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PGP in Cloud Computing

Step into the future with Aimore’s PG Diploma in Cloud Computing. Join the league of cloud experts and experience exponential career growth.
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PG Diploma in Cloud Computing: An Overview

Cloud technologies are revolutionising the business landscape, creating a high demand for skilled professionals. Our Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing equips you to become adept in Azure, GCP, and AWS, letting you master vital architectural principles and skill sets required to excel in the cloud domain.

Our comprehensive PG certificate program in Cloud Computing covers the fundamentals of Cloud Computing, progressing to associate-level concepts like Architect Solutions. You will gain an intricate understanding of cloud concepts, core services of Microsoft Azure, architecture, pricing, and security. Aimore’s course emphasises building robust IT infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

Tailored for solutions architects, our program helps optimise the use of Microsoft Azure Cloud by providing insight into its services and their integration into cloud-based solutions.

Key Features of Our PG Certificate Program

Promising Placement
With Aimore, you gain hands-on experience and secure 100% placement in top MNCs.
Practical Training
Our course provides practical exposure through lab sessions that mimic real-world scenarios.
Accredited Learning
Build your technical prowess and learn industry best practices from accredited instructors, available in-person or virtually.
Credential Validation
Enhance your credibility with our industry-recognized certification, accessible online or at a testing centre.
Flexible Learning
Follow a tailored learning plan specific to your desired domain or role, with the freedom to adapt as you prefer.
Self-Paced Approach
Progress at your own pace with our flexible learning modules.
Comprehensive Instruction
Benefit from 55 hours of detailed, instructor-led training to gain a deep understanding of Full Stack Development.
Personalised Support
Take advantage of our one-on-one doubt resolution sessions for clear, concise understanding.
Lifetime Access
Attend as many repeat batches as you desire for continual learning and skill refinement.

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Cloud Mastery Awaits

Elevate your professional trajectory with our top-rated PG Cloud Computing Course. Transform your career and become an industry expert.
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Eligibility for Aimore’s PG Cloud Computing Training

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai has designed our Post Graduate Cloud Computing Training to suit professionals with a robust foundation in the IT and technology sector. Ideal candidates should possess at least three years of experience in roles involving development, maintenance, testing/quality assurance, technology infrastructure management, and database administration.

Further, we welcome candidates who hold a Bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks. We recognize the value of diverse backgrounds in enriching our learning environment. Hence, candidates are not required to have a programming background or prior work experience. We're committed to providing an inclusive and comprehensive learning journey for all our students.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Cloud Computing: Syllabus

Completion of one quiz is required in this module.

Beginning with Cloud Computing
  • A beginner's guide to cloud computing
  • Analysing case studies relevant to cloud technology
Essentials of Cloud Computing
  • An overview of virtualization including VMs and containers
  • Models for service delivery and deployment
  • Categorization of cloud attributes and services
  • Basics of infrastructure automation

You are required to complete three quizzes, three projects, ten practice quizzes, and engage in numerous practical exercises.

Working with AWS Cloud Computing
  • AWS computation, balancing of loads and scaling automatically
  • AWS storage options, replication and lifecycle management
  • Organisational and identity management in AWS
  • AWS networking fundamentals
  • Implementing an AWS Web Application Firewall
Amazon Web Services Managed Services
  • Database management with AWS (RDS, DynamoDB)
  • Integration of SNS, SQS, and Cloudwatch
  • Data analytics and management with Athena, Quicksight, and Kinesis
  • Introduction to AWS Serverless (Lambda)
  • Using AWS Cognitive Services (Rekognition, Comprehend & Polly)
Containers and DevOps on AWS
  • An introduction to Docker
  • Working with AWS ECS
  • Developing a deployment pipeline using AWS Code Build, AWS Code Commit, AWS Code Deploy, and AWS Code
  • Pipeline
  • An introduction to AWS Cloud Formation
  • Learning Terraform (self-paced)
Solutions for Enterprises in the Cloud (Self-paced study with live code examples)
  • Strategies for data architecture in a serverless cloud environment
  • Creating a cloud-based development setup
  • Managing data streaming and analytics in the cloud
  • Configuration of a Kinesis data stream
  • Exploring PaaS with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Working with AWS Step Functions
  • Utilising AWS Elasticsearch
  • Learning Kubernetes

Completion of one quiz, two projects, and seven practice quizzes is required, alongside various practical exercises.

