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AngularJS Training in Chennai

Master the art of designing and building single-page web applications with our AngularJS certification training.
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AngularJSTraining - An Overview

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript-based web development frameworks. Used by software engineers all over the world, this front-end framework is used to design and develop innumerable applications. AngularJS is preferred to other frameworks because, comparatively, the duration for Angular projects is quicker.

Aimore Technologies is among the best AngularJS training institutes in Chennai, delivering hands-on demonstrations, lab sessions, and theoretical classes for students and professionals. Our AngularJS syllabus covers all the basic and advanced principles and concepts such as MVC, dependency injection, single webpage development, AngularJS updated versions, etc. With our Angular JS course, we aim to impart the advanced knowledge and practices you require to master this field.

AngularJs: Our Course Highlights

Real-World Training
Aimore offers extensive hands-on experience to its candidates with 100% placement at top MNCs.
Practical Sessions
Our course includes lab sessions and projects to help you master the practical implementations of AngularJS.
Accredited Tutors
Our accredited instructors are chosen after meticulously evaluating their AngularJS skills and best practices.
Industry Certifications
We offer direct and online proctoring to enhance your AngularJS credibility and help you obtain valuable industry-recognised credentials.
Intensive Coaching
55 hours of intensive training from AngularJS-certified experts to promote learning at your convenience.
Expert Assistance
Direct question and answer sessions with instructors to resolve doubts and clearly understand the topics.
Unlimited Batches
Freedom to attend any number of batches for AngularJS training in Chennai in your lifetime.

AngularJS Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 60 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 10 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

Prepare for a Glorious Career

Sign up for Aimore’s AngularJS course in Chennai and carve a niche in the tech world.
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AngularJSTraining at Aimore: Eligibility Criteria

Angular is an event-driven architecture. Hence, to be eligible for our Angular certification training, you must be familiar with how DOM events work and understand how asynchronous programming generally works. A basic knowledge of Java is a mandatory prerequisite. Although no prior AngularJS experience is required, knowledge of other frameworks like jQuery or React will be helpful.

To get started, sign up for our Introductory Course, which covers basics such as setting up your environment, using TypeScript and LESS, building single-page applications (SPAs), and using AngularJS Directives, Controllers, and Filters.

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Aimore’s AngularJS: The Syllabus

  • Overview of Client-Side Scripting Languages
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript and jQuery
  • A Brief Overview of AngularJS and Its Evolution
  • The Case for Choosing AngularJS
  • Introduction to Controllers: Properties and Methods
  • Linking Controllers to Views
  • Hierarchical Structure of Controllers
  • Facilitating Data Exchange Across Controllers
  • Automatic Bootstrap Mechanism
  • Customised Bootstrap Techniques
  • Linking Model Objects
  • Visibility of Model Objects
  • Introduction to $scope and $rootScope
  • Distinguishing $scope from $rootScope
  • Communication via $emit and $broadcast
  • Benefits of JSON and Its Use in AngularJS
  • Exploring $watch, $digest, and $apply Functions
  • Introduction to Dependency Injection
  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • Implicit DI Techniques
  • Inline Array Annotated DI Methods
  • The $inject Array Annotated DI Approach
  • Exploring AngularJS Expressions
  • Manipulating Numbers, Strings, Arrays, and Objects in AngularJS
  • An Overview of the Might of Directives
  • Utilising Built-in Directives such as ng-app, ng-init, ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-class, ng-template, and ng-include
  • Constructing and Implementing Custom Directives
  • Implementing Filters in Expressions and Directives
  • Harnessing Built-in Filters
  • Crafting Custom Filters
  • Implementing Actions with ng-click
  • Controlling Visibility of HTML Elements with Directives like ng-show, ng-hide, and ng-disabled
  • Addressing the Issue of Global Namespace Pollution
  • Organising AngularJS Application Files
  • Implementing XMLHttpRequests with AngularJS $http
  • Understanding Various AngularJS Service Types
  • Working with Constants, Values, Factories, Services, and Providers
  • Understanding the Concept of SPA
  • Implementing SPA Using AngularJS
  • Setting Up Routes: Both Static and Dynamic
  • A Brief Introduction to REST API
  • Implementing the Angular Resource Module
  • Gaining Insight into Transitions
  • Harnessing the Angular Animate Module
  • Introducing UI Bootstrap and Angular Material
  • A Quick Overview of Node.js
  • Installing and Configuring Karma and Jasmine
  • Practical Sessions on Working with Karma and Jasmine.
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The Exclusive Benefits of

Aimore’s Angular Certification

Aimore’s Angular certification course carries a plethora of benefits, such as:
Expert Staff
AngularJS Training in Chennai at Aimore Technologies is provided by expert professionals who have 9+ years of experience in Web Application Development.
Extensive Training
Our course covers the basics of Angular JS, how it works on a one-page website, how it can be used to develop and verify MVC, the dependency injections, and typescript.
AJAX Training
In the course of the training, you will be taught how to implement Ajax in their AngularJS applications.
Real-World Knowledge
Our AngularJS training is job-oriented and taught with extensive practical sessions for real-world experience.
100% Placement
We offer a 100% placement guarantee for all of our courses. You will receive ongoing support and training after completing the course, so you won’t be left without help if needed.
Anytime Availability
We have an open-door policy, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our staff and instructors are available 24/7, just give us a call or email us anytime and we’ll get back to you right away.

Have Queries About AngularJS?

Our career counsellors can help dispel your doubts with the right guidance about Aimore’s Angular training.
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Angular Certification Training: Deeper Insights

Our AngularJS course lasts eight weeks and two months, during which you will learn all the vital aspects of the framework. We also train you to use the framework to build web applications.

The course commences with the fundamentals of AngularJS and lectures and lab sessions on advanced topics.

Of all JS programming languages, AngularJS is the fifth most popular one used by all major websites like Gmail, Samsung, Microsoft, and Google. Until 2022, it was used by at least 30% of web developers. So, yes, there is a good demand for the technology, and Angular JS developers have a high chance of being placed in good job roles.

Although the basics are easy, the course comprises challenging concepts as you learn to build applications. However, you can rely on Aimore’s curriculum and instructors to help you overcome these learning challenges.

AngularJS professionals are in demand to fulfil roles such as:

  • UI, Web, or MVC developer
  • UI Engineer
  • Front end developer

The average salary for entry-level Angular JS experts ranges from approximately Rs. 4.29 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakh per annum. Those with many years of experience and expertise may earn upto Rs.7 lakhs per annum.

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