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Aimore’s MongoDB Training - An Overview

In terms of speed and scalability, MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases. Aimore Technologies offers one of the most comprehensive MongoDB training in Chennai. Our curriculum encompasses intensive training sessions to familiarise you with MondoDB’s unique database and the skills needed to help implement the software for your applications. Mongo Essentials will teach you how to get everything running, manipulate and query data, index for speed, and get the most out of the Mongo database.

Aimore is known for its highly-qualified faculty, who train you on the nuances of MongoDB with an adequate number of lab exercises, industry projects, and demonstrations. Our instructors will also explain why many businesses use MongoDB to handle their increasing data storage and handling needs. Get an overview of the popular NoSQL database MongoDB by enroling in our online course.

MongoDB Course: The Top Features

Practical Training
MongoDB is a powerful, widely-used database management system. Aimore Technologies offers job-oriented training with live projects.
Experienced Staff
Our instructors are MongoDB-certified IT professionals with more than 12 years of experience in the IT field.
Job Placements
We offer hands-on training with real-time scenarios, interviews & resume preparation to our students.
Individual Learning
Our training programs are designed to meet the needs of our students. We have a limited number of students to ensure personalised attention.
Cost-effective Fees
Affordable fee structure to make our MongoDb certification accessible for all aspiring students and candidates.
Deep Understanding
Our 55-hour instructor-led training ensures a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

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Sharpen Your Expertise in MongoDB

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MongoDB Training at Aimore Technologies: Eligibility Criteria

The basic prerequisite to undergo successful MongoDB training in Aimore is to be an undergraduate degree holder or a high school diploma holder. A basic understanding of any programming language and database, query, SQL, and working knowledge of Linux-based systems are very beneficial for this course.

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Our MongoDB Curriculum


  • Introduction & Basics
  • Installation and Configuration
  • CRUD Operations (Create and Insert)
  • MongoDB Advantages


  • What is MongoDB?
  • How can MongoDB be installed on Local Machine?
  • Basic CRUD op's (Create & Read)


  • CRUD Operations (Update and Delete)
  • Data Modeling
  • Model Tree Structure
  • Schema Validation


  • CRUD operation (Write & Delete)
  • How to work with Reference and Embedded Data Modeling?
  • Advantages of Data Modeling
  • How to find the relationship between Parent, Child & Ancestors in Data?
  • How to Validate our data for large-scale Applications?


  • Views
  • On-Demand Materialized Views
  • Capped Collections
  • Text Search


  • How to create Views and Advantages over that?
  • Difference Between Views and Collection
  • What is Capped Collection?

How is Text Search working in Collection?


  • Database References
  • Write Concern
  • Aggregation
  • Query and Projection Operators (Comparison Query Operator Introduction)


  • How to use Database Reference?
  • What is Write Concern in MongoDB?
  • What are Query Projection Operators and their types?

Operators - Query Projection, Comparison, Logical


  • Query and Projection Operators
  • Comparison Query Operators
  • Logical Query Operators


  • Types of Query Projection Operations
  • Behaviour and Usage in Collection
  • Operators - Evaluation, Array, Update


  • Query and Projection Operators
  • Evaluation Query Operators
  • Array Query Operators
  • Update Operators


  • How to handle Collection with Array in Operators?
  • Introduction to Update Operator

Update Documents


  • Update Documents
  • Field Update Operator
  • Array Update Operator


  • How to Update the Embedded Field and Array Field in Collection?

Introduction to Mongo Shell


  • ArrayUpdate Documents
  • Bitwise Update Operator
  • mongo Shell Methods (Introduction)


  • How to use Bitwise Operator in MongoDB?

Methods in MongoDB

  • Introduction to Mongo Shell Methods
  • mongo Shell Methods - Collection Methods
  • Cursor and Database Methods
  • Bulk Operation Methods, Indexes, Storage


Deploying the Replication



  • Sharding


  • What is Sharding and its usage in brief?

Administering MongoDB


  • Administration
  • MongoDB Back Methods


  • What is Administration in MongoDB?
  • How to set Profiling in MongoDB?

Interview Questions


  • Interview Questions and FAQs


  • Some of the frequently asked Interview Questions

Practical Demo


  • Practical Demo


  • Practical demo with some operators and CRUD operations
The Advantages of

Aimore’s MongoDB Certification

Job Prospects
There has been a significant uptake of MongoDB services among the top 500 organisations worldwide. Aimore’s MongoDB Certification can significantly increase your job prospects as the demand for the database continues to grow.
Hands-on Learning
Our MongoDB training in Chennai is based exclusively on real-world scenarios and hands-on projects to enhance your practical skills and knowledge. Our training prepares you to handle MongoDB-based software applications with confidence.
Career Growth
Aimore’s MongoDB certification can lead to new career opportunities and enhance your professional development. Our certification gives you industry recognition and confirms your knowledge and expertise in the platform.

Breeze Ahead in Your Career

Enrol in Aimore’s MongoDB training in Chennai, get the best learning experience and kickstart your career with flying colours.

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MongoDB Certification in Chennai: FAQs