Handling Exceptions
  • Introductory Session on Collections API
  • Working with List Interface and ArrayList Class
  • Utilising Set Interface and HashSet Class
  • Implementing Map Interface and Hashtable Class
  • Reflecting on the Reflection API and Its Significance
  • Efficient Management and Reading of Properties Files
  • Utilising POI API for Reading and Writing XLS Files
  • Contrasting Selenium 3 and 4
  • Webdriver Jars: Downloading and Configuration in Eclipse
  • A Glimpse into Selenium Webdriver's Structure
  • Pairing Browser Versions with WebDriver
  • Setting up Drivers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Edge
  • Mastering Browser Commands
  • Commands for Web Elements
  • Techniques to Find Elements
  • Handling Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Drop-Downs, Multi-Selects, and Web Tables
  • Tackling Alerts, Windows, and Frames
  • Browser Element Inspection Techniques
  • Understanding Relative and Absolute XPath
  • Exploring Firebug and Fire Path Tools
  • Embracing Implicit, Explicit, and Fluent Waits
  • Dragging and Dropping Techniques
  • Right-Click and Double-Click Actions
  • Mastering Mouse Hover and Robot Class
  • Implementing Testing and Data-Driven Frameworks
  • Integrating Testing and Hybrid Frameworks (Keyword + Data-driven)
  • Utilising Page Object Model
  • Embracing BDD with Cucumber
  • Introduction to Grid
  • Configuration of Hubs and Nodes
  • Executing Tests across Multiple Browsers and Nodes
  • Introduction to and Installation of Testing
  • Understanding Testing Annotations, Parallel Execution, and Junit Comparison
  • Embracing Testing Data Providers
  • Maven Setup and Project Creation
  • Introduction to Jenkins and its Configuration
  • Building Your First Jenkins Project and Understanding Build Triggers
  • Introduction to and Installation of GIT
  • GIT Command Mastery
  • Introduction to the Importance of Database Testing
  • Embracing Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Exploring Selenium Appium
  • Initial Insights into Appium and Its Architecture
  • Appium Installation (both Windows and MAC) Prerequisites like Android Studio, Java, Xcode, Eclipse and Appium/Selenium jars setup Configuring System Elements for Android SDK, Java, and Virtual Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Application Automation Techniques Appium's First Program, UI Automator, Touch and Swipe Actions, Package Activity Invocation
  • Web Application Automation on Mobile Real Device Configuration and Automation Coding
  • Frameworks in Appium Installing Testing, Executing Testing Tests, Parallel Execution with Appium
  • Java Object-Oriented Principles for Appium: Class, Object, String Methods, and Object-Oriented Concepts.
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Benefits of Being

Selenium Certified at Aimore

Aimore offers the most sought-after Selenium training. The following reasons explain why:
Comprehensive Training
Selenium training at Aimore includes scripting, programming languages like Java, and test script development skills. With all these essential skill sets at your disposal, there won’t be any hurdles while developing test scripts.
Test Monitoring
Learn how to monitor and manage automated testing in an effective and efficient manner. With the help of Aimore’s training, you will be able to run hundreds of test scripts on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.
Automation Skills
Gain the necessary skills to handle automated tests like a pro and use third-party tools to carry out the tests without any human intervention.
Practical Learning
Utilise the practical exposure we offer you along with theoretical training to sharpen your skills and face real-world challenges.
Placement Assistance
Find the right job that meets your career aspirations as soon as you complete the course. Be the most sought-after Selenium professional.
Learn Fundamentals
Become competent in testing Selenium frameworks and tools by learning the fundamentals. Chrome and Firefox will also be covered in your training.

Future-Proof Your Career with Aimore

Elevate your career to new heights with our Selenium training, and make a mark in the tech world. Your future is in your hands - make it shine with Aimore!
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FAQs on Aimore’s Selenium Certification Training

Selenium is one of the most important and widely used tools for automation testing. This automated tool can be easily integrated into multiple third-party software applications. It will help detect bugs, errors, and any other issues in your application. Automation testing can be vital as it can help save plenty of time, which would otherwise be wasted on manual testing. With the right selenium training institute, you’ll also learn how to test cases that are more complex than what a single person could do manually.

Aimore Technologies has a special way of training people and making them successful. Aimore offers one of the best Selenium training in Chennai with live projects, course certification and assured 100% placement opportunities. The guidance of our expert trainers and all-encompassing course materials will help you bag the career of your dreams. From basic Selenium to advanced courses, we offer it all. Our specialised courses include Agile Development and Scrum Master. In addition, you can choose a timeline that ranges from 5 days to 10 days based on your budget and learning requirements.

There is an increasing demand for various types of software to help companies achieve their important goals. Organisations will not be able to afford to produce software that is of poor quality. Hence, software bugs must be fixed as soon as possible. For this, a user-friendly library is very important, and Selenium fits the role appropriately. A tester can help quickly release the latest software versions using Selenium. In today’s job market, Selenium testers are in high demand. Knowledge of programming languages like Java and Python further improves your chances of getting your dream job.

Certified Selenium testing professionals enjoy attractive remuneration in the industry. On average, a certified Selenium tester can expect an annual salary of approximately Rs. 8,00,000. This figure can escalate to Rs. 12,00,000 for those in senior Selenium testing roles, and it may even reach a handsome sum of Rs. 27,00,000 for a Selenium testing manager.

The ideal candidates for Selenium certification will include testers, QA engineers,software developers, system analysts, ETL and BI professionals, and administrators. It is also the ideal starting point for graduates and freshers looking forward to a dream career in Selenium testing.

Aimore Technologies · selenium training in Chennai - Aimore Technologies
Aimore Technologies · selenium training in Chennai - Aimore Technologies
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