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UI Path Training in Chennai

Get the best UiPath training in Chennai at Aimore Technologies. We offer 100% job placement, and UiPath trained certification as well.
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UiPath Training in Chennai - An Overview

In our rapidly evolving technological landscape, advances in technology are continually replacing routine human tasks. The rise of automation has made it possible for machines to perform many of these tasks, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. However, implementing these automated processes requires specific skills. One such vital skill in today's digital age is proficiency in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.

UiPath is a premier Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool designed to facilitate business process automation with unprecedented ease. It's the ideal choice for businesses eager to optimise their operations and transform mundane tasks into automated workflows.  Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai offers you an excellent UiPath course. Our curriculum covers detailed concepts about Robot, UiPath Studio, various automation tasks, and Orchestrator.

Our UiPath training certification helps you to master the key basic to high-level RPA concepts like creating RPA bots, designing UiPath RPA solutions, handling exceptions, performing data manipulation, performing image and text automation, developing practical solutions with REFramework by making use of real-life use cases, assignments, and industry projects.

UiPath Course in Chennai: Key Features

Placement Support
Get hands-on experience. We ensure a 100% placement rate at top MNCs.
Practical Learning
Engage in lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios, providing a practical edge to your learning experience.
Expert Instructors
Learn from accredited instructors and build your technical skills while adhering to best practices. Opt for in-person or virtual courses based on your convenience.
Credible Certification
Validate your UIPath skills with an industry-recognized credential. Choose online proctoring or take the test at a centre.
Customised Learning Path
Follow a recommended plan tailored to a specific domain or job role. The flexibility allows you to skip around based on your interests.
Self-Paced Learning
Take control of your learning pace to optimise understanding and retention.
Instructor-led Training
Gain from 55 hours of in-depth training under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Personalised Doubt Resolution
Enjoy one-on-one doubt resolution sessions to strengthen your grasp of the concepts.
Lifetime Access
Attend as many batches as you want over your lifetime, ensuring continuous learning and growth.

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Master Your UiPath Skills

At Aimore, we don't just provide training—we empower you to master your skills and unlock new opportunities. Enrol today and transform your career!

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Prerequisites for Enrolling 

Our UiPath Training is best suited for individuals possessing a technical background. A foundational understanding of programming languages like .Net, Java, and C# can greatly streamline your learning process. Further, familiarity with programming concepts such as loops and variables can boost your logical thinking capabilities.

If you're eyeing a career as an RPA developer, a sound understanding of both business and technical requirements is advantageous. Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodologies can enhance your ability to drive process efficiency. Additionally, having an awareness of RPA technology, its functionalities, and applications can be incredibly beneficial, as this forms the underpinning of UiPath. We encourage you to leverage these skills to get the most out of our comprehensive UiPath Training program.

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UiPath Course Syllabus
  • Overview of Robotic Process Automation
  • The structure and patterns in RPA architecture
  • Crafting an RPA process
  • RPA tools overview
  • A look into the various bot types
  • Criteria for selection
  • Life cycle stages of RPA
  • Patterns for handling data solutions
  • Grasping the role of UiPath in RPA
  • Exploring UiPath's workflow activities and files
  • Examining UiPath's user interfaces
  • A look into the Automation activity package
  • Different projects within UiPath
  • Deepening the understanding of UiPath Studio
  • Introduction to UiPath Robot & Orchestrator
  • Mastering variables and control flow
  • Task automation using Excel
  • Exploring Desktop, Web, and GUI automation capabilities
  • Process to implement user interface automation
  • Configuring automated tasks
  • Exploring the various types of variables
  • Viewing outputs
  • Understanding arguments and package imports
  • Comprehensive study of recording methods
  • Data scraping and user events
  • Sequencing events suitable for automation
  • Extracting information from web browsers
  • Mastering activities via Data Table
  • Structure of Data Table
  • Exploring search methods and associated activities
  • Creating an environment and associating workflows
  • Diving into the creation of collections
  • Exploration of Sequences, Flowcharts, and Email operations
  • Initiating workflows in UiPath
  • Data manipulation techniques
  • Automating virtual applications using Citrix
  • Automation techniques for virtual environments
  • Extracting data from PDFs
  • Advanced techniques for Citrix automation
  • Introduction to UiPath programming
  • Projects associated with organisations
  • Techniques for debugging and exception handling
  • Grasping detailed programming activities
  • Methods for error handling
  • Understanding the role of screen scraping
  • Techniques like capturing screenshots, activating items, highlighting, text extraction, clip region settings, and loading images
  • Process automation for reading email messages
  • Downloading email attachments
  • Delving into Sequences and Flowcharts
  • Crafting reusable email components
  • Creating a robust queue management system
  • Introduction to Queues
  • Deep dive into Queue Management Systems
  • Data scraping methods
  • Techniques for inserting into a queue
  • Getting familiar with the RE-Framework
  • Utilising the State Machine Layout
  • Exploring the different states within the State Machine
  • Workflow operations within the framework
  • Grasping global and default variables of the primary workflow
The Benefits of

UiPath Training Certification

Earning a UiPath certification from Aimore Technologies brings a multitude of benefits that extend beyond just technical knowledge. Here's why you should enrol:
Real-World Training
Our courses are delivered by subject matter experts who provide hands-on training using real-world scenarios, case studies, and industry projects. This approach makes the concepts easier to grasp and apply in practical situations.
Automation Proficiency
Our expert faculty will guide you through the process of automating tasks. We also advise you on career progression after course completion.
Business Process Scaling and Integration
UiPath training empowers you with the knowledge to scale business processes and integrate with enterprise applications such as Salesforce, SharePoint, and SAP.
Personality Development and Placement Assistance
Our program includes personality development classes, placement support, and mock interviews to enhance your chances of clearing job interviews quickly.
Globally Recognized Certification
Aimore's certification is accredited by major global companies worldwide. We offer certifications to corporate trainees and freshers upon completion of practical and theoretical sessions.
Career Support
We schedule interviews with top-tier MNC and IT companies, regularly update your profiles to these companies, and provide assistance in profile improvement.

Your UiPath Journey Beckons

Ready to elevate your career but unsure of the path to take? At Aimore, we're offering free career consultations with our expert trainers.
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UI Path Training in Chennai- Your Questions Answered

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