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Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai

Future-proof your career with Aimore Technologies’ Automation Anywhere course in Chennai. Gain the certification and excel in automation!
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Aimore’s Automation Anywhere Course in Chennai

As the demand for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) certification and training programs grows, Automation Anywhere stands out as an industry leader, recognised by expert analysts. Aimore’s Automation Anywhere training in Chennai, with its esteemed RPA credentials and certifications, caters to developers, business analysts, project managers, IT professionals, and all others involved in an organisation's RPA initiatives. Automation Anywhere provides three tailored certifications:

  • Essentials RPA Certification for teachers and students
  • Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional
  • Master RPA Professional for professionals in the field.

Adding an RPA certification to your portfolio can be a transformative career move, opening doors to new opportunities and fostering professional growth. Are you ready to elevate your career? Choose your preferred exam and start your certification journey today.

Features of Our: Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai 

Guaranteed Placement
We provide an unrivalled platform with 100% placement assurance at premier MNCs, setting the stage for your thriving career.
Hands-On Learning
Our training emphasises practical knowledge delivered through lab sessions that meticulously replicate real-world scenarios.
Expert Guidance
Acquire technical prowess and industry best practices under the mentorship of our accredited instructors. Opt for in-person or virtual courses as per your convenience.
Recognised Certification
Earn a credential recognised across the industry, enhancing your professional credibility. Opt for online proctoring or visit a testing centre for certification validation.
Flexible Learning Path
Tailor your learning journey with our recommended plan for specific domains or job roles. Our flexible structure allows you to navigate the course as per your requirements.
Self-Paced Learning
With us, you dictate the pace of your learning, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your schedule and learning style.
In-Depth Training
Benefit from 55 hours of comprehensive, instructor-led training, instilling you with vital RPA insights.
Personalised Doubt Resolution
Avail our one-on-one doubt resolution sessions, ensuring a complete grasp of every concept.
Lifetime Access
With Aimore, you gain lifetime access to our courses, allowing you to attend as many batches as you desire.

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Steer Your Future

Embark on your automation journey. Enrol in our Automation Anywhere training in Chennai today and get RPA certified. It’s your turn to command the future of automation!
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Prerequisites for Aimore’s Automation Anywhere Course

For the Essentials RPA Certification Exam, aspirants should complete the Automation Anywhere RPA Essentials for Students course. They are also advised to gain hands-on experience by constructing bots with the Automation 360 Community Edition.

For those aiming for the Advanced RPA Professional Certification Exam, completion of the recommended prerequisite courses is encouraged. Following the Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Prep learning trail will provide substantial assistance. It's also beneficial to familiarise oneself with the Automation 360 product by thoroughly reviewing its documentation. Gaining practical experience with the Automation 360 product and reviewing the sample exam to understand the examination process are key steps towards success.

As for the Master RPA Professional Certification Exam, it is requisite to have obtained the Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional - 2023 certification. Further, engaging in hands-on bot building using the Automation 360 Community Edition will provide candidates with a real-world perspective of Automation Anywhere operations.

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Automation Anywhere Certification Syllabus

  • Introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Identifying Use Cases for Creating Bots
  • Beginning Your Automation Journey
  • Discovering Processes for Automation
  • Designing an Automation Solution
  • Developing and Testing Bots for Automation
  • Deploying and Monitoring the Automation Solution
  • Managing an Automation Solution
  • Building Your First Automation Bot
  • Overview of the Commonly Used Automation 360 Packages
  • Automating Tasks Using the Automation 360 Universal Recorder
  • Automating Business Processes Using Automation 360 AISense
  • Automating Tasks Using Excel Advanced Actions
  • Automating Tasks Using the Automation 360 File and Folder Action Packages
  • Automating Tasks Using the Automation 360 Email Package
  • Building Scalable Bots Using Automation 360
  • Did You Know that Bot Runners and Automation 360 Control Room can Communicate without Human Intervention?
  • Did You Know that you can Create Automation Without Installing Automation 360?
  • Did You know that you can access and Automate Applications on Remote Devices?
  • Did You Know you can Build Powerful Automation Using Variables and Advanced Data Type Commands?
  • Components of the Automation 360 product suite
  • Setting up the bot agent
  • Using RPA Workspace
  • Using available action packages to build bots
  • Using different variable types
  • Using conditions and loops
  • Using available recorders
  • Building resilient bots
  • Using credential vault
  • Using Bot Store

Below are the three steps in the Master RPA certification process:

  • Q&A Assessment/Test:

A timed test comprising 50 questions, this step requires completion within 1 hour and 40 minutes in a single sitting. To move to the next phase, you must achieve a minimum pass percentage of 75%. In case of failure, retake rules will apply.

  • Bot Development Assessment:

On successfully passing the Q&A assessment, you will receive three bot use cases for development. You will have two weeks to complete and submit these bots, along with their inputs, outputs, and steps. Please note that this is a time-bound task.

  • Interview/Viva:

After the bots submission, selected candidates may be called for an interview or viva voce. However, this stage does not apply to all candidates.

Key Benefits of Gaining

Automation Anywhere Certification

Gain Foundation Skills
Start your RPA journey with the Automation Anywhere University Essentials learning trails. You can gain foundational skills on the Automation Anywhere RPA platform to kickstart your automation knowledge.
Build Your Future
Harness the power of Automation Anywhere Community Edition to swiftly create bots for task automation. This is your first step in shaping your automation future.
Advance in Career
The globally recognised Automation Anywhere Essentials RPA certification moves you closer to securing your desired job or internship.
Showcase Creativity
Showcase your automation ideas by sharing your bots on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store, the world's largest marketplace for pre-built intelligent automation solutions.
Apply in Academics
Incorporate the Automation Anywhere RPA platform into your classroom setting by enrolling your institution. Earn RPA credentials while imparting practical knowledge to your students.
Get Exposure
Gain access to unique academic content designed to teach and integrate RPA into your core curriculum. Equip your students with future-ready skills, preparing them for the dynamic world of automation.

Upskill Yourself

Boost your professional prowess with RPA certification. Sign up for our Automation Anywhere course in Chennai and take your skills to new heights!
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Automation Anywhere Certification- Frequently Asked Questions

The certification is designed to test a candidate's ability to:

  • Understand the Automation Anywhere product suite.
  • Grasp the various features of Automation 360.
  • Create software robots (bots) using Automation 360.
  • Utilise Automation 360 action packages in bot creation.
  • Instil resilience within bots.
  • Recognize how automation provides solutions to real-world business problems.

The certification aims to equip candidates with the ability to:

  • Describe Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Understand the scope and phases of the RPA Development Lifecycle.
  • Automate tasks using the AISense, commonly used action packages, and the Automation 360 Universal Recorder.
  • Build scalable bots.

The certification enhances a candidate's ability to:

  • Create a bot utilising If package actions, Variable package actions, and variable types.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in creating a resilient bot.
  • Automate processes using Advanced commands, Inline Scripting, and Excel Basic.
  • Show competency in creating credentials in the Credential Vault.
  • Automate the processes of receiving and sending emails.
  • Access API help efficiently

For the Automation Anywhere Essentials RPA Certification, the Advanced RPA certification, and the Master RPA written exam, a candidate can attempt twice. For the Bot development assessment of the Master RPA, only one attempt is permitted.

Post the successful completion of the RPA certification exam, a digital badge or certificate will be issued as your credential. You will receive an email with detailed information on viewing and downloading your credential.