Azure's Computing Framework
  • Monitoring Azure infrastructure
  • Azure storage solutions
  • Deploying Azure Virtual Machines
  • Configuration and deployment methodologies
  • Azure Virtual Networking
  • Azure Active Directory fundamentals
Azure Application Solutions
  • Application infrastructure implementation on Azure
  • Implementing container-based applications in Azure
Data Solutions on Azure
  • Working with NoSQL databases on Azure
  • Implementing Azure SQL databases
Azure Network and Operations
  • Azure workload management
  • Strategies for load balancing and network security in Azure
Security and Governance in Azure
  • Azure governance solutions management
  • Securing applications on Azure
Azure and DevOps Practices
  • Integrating DevOps methodologies with Azure
Core Skills for Azure Administrators
  • Configuring resources on Azure
  • Managing routine Azure tasks
Azure Identities and Governance Management
  • Managing Azure AD objects
  • Controlling access management
  • Overseeing Azure subscriptions and governance policies
Implementing and Managing Azure Storage
  • Managing access to Azure storage solutions
  • Handling data within Azure storage accounts
  • Setting up Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage
Managing Azure Computing Resources
  • Utilising templates for automated resource deployment
  • Creating and managing VMs and containers
  • Developing and managing Azure App Services
Azure Virtual Networking Configuration and Management
  • Setting up and managing virtual networks
  • Ensuring secure access to virtual networks
  • Implementing load balancing techniques
  • Network monitoring strategies
Azure Resource Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Using Azure Monitor for resource tracking
  • Implementing data recovery and backup strategies
The capstone project provides an opportunity for practical application of your acquired knowledge to a business scenario, creating work that can be showcased to potential employers.
The module encompasses:
  • Management and analytics of big data
  • Exploring NoSQL Database options such as Apache Cassandra
  • Utilising Hadoop with Amazon EMR
  • Introduction to Spark and Hive with practical exercises and quizzes
Module 7

Fundamentals of Microservices (Self-Paced Study)

Module 8

Principles of Cloud Security and Migration (Self-Paced Study)

Module 9

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (Self-Paced Study)

Module 10

Insights into Private Cloud Infrastructure (Self-Paced Study)

Benefits of Being

PG Cloud Computing Certified

Unlock the transformative potential in the IT industry with our comprehensive PG in Cloud Computing, tailored to boost skills, encourage active learning, and open up diverse career opportunities.
Diverse Learning
Our Cloud Computing certification course attracts professionals from diverse industries, enriching discussions and interactions.
Industry Revolution
With the rising demand for skilled Cloud Computing professionals, a certification in Cloud Computing positions you to bring transformative changes to the IT industry.
Skill Acceleration
Our PG courses are designed for college students and working professionals to enhance their skills, offering opportunities to upgrade and stay relevant in their fields without interrupting their careers.
Peer Interaction
Group projects during certification training provide a platform for peer engagement and networking. This collaborative effort fosters academic growth and active learning and boosts learner confidence.
Target Audience
This program benefits IT professionals, managers in tech companies, coding/data professionals, and project leads. Individuals aiming to specialise in Cloud Computing applications are encouraged to enrol.
Career Opportunities
Upon completion of the program, participants can explore job roles such as cloud developers, software/backend engineers, cloud application developers, and cloud architects.

Accelerate with Cloud

Fast-track your career growth with our PG Cloud Computing Course. Join India's highest-rated cloud program and revolutionise your career.
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