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PHP Training in Chennai

Elevate your career with our PHP course at the top PHP training institute in Chennai. Assured placements, real-world projects, and certification upon completion!
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Aimore’s PHP Course in Chennai

PHP, a robust open-source scripting language, is the backbone of web or internet/intranet application development. Paired with MySQL, a high-performance open-source database server based on an RDBMS capable of handling substantial concurrent database connections, it forms a potent combination for the creation of powerful, scalable applications. With PHP featured in almost 80% of global websites, its ubiquity has fueled web development innovation and opened a wealth of job opportunities.

Engaging with our PHP Course at Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai paves the way for a successful career. It empowers learners to create interactive web pages and utilize web development platforms like WordPress. Our PHP Training equips learners with industry-ready skills for the development of dynamic, interactive websites, providing fulfilling hands-on exposure to prepare for professional roles effectively. We are committed to delivering a top-tier PHP Course experience, preparing our students to excel in their respective fields.

Aimore’s PHP Course Features

Placement Assurance
Aimore guarantees extensive hands-on experience with 100% placement in top MNCs for our candidates.
Practical Exposure
Our training includes lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios for practical learning.
Expert Instruction
Gain technical skills and industry best practices from accredited instructors. Opt for in-person or virtual courses.
Certification Validation
Enhance your credibility with an industry-recognized PHP certification, attainable virtually or in testing centres.
Flexible Learning
Follow a recommended learning path specific to a domain or job role, with the flexibility to explore other areas.
Self-Paced Progress
All our courses follow a self-paced learning model, suiting individual learning speeds.
In-depth Training
Benefit from 55 hours of instructor-led training, ensuring comprehensive knowledge coverage.
Doubt Resolution
Take advantage of one-on-one doubt resolution sessions for personalised understanding.
Lifetime Access
Attend as many batches as you wish with lifetime access to the course.

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Step into the dynamic world of PHP at Chennai's premier PHP training institute. We provide 100% placement, live projects, and recognised certification.
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PHP Training Prerequisites at Aimore Technologies

At Aimore Technologies, we believe in providing inclusive learning opportunities. Hence, for beginners, our PHP Course starts from the very basics, requiring no prior expertise. Our adept PHP trainers conduct classes as per students' convenience, offering regular or weekend schedules, and even fast-track modes, accommodating learners across the globe.

For working professionals interested in our PHP training, we recommend possessing some foundational knowledge to fully engage with our hands-on approach. Prior understanding of CSS and HTML, basic concepts of databases, OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming), basic software installation, setup, and forms will enhance your learning experience and ensure a smooth transition into advanced PHP and web development concepts.

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Aimore’s PHP Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to the World Wide Web (www) and HTML
  • Understanding Internationalisation and Accessibility
  • Exploring Character Encoding and Document References
  • Document Structuring and Meta Tagging
  • Heading Elements and INS & DEL Tags
  • Constructing Lists and Items
  • Designing and Structuring Tables
  • Incorporating Floating Objects and Formatting Techniques
  • Styling Fonts and Designing Layout with Frames
  • Elements of Form Control and their Types
  • Attributes of Form Elements
  • Structuring with Fieldsets and Utilising Access Keys & Table Index
  • Working with Disabled & Read-Only Controls
  • Comprehensive Index of Elements and Attributes
  • An Introduction to JavaScript and its Integration with HTML
  • Exploring JavaScript Statements and the Use of Write & Writeln
  • Understanding Values, Variables, Literals, and Comments in JavaScript
  • JavaScript Expressions and Operators
  • Implementing Conditional and Loop Statements in JavaScript
  • Overview of the JavaScript Object Model
  • Defining and Using Functions in JavaScript
  • Understanding Navigator and Object Hierarchy
  • Reflecting on JavaScript and Working with Window & Frame Object
  • Exploring Document & Form Object, Location & History Object
  • Managing Windows & Frames and Working with MIME Types & Sounds
  • Introduction to CSS and its Implementation
  • Exploring Containment in HTML and Techniques of Grouping & Inheritance
  • Using Class as Selector and lD & Contextual Selectors
  • Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements, and the Cascading Order
  • The CSS Formatting Model and Properties for List Items
  • Floating & Inline Elements, and Property Value Notations
  • Font, Colour, Text, and Box Property Specifications
  • Classifications, Units, and URLs in CSS
  • Basic Understanding of the DOM
  • Exploring DOM Hierarchy and Methods
  • Utilising DOM Functions, Form Collections, and Table Collections
  • Inner HTML Techniques and Working with Nodes & Child Nodes
  • Combining DOM with HTML & CSS and Introduction to AJAX
  • Using XML HTTP Request Objects and Implementing AJAX with XML, PHP, and MYSQL
  • An Insight into the Model View Controller Architecture
  • Introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Defining XML Documents with DTD and Validating them
  • Using XSL for XML Document Transformation
  • XML Document Object Model Overview
  • Integration of Active Server Pages with XML and the Role of XML in SOAP
  • Configuration of PHP and its Parameters
  • Understanding PHP Data Types and Resources
  • Portability and Compatibility Concerns in PHP
  • Managing Date, Time, and Calendar Functions in PHP
  • Variable and Function Scoping in PHP
  • Dynamic Function Calls and Parsing Variable Arguments
  • Predefined Functions, Variables, and Constants in PHP
  • XML Overview and its Validation
  • Namespaces, XPath Overview, and Parsing XML in PHP with Simple XML Parser
  • W3C DOM Overview and Database Connectors in PHP
  • Insight into Native Database Connectors and Database Abstraction Libraries
  • Working with MYSQL Databases in PHP
  • Differentiating between MYSQL and MYSQL Extensions
  • Database Management using MYSQL Extensions
  • Handling Duplicates and Performing Transactions
  • Utilising Stored Routines, Triggers, and Events in MYSQL
  • Backing up MYSQL Databases and Introduction to MYSQL on the Web
Benefits You Gain

