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Azure Data Factory Training in Chennai

Take your data engineering skills to the next level with the Azure Data Factory course at Aimore Technologies, Chennai.
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Aimore’s Azure Data Factory Training - An Overview

Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based data integration service that allows you to create data-driven workflows to orchestrate and automate data movement and data transformation. With Azure Data Factory, you can define your workflows using one of the three following activities: Copy Activity, Transform Activity, or Load Activity.

You can use one or more activities in a workflow to define your pipeline configuration. Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai is fully geared up to hone your skills in Microsoft Cloud with an Azure Data Factory certification. Our course is masterfully crafted with powerful concepts such as Azure SQL Database, Polybase, Azure Blob Storage, Data Partition, and Azure Data Lake Components.

Enroling in our course empowers you with the knowledge to connect Power BI with a data lake, data factory usage, real-time industry use cases, etc. Our projects give you excellent hands-on experience in deploying data factory and data lank in similar software pipelines.

Aimore’s Azure Data Factory Certification: Top Features

Industry Placement
Benefit from Aimore's comprehensive course with 100% placement in top-tier MNCs.
Hands-On Training
Obtain practical knowledge through our immersive lab sessions, designed to simulate real-world situations.
Accredited Instruction
Learn technical skills and best practices from our accredited instructors. Choose between in-person or virtual formats.
Credibility Boost
Earn an industry-recognized credential in Azure Data Factory to enhance your professional standing. Opt for convenient online proctoring or a traditional testing centre.
Flexible Learning
Follow a personalised learning plan aligned with your desired domain or job role. Experience the freedom to skip around as needed.
Comprehensive Training
Enjoy 55 hours of interactive, instructor-led training, offering ample learning opportunities.
Individual Support
Benefit from one-on-one doubt resolution sessions to reinforce your understanding.
Lifetime Access
Experience the luxury of attending as many batches as you want for a lifetime, ensuring continuous learning.

Azure Data Factory Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 60 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 10 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

Master Your Skills With Top Experts.

Aimore’s Azure Data Factory Certification is your golden ticket to a brilliant career! Unleash your tech skills with the right guidance!
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Eligibility Criteria

Our course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of data management and data processing concepts. Further, individuals who have hands-on experience in software development using C# or Java programming languages will find this training particularly useful, given the advanced techniques covered.

The completion of our Azure Data Factory Training will equip you with several key skills. First, you will learn to create, monitor, and manage data pipelines effectively. This skill is vital for handling data workflows in any industry that relies on big data.

The second major competency you'll gain is the ability to develop cloud-based Big Data analytics solutions. These solutions will be built using Azure HDInsight Hadoop, an integral part of Microsoft Cloud Services. This tool allows you to analyse vast amounts of data and draw valuable insights from it.

Lastly, you'll learn to perform Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services. Leveraging Azure Data Factory in the cloud environment will enable you to process data at large scales efficiently.

