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Aimore’s Blue Prism Course in Chennai 

Blue Prism serves as a pivotal tool for robotic process automation, specifically designed to automate repetitive, high-volume tasks traditionally performed by human personnel. Its capabilities extend to an array of operations such as data entry, form filling, and web scraping. As one of the top performers in the RPA market, Blue Prism is trusted by some of the most prominent organizations globally. The usage of this tool doesn't demand proficiency in programming or extensive knowledge of business processes. The essential requirement is a clear understanding of the task you want the software to perform and its desired behavior.

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai  delivers unparalleled Blue Prism training, offering a comprehensive blend of theoretical fundamentals and practical applications. We aim to equip students with all the necessary skills to proficiently utilize this software in real-world scenarios.

Our Blue Prism Course Features

Career Opportunities
We take pride in offering 100% placement at top MNCs, providing you with a stepping stone to a rewarding career.
Practical Experience
Gain hands-on experience through lab sessions designed to simulate real-world scenarios and equip you with practical skills.
Best Tutors
Carefully chosen instructors who are well-versed in Blue Prism and its nuances. Our tutors provide guidance to overcome hurdles and achieve your training goals.
Course Certification
Online or direct proctoring with our instructors to give your industry-recognized credentials.
Flexible Courses
Tailored learning plans for specific domains or job roles. You can also chart your own path and customise your learning experience.
Self-Paced Study
There is no learning pressure or rigid rules. You can learn at your own pace, schedule, learning style, and convenience.
Instructor-Led Training
5 hours of intensive, in-depth sessions with our expert instructors.
Personalised Sessions
One-on-one sessions with instructors to clarify any doubts or queries.
Lifetime Access
Freedom to attend unlimited batches to reinforce your conceptual and practical understanding.

Blue Prism Course Timings

Weekdays 1 hr / day 9 AM to 9 PM 45 Days ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now
Weekends 3 hrs 9 AM to 9 PM 8 Weeks ONLINE/OFFLINE Enrol Now

Propel forward

Capitalise on the increasing demand for Certified Blue Prism Professionals with our top-tier Blue Prism course in Chennai. Seize the opportunity to boost your career now!
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Prerequisites for the Blue Prism Training

Our Blue Prism training at Aimore Technologies is designed to accommodate anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in the IT industry. However, to make the most out of this comprehensive course, we recommend certain prerequisites to ensure a smooth learning experience.

A solid understanding of networking is an initial cornerstone of many IT-related tasks. Furthermore, your proficiency in Windows Server Administrative tasks will help provide a holistic learning experience since they are frequently applied in real-world scenarios.

Furthermore, if you have a foundation in basic programming languages, such as C or Java, you are well-positioned to grasp the Blue Prism Training Course's intricacies more easily. These skills can significantly smoothen your learning curve, enabling you to get the most out of the training program.

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Blue Prism Syllabus

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
The purpose of this module is to introduce you to the evolution of robotic process automation and its future. The components of Robotic Process Automation will also be explained.
  • Understanding the concept of Robotic Process Automation
  • Application areas and use cases of RPA
  • The history and predicted future of RPA
  • Distinctions between RPA and traditional automation
  • Understanding the advantages of Robotic Process Automation
  • Recognising the limitations of RPA
  • Exploring different bot types
  • Understanding the mechanics of Robotic Process Automation
  • Overview of RPA development methods and crucial considerations
  • A comprehensive list of RPA tools
Practical Application:
  • Observe a sample process to comprehend the functionalities of the Blue Prism Automation Tool.
  • Explore a hypothetical RPA implementation in a sizeable service-oriented company.
  • Analyse how BluePrism streamlines essential business processes and the derived advantages.
  • Introduction and fundamentals of BluePrism
  • Registering an account on the Blue Prism Portal
  • Guidelines for SQL Server installation
  • Detailed BluePrism installation process
  • Utilising the BluePrism User Account
  • Accessing BluePrism documentation
  • Understanding the three-tier architecture: Process, Object, and Application Modeller

Practical Application:

  • Set up and configure Blue Prism alongside SQL Server
  • Grasp the three-tier architecture in Blue Prism
  • Design a process with a straightforward flow and configure licensing in BluePrism.
  • Learning key process components
  • Exploring stages, blocks, and variables
  • Utilising start and end stages
  • Handling input and output parameters
  • Using calculation and multi-calculation stages
  • Differences between action and page
  • Exploring loops and collections
  • Understanding the initial and current values of variables
  • Using expressions and formulas

