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Explore, learn, and master MySQL with Aimore Technologies in Chennai. Your success, our promise - 100% Job guarantee.
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MySQL-40 Training - An Insight

Embark on a transformative journey with our MySQL-40 Database Administrators course, specially tailored for ambitious professionals. This course equips you to proficiently install and optimise MySQL Server, secure and replicate data, conduct database backups, execute performance tuning, and safeguard your databases.

MySQL serves as a versatile tool, empowering careers across numerous tech roles - web designers, QA professionals, software developers, hosting technicians, and database administrators. Our comprehensive curriculum spans from foundational to expert levels, facilitating the achievement of your loftiest career aspirations. Gain mastery over key MySQL functionalities such as SQL syntax, dates, and conversions, and become adept at commanding and managing databases.

At Aimore Technologies, we cater to all - from novices to seasoned professionals. Our MySQL training in Chennai caters to Developers, Security Administrators, and Database Administrators alike, ensuring every training goal is met and exceeded. Shape your future with Aimore - where learning meets achievement.

Aimore’s MySQL-40 Course Features

Unmatched Placement
Aimore guarantees a compelling hands-on experience and 100% placement in top-tier MNCs, paving your path to success.
Real-world Simulation
Our training program includes immersive lab sessions mimicking real-world scenarios, empowering practical learning.
Flexible Learning
Learn from accredited instructors with the freedom to choose between in-person and virtual courses. Adapt to the new normal.
Recognised Credential
Amplify your MySQL-40 skills with our industry-recognized credential. Opt for online proctoring or tests at our centre for your convenience.
Customised Pathway
Follow our recommended learning plan tailored to specific domains and roles, or navigate your own path. Embrace flexibility in learning.
Comprehensive Coverage
With 55 hours of instructor-led training, we ensure an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.
Personalised Assistance
Benefit from one-on-one doubt resolution sessions, assuring clarity and comprehension.
Lifetime Accessibility
With Aimore, enrol once and attend as many batches as you desire for a lifetime of learning.

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Ascend With Aimore

Leap into the next level of your career with our comprehensive MySQL course in Chennai. Guaranteed job placement!
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Eligibility for MySQL-40 Training at Aimore

At Aimore Technologies, we believe in inclusivity and accessibility. Hence, our MySQL-40 training is designed to accommodate everyone, irrespective of their professional background. Whether you hail from an IT-centric role or a non-IT profession, our training program can efficiently transform you into a proficient MySQL Database expert. Our flexible learning pathways ensure that you grasp the complexities and subtleties of MySQL, laying a solid foundation for expertise in database management. Embrace the opportunity to learn and excel with Aimore Technologies.

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Aimore’s MySQL-40 Syllabus

  • Introduction to the SELECT Statement
  • Selecting All and Specific Columns
  • Arithmetic Operations in Queries
  • Understanding Null Values
  • Eliminating Duplicate Rows
  • Understanding Table Structures
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Limiting Data using WHERE Clause
  • String and Date Comparisons
  • Comparison and Logical Operators
  • Understanding Operator Precedence
  • Data Sorting with ORDER BY
  • Limiting Output Rows with LIMIT
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Overview of MySQL Functions
  • Types of Single-Row Functions
  • Manipulating Text and Numbers
  • Date Calculations and Functions
  • Data Type Conversion
  • Nesting and General Functions
  • Conditional Data Selection
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Overview of Group Functions
  • Handling Nulls in Group Functions
  • Data Grouping using GROUP BY
  • Restricting Group Results with HAVING
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Introduction to Data Joins
  • Various Join Types Explained
  • Natural Joins and Table Aliases
  • Advanced Join Conditions
  • Joining Multiple Tables
  • Introduction to Outer Joins and Cross Joins
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Introduction to Subqueries
  • Single vs Multiple-Row Subqueries
  • Group Functions within Subqueries
  • Advanced Subquery Operations
  • Top Analysis with Subqueries
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Set Operators: UNION and UNION ALL
  • Introduction to INTERSECT and MINUS
  • Guidelines and Ordering of Set Results
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Overview of Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Inserting and Modifying Data
  • Deleting Data: DELETE vs TRUNCATE
  • Transaction Management and Consistency
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Overview of Database Objects
  • Table Creation with Constraints
  • Modifying and Deleting Tables
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Understanding and Using Views
  • Working with Sequences and Indexes
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Variable Introduction and Identification
  • Declaring and Using Variables
  • String Literal Delimiters
  • Using SELECT in Blocks
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Control Flow Introduction
  • Implementing IF Structures
  • Loop Implementations: Basic, WHILE, REPEAT
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Introduction to Cursors
  • Cursor Operations and Control
  • Using Cursors with Subqueries
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Handler Declaration
  • Error Management Techniques
  • Implementing MySQL SIGNAL and RESIGNAL
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Benefits and Use Cases of Functions
  • Creating, Invoking, and Removing Functions
  • Function vs Procedure Comparison
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Procedures: Introduction, Creation, and Invocation
  • Parameter Management in Procedures
  • Exception Handling within Procedures
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
  • Trigger Introduction and Creation
  • Procedure Parameter Management
  • Procedure Invocation and Exception Handling
  • Practical exercises on real-world scenarios.
Benefits of Being

MySQL-40 Certified from Aimore

Unlock a world of opportunities with Aimore's top-notch MySQL certification. Take a look at the benefits listed below:
Unrivalled Assurance
With our 100% Student Satisfaction Program, we stand confidently behind the superior quality of our training, a guarantee unmatched in the IT training industry.
Expert Educators
Our adept instructors employ innovative teaching methods, facilitating aspiring candidates in becoming accomplished SQL analysts, developers, administrators, or engineers.
Industry Gurus
Our subject matter experts are industry stalwarts skilled in creating engaging and meaningful learning environments for valuable and lasting knowledge acquisition.
Customised Training
Our dedicated team provides convenient in-house training for clients who prefer the comfort of learning within their familiar surroundings.
Best Value
We ensure the best value for your investment. Found a lower price elsewhere? Present it to us, and we promise to exceed it.
Guaranteed Schedules
Aimore offers a steadfast promise of scheduled training, whether it's in a classroom or a virtual environment, ensuring seamless learning.

Secure Your Career

Embrace the future with Aimore Technologies' MySQL training institute in Chennai - Your doorway to 100% placement assurance.

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