Aimore’s PHP Certification

Our instructors specialise in imparting knowledge that aligns with real-world scenarios, ensuring a pragmatic understanding of the subject matter. Here are compelling reasons to enrol in our course:
Placement Assurance
Our PHP training promises 100% placement assistance, transforming you into an industry-ready professional equipped to develop websites, applications, and web platforms.
Modern Facilities
Aimore has smart classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities for a seamless learning experience. Get hands-on experience with the latest technologies during your PHP training.
Job Opportunities
Our experienced trainers guide you in leveraging PHP's diverse applications, assisting you in securing rewarding positions in esteemed organisations.
Tailored Learning
Our trainers pay individual attention to each learner's needs, helping you to apply newly acquired skills in practical sessions tailored to you.
Expert Trainers
Our proficient PHP trainers dedicate their expertise to enhancing your web development career, delivering comprehensive explanations on every topic.
Valuable Certification
Our globally recognised PHP Course Certification adds significant value to your resume, attesting to your performance and prowess in PHP programming acquired during our training.

A Promising Future Awaits You

Discover the magic of PHP with our intensive course. Join the leading PHP training institute in Chennai for guaranteed placements, career guidance and hands-on projects.
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FAQS on Our PHP Course in Chennai

Absolutely! Embarking on a PHP learning journey unlocks a realm of opportunities for both beginners and seasoned professionals, offering lucrative salary prospects. Aiming for roles such as web designer, web developer, full-stack developer, and UI/UX developer can significantly expedite your career progression. Aimore Technologies' premier PHP course is designed to help you navigate your career path effectively.

Learning PHP does not necessitate comprehensive coding skills. A basic understanding of programming structures like OOPs concepts is sufficient. At Aimore Technologies, our PHP course is structured to educate beginners from scratch, enabling them to excel in roles such as web developers and more.

Recognised as a leading PHP Training Institute, Aimore Technologies is committed to providing comprehensive hands-on training on industry-centric concepts. Our PHP Course Curriculum, designed by industry experts, remains consistently updated to meet the demands of relevant job descriptions. Along with our PHP course, we offer free coaching on aptitude skills, communication skills, and soft skills, further equipping our students for the professional sphere.

Our team of instructors at Aimore Technologies comprises industry practitioners with a minimum of 9-12 years of pertinent IT experience. They are subject matter experts trained by Aimore Technologies, ensuring an engaging and insightful learning experience for our students.

Our PHP course is designed to promote a hands-on learning approach. While theoretical classes lay down the fundamentals of each module, our high-intensity practical sessions replicate real-world industry challenges, demanding dedicated time and commitment from our students.

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded Aimore Technologies' globally recognised course completion certification.

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