Practical Application:

  • Design a basic process incorporating calculations
  • Track stage progression and observe changes in initial and current values
  • Construct and modify business processes, noting log changes and updates during saving.
  • Understanding Visual Business Objects (VBO) and their significance
  • Importing and exporting VBOs
  • Overview of Application Modeller and its creation process
  • Exploring applications and elements
  • Various Spy Modes and their functionalities
  • Special stages within VBO
  • Introduction to code stage and its applications
  • Data handling with start and end properties
  • Advanced concepts like dynamic match, advanced match, and error handling
Practical Application:
  • Create a browser-based VBO and automate a translation task on Google
  • Integrate Process, VBO, and App Modeller
  • Showcase different modes of spying on applications or processes.
  • Understanding Excel VBO and its integration
  • Introduction to Word VBO and basic word document automation
  • Overview of email automation through SMTP and IMAP
  • Exploration of OLEDB VBO and SQL automation in Blue Prism
Practical Application:
  • Extract data from Excel VBO into a collection, manipulate the collection data, and save it back to Excel
  • Automate word documents through specific activities
  • Send and verify emails through RPA.
  • Introduction to the WorkQueue
  • Understanding WorkQueue data manipulation
  • Exploring dependencies, release by package, environment variables, and coding standards
  • Auditing with the help of logs available in Blue Prism

Practical Application:

  • Develop a WorkQueue, design processes that update the WorkQueue data, and create processes that utilise the WorkQueue.
  • Introduction to the Control Room
  • Understanding the dashboard and its uses
  • Monitoring processes, scheduling, and manual run of automation
  • Introduction to user management in the control room

Practical Application:

  • Navigate the default dashboard and craft custom dashboards
  • Establish multiple user profiles in the control room, testing access by logging in and out
  • Design a user profile with a custom role.

Practical application of various concepts learned throughout the course.
Utilising Excel, web recorders, data tables, and orchestrator connections to develop a comprehensive project.

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Benefits of Blue Prism

Certification at Aimore Technologies

Choosing to pursue your Blue Prism certification at Aimore Technologies could be one of the most impactful decisions for your professional growth. Here are the key reasons why our training stands out:
Customised Learning
Blue Prism's scalable, affordable, and flexible nature helps us to tailor the course to suit your individual needs. You can learn at your own, comfortable pace to gain the relevant knowledge.
Intensive Training
Our training comprises a meticulous blend of core concepts with hands-on practice to ensure well-rounded learning benefits.
Industry-Relevant Syllabus
Our Blue Prism curriculum prepares hones your skills to tackle real-world challenges and significantly increases your employability with top MNCs.
Globally Recognized Certification
Our certification is accredited by major global companies around the world. We confer this recognition upon completion of both theoretical and practical sessions, catering to both fresh graduates and corporate trainees.
Mock Sessions
We conduct an adequate number of mock interviews and workshops to prepare you for any challenging interview situation in your career.

Success Beckons

Gain a competitive advantage in your career by enrolling in our Blue Prism training in Chennai. Embark on your journey towards professional success today.
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Blue Prism Training in Chennai- Your Queries Answered

Certainly not. Blue Prism is renowned for its user-friendly design and ease of implementation. Its intuitive navigation aids end users and also enables employees to execute tasks with more efficiency.

Our Blue Prism course is highly beneficial for a variety of professionals, including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Executives
  • IT Professionals
  • Administrators
  • Fresh graduates

Upon completion of this course, you will be well-equipped to:

  • Utilise Blue Prism tools and navigate the realm of RPA
  • Understand and set up the essentials of Blue Prism
  • Effectively use the Blue Prism Process Design Template
  • Work competently with a top-of-the-line RPA tool
  • Perform core UI automation tasks

Our Blue Prism course comprehensively covers all topics necessary to pass the Blue Prism certification. Post-training, our instructors will share essential resources such as a Blue Prism certification guide, sample questions, and practice questions to aid your preparation.

Indeed, we offer two types of discounts: group discounts and referral discounts. Group discounts apply when you join as a group of three or more. Referral discounts are provided when you are referred by a current participant in our training program.

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