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Azure Data Factory Syllabus

Our Azure Data Factory course syllabus conforms to the latest ETL trends. It is designed to fully prepare you to forge ahead through every ETL process with expert confidence. Our course modules include:
  • Introduction to Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Features of Azure Data Lake
  • Data Storage Mechanisms in Azure Data Lake
  • Understanding the Need for Data Lake
  • Introduction to Azure Data Lake Gen2
  • Data Lake Architectural Overview
  • Basics of Data Lakes
  • Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB
  • Why Use Azure Cosmos DB?
  • Overview of Azure Blob Storage
  • Importance of Azure Blob Storage
  • Horizontal, Vertical, and Functional Partitioning
  • Why is Data Partitioning Vital?
  • Consistency Levels in Azure Cosmos DB
  • Understanding Relational Data Stores
  • Overview of Azure SQL Database: Deployment Models and Service Tiers
  • Importance of SQL Database Elastic Pool and Azure SQL
  • Security Features in Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL Database High-Availability: Premium and Standard Models
  • Introduction to Azure Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB
  • Configuring and Connecting to Databases through Azure Portal and MySQL Workbench
  • Introduction to Polybase and its Importance
  • Overview of Azure Synapse Analytics and its Components
  • Exploring SQL Pools and Big Data Elements in Azure Synapse
  • What is Azure Batch? Exploring Tightly Coupled and Intrinsically Parallel Workloads
  • Working with Azure Batch and its Additional Features
  • Comparison: SSIS vs Azure Data Factory
  • Introduction to Data Sets, Linked Services, Pipelines, and Parameters vs Variables
  • Data Copying, Monitoring, and Deployment in Azure Data Factory
  • Exploring Various Integration Runtimes and Creating Pipelines
  • Working with Data: Copying, Appending Variables, Executing Pipelines, and Metadata
  • Advanced Data Operations: Stored Procedures, Lookup, Filters, Conditional Operations, and more
  • Deployment: ARM Templates, Code Repositories in GitHub, and Environment-Specific Deployment
  • Monitoring, Debugging, and Error Handling in Azure Data Factory
  • Working with Azure Stream Analytics: Advantages, Capabilities, and Windowing Functions
  • Introduction to Azure Data Bricks and its Association with Apache Spark
  • Exploring the Azure Spark-based Analytics Platform
  • Introduction to Azure Monitor: Logs, Metrics, and Their Differences
  • Data Insights Gathered by Azure Monitor
  • Core Monitoring Solutions in Azure
  • Alert Management in Azure: Attributes, Flow, Creation, and States
  • Azure Security Auditing and Logging Overview
  • Azure SQL Database Auditing: Database vs Server-Level Policies
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Benefits of Aimore’s

Azure Data Factory Certification

At Aimore Technologies, we base our training on practical, real-world ideas delivered by handpicked subject matter specialists. Enroling in our course gives you:
Expert Guidance
Hands-on Labs led by Certified Trainers who provide real-time guidance and help you master new skills in no time.
Comprehensive Workshops
Instructor-led sessions, workshops, lectures, and hands-on labs which will help attendees explore ways to develop solutions using Microsoft Cloud Services like Azure Data Factory.
Big Data Mastery
Big Data Engineering, such as building ETL solutions and extracting value from unstructured data. Anyone from entry-level developers to IT professionals in Data Integration & BI can use our training.
Professional Insights
Complete guidance about the course. Our experienced faculty working professionals from top-notch companies share their experience handling specific organisational tasks.
Guaranteed Placement
100% placement in top MNCs, including TCS, Wipro, IBM, Cognizant, and many more, as we provide all the training through leading Cloud Service Providers.
Profile Enhancement
Updating of candidate profiles, profile improvements, and arrangement of interviews with the most sought-after IT and MNC companies.

Need Career Guidance From Our Experts?

Create a fantastic career trajectory! Get the best career advice with a free consultation from our expert trainers.

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Learn More About Our Azure Data Factory Course

We have created our Azure data factory training syllabus with the following aspects to help you achieve your goals:

  • Data flow and compute services to help you create complex ETL processes for visual data conversion.
  • Enables you to create linked services, data factory activities, and datasets.
  • Expert-led training
  • Full-on course curriculum
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Instructor-led training

Our Azure data factory course ensures you master the following technical skills:

  • Executing SSIS packages
  • Copying data & managing the monitor
  • Implementing, monitoring, and debugging pipelines
  • Handling & configuring various integration runtimes
  • Creating alerts, data factory pipelines, and Azure Database

At Aimore Technologies, we offer three types of training:

  • Instructor-led online training
  • Self-paced training
  • Corporate training to upskill the organisational workforce

All our trainers have over a dozen years of industry experience and work expertise in the same domain. Hence, you will be trained by the best subject matter experts in Chennai.

Yes, you will be provided with a Course Completion Certificate after successfully completing training. The certificate will be awarded by Aimore Technologies. Azure Data Factory Training is designed for those who want to leverage cloud computing for their own data needs and create robust solutions.

At Aimore Technologies, we not only offer training on Azure Data Factory, but we also provide job placement to our students. We have a team of experts who work with top MNCs to help our students secure jobs. After completing the course, you will be given a list of hiring companies, and you can apply to them.

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