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Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Training - An Overview

Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides users access to a virtual network. This virtual network can be used to create and manage resources such as websites and web applications.

Aimore Technologies, rated as the best software training institute in Chennai, offers high-quality Azure cloud computing training and grooms you to become a Professional Microsoft Azure Expert. Our best-in-class training methods have enabled students from diverse backgrounds, like software developers, architects, and business executives, to develop into industry experts who have excelled professionally.

Our experienced trainers offer individualised attention during classes so that each student understands concepts better. You will get lifetime support after completion of the course, and that’s an Aimore Promise. Choose Aimore Technologies for world-class teaching and training! Pursue your career goal confidently.

Highlights of Our Azure Cloud Computing Courses

Guaranteed Placement
Aimore offers extensive hands-on experience to its candidates with 100% Placement at top MNCs.
Hands-on Experience
Our training provides a practical experience through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios.
Certified Instructors
Direct and online classes with accredited instructors to enhance your tech skills and best practices.
Extensive Training
55 hours of instructor-led training to instil self-paced learning among students.
Personalised Learning
Customised and flexible learning plans for specific domains or job roles to suit your goals.
Recognised Credentials
Industry-recognised credentials with online proctoring or in a testing centre to improve your credibility.
Unlimited Access
Flexibility to attend an unlimited number of batched for a lifetime.
Expert Assistance
Direct doubt-resolving sessions with trained experts in Microsoft Azure cloud computing.

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Lay a Solid Foundation in Microsoft Azure

Enrol in our Azure cloud computing training and become a pro in it.
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Azure Cloud Training Courses: Eligibility Criteria

There are no specific prerequisites for taking Microsoft Azure training at Aimore. However, it would be beneficial if you have prior experience working with cloud-based solutions or platforms. Additionally, some basic knowledge of networking and virtualisation would also be helpful.

Once you have completed your Azure training, you will be prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way! Azure is an all-inclusive platform and offers everything from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to the content delivery network (CDN).

With Azure training at Aimore, you will get hands-on experience configuring compute, storage, and database services; integrating data across on-premises and cloud applications; building secure web applications and delivering cross-platform experiences.

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Microsoft Azure: The Syllabus

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Exploring SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS segments
  • Azure Data Centres and Regions
  • An overview of Microsoft Azure's portal
  • Overview of Azure services
  • About Windows Azure Subscription
  • Process for setting up a trial subscription

Practical Exercise:

  • Installing Azure commands in Windows PowerShell.
  • Supported Operating System Images
  • Azure Virtual Machine instances
  • Azure VM classifications and associated costs
  • Different methods of provisioning
  • Insights on disks and images
  • Automation, scripting, and management of Virtual Machines
  • Deployment using the Cloud Service and Resource Model
  • Ensuring VM availability with Availability Sets
  • Setting up VM with load-balanced endpoints

Practical Exercise:

  • Create Virtual Machines using the portal, ARM Templates, and PowerShell.
  • Configure two VMs within an Availability Set and establish load balancing.
  • Azure Virtual Network types: VNET to VNET, point-to-site, site-to-site, Express Route
  • Process of establishing Virtual Networks in Azure
  • Azure IP ranges and subnets
  • Role of endpoints
  • Ensuring balance with load-balancing endpoints
  • Introduction to Network ACL, Network Security Group, and setting up Public/Private IP
  • Basics of Azure Traffic Manager and its deployment options

Practical Exercise:

  • Establish different types of virtual networks and balance traffic using Azure Traffic Manager.
  • An overview of Azure Storage
  • Defining a storage account
  • Different techniques for storage account replication
  • Exploring protocols and the consistency model
  • Differentiating between Azure Storage Account types
  • Azure storage services: Blob, Table, Queue, File
  • Azure CDN and Disk types (Managed and Unmanaged)

Practical Exercise:

  • Set up Azure Storage services, including Blob, Table, Queue, and File storage.
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory
  • Functionality of Self-Service Password Reset
  • Protection features of Azure AD Identity
  • Integration of SaaS applications with Azure AD
  • Understanding Azure domains, tenants, users, groups, and roles
  • Device management

Practical Exercise:

  • Implement Azure Active Directory features and migrate On-Prem AD users to Azure AD.
  • Overview of App Service and its monitoring
  • Understanding Web Role and Worker Role

Practical Exercise:

  • Deploy an App Service Plan and a Web App. Diagnose using App Service tools.
  • Database as a Service: An introduction
  • Contrasting SQL server with Azure SQL
  • Benefits of SQL Database
  • Scaling options for SQL database
  • Security features in Azure
  • Azure SQL pricing structure
  • Introduction to Azure SQL Database Warehouse

Practical Exercise:

  • Transfer a database from on-site to Azure SQL.
  • Introduction to Azure Vaults
  • How to configure backups
  • Overview of Data Protection Manager
  • Azure's Disaster Recovery and Site Recovery solutions
  • Migrating from On-Premise using Recovery Services

Practical Exercise:

  • Set up Recovery Service Vault, backup files, and implement VM site recovery.
  • Understanding Azure ARM Templates

Practical Exercise:

  • Deploy an ARM Template via PowerShell.
  • Introduction to serverless computing and Azure's Functions and Logic Apps

Practical Exercise:

  • Construct a Function App using Logic Apps.
  • Exploring App settings
  • Understanding deployment slots

Practical Exercise:

  • Configure app settings and deployment slots.
  • Overview of Azure Data Factory
  • Core principles: Data sets, pipelines, activities, scheduling, and execution
  • Data movement, transformation, and analysis
  • Monitoring and pipeline management

Practical Exercise:

  • Set up a data pipeline to move data from SQL DB to Azure DB using Blob storage.
  • Understanding Azure Container Service
  • Containers: An overview
  • Introduction to Azure Container Registry and Azure Kubernetes Services

Practical Exercise:

  • Configure Azure container services and deploy AKS in Azure.
  • Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB
  • Understanding request units
  • Defining partition strategy and keys
  • Different query methodologies

Practical Exercise:

  • Create an Azure Cosmos DB account and perform queries in the Azure portal.


  • Set up a VM in an Availability set and manage traffic through an External Load Balancer.
  • Deploy Web Apps in two distinct regions and administer them with a traffic manager.
Benefits of Aimore’s

Microsoft Azure Certification

If you’re looking for the best Azure training in Chennai, look no further than Aimore Technologies. Here’s why:
Global Accreditation
We are accredited by all major global companies around the world for our Microsoft Azure certification. The value of your resume increases with this information.
Problem Simplification
Our Microsoft Azure training enables you to break down problems into manageable pieces that are easy to understand and apply.
Expert Guidance
Our Azure training is led by experienced professionals passionate about teaching and helping our students succeed.
Versatile Courses
We offer a variety of courses to fit your needs, whether you’re just getting started with Azure or looking to deepen your knowledge and skills.
Interactive Learning
Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, so you’ll get the most out of your learning experience.
Professional Networking
We provide an excellent learning experience and an opportunity to interact with many other talented professionals associated with us.

Learning at Aimore Makes a World of Difference

Our Microsoft Azure training in Chennai is the best-in-class! We offer flexible timings for your convenience. Get onboard today!

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