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Power BI Course Syllabus in Aimore

June 19, 2023
The cover image of the Power BI Course Syllabus of Aimore.

Here is the Power BI Syllabus we cover at Aimore Technologies. Join PowerBI Training in Chennai Now with 100% placement.

Introduction – Power BI Syllabus Desktop

  1. Overview of Power BI
  2. Installation
  3. Settings

Data Transformations – Power BI Syllabus Desktop

  1. Types of Data Connectors
  2. The Query Editor
  3. Loading Data
  4. Sorting a column or data
  5. Date Filter
  6. Text Filter
  7. Date Transformation Columns
  8. Remove Top Rows & Promote Headers
  9. Keep Errors and Remove Errors
  10. Replace Values and Errors
  11. Add Index Number
  12. Text to Column
  13. Remove Excess Space
  14. Time Transformation
  15. Fill Down and Fill Up
  16. Change Text to Upper, the Lower, and Proper Case
  17. Creating Custom Columns
  18. Using If Statement
  19. Try Otherwise Statement
  20. Rename Steps and Describe the Query
  21. Introduction of M Queries and Variables
  22. Working with Table Functions
  23. Extract Columns from Tables
  24. Extract Rows from Table
  25. Extract a Single Value from Tables
  26. Group by Feature
  27. Adding Conditional Formulas
  28. Table Expansions
  29. Adding Rank to Customise Table
  30. Appending Query
  31. Merge Query – All Joins
  32. Combine All Worksheets in a Workbook
  33. Combine All Workbooks from Folder
  34. Date Source Settings
  35. Query Refresh Settings
  36. Pivot and Unpivot
  37. User Function
  38. Adding Parameter

Data Modelling – Power BI Syllabus Desktop

  1. Introduction
  2. Data Normalization
  3. Fact Tables vs Dimension Tables
  4. Managing Data Relationships
  5. Relationships vs Merged Tables
  6. Snowflake vs Star Schemas
  7. Active vs Inactive Relationships
  8. Understanding Filter Flow
  9. Two-way Filters
  10. Hiding Fields and Tables
  11. Creating Calculated Columns
  12. Creating Calculated Measures
  13. Implicit vs Explicit Measures
  14. Filter Context
  15. DAX Syntax & Operators
  16. Basic Date & Time Functions
  17. Logical Functions
  18. Text Functions
  19. Joining Data with Related
  20. Calculate & All Functions
  21. Calculate & Filter Functions
  22. Creating and Managing Hierarchies
  23. Using Calculated Tables
  24. Time Intelligence
  25. Manually Typing in a Data Table
  26. Include Exclude

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Visualizing Data with Reports – Power BI Syllabus Desktop

  1. Introduction to Report View
  2. Adding Simple Objects
  3. Inserting Basic Charts & Visuals
  4. Hierarchical Axis and Concatenating
  5. Analytics Pane
  6. Formatting Options
  7. Focus Mode and See Data
  8. Map & Filled Map
  9. ESRI Map
  10. Waterfall Chart
  11. Report Filtering Options
  12. Table and Matrix Visuals
  13. Date Slicers
  14. Cards & KPIs
  15. Text Cards
  16. Treemaps
  17. Line & Area Charts
  18. Trend Lines & Forecasts
  19. Gauge Charts
  20. Editing Reporting Interactions
  21. Adding Drillthrough Filters
  22. Adding Report Bookmarks
  23. What if Parameters
  24. Managing & Viewing Roles

Power BI Service – Power BI Syllabus

  1. Overview of Dashboards and Service
  2. Uploading to Power BI Service
  3. Quick Insights
  4. Configuring a Dashboard
  5. Adding Textbox, Image Widgets
  6. Featured and Favorite Dashboard
  7. Filtering Dashboard
  8. Dashboard Settings
  9. Natural Language Queries
  10. Featured Questions
  11. Sharing a Dashboard
  12. In-Focus Mode
  13. Pinning a Live Page
  14. Custom URL and Title
  15. TV Mode and Collapse Navigation
  16. Printing Dashboard and Exporting Data
  17. Export to CSV and Excel
  18. Power BI Notifications
  19. Alerts in the Power BI Service
  20. Personal Gateway
  21. Publishing to Web
  22. Admin Portal
  23. Introduction to Power BI Mobile
  24. Scheduled Refresh
  25. Row-level Security

Working with Excel

  1. Importing Excel Data using Simple Table
  2. Excel Workbook with Excel Data Model
  3. Connecting to Excel Workbook on OneDrive for Business
  4. Pinning Excel Tables or Visuals
  5. Analyzing Data in Excel

Direct Connectivity

  1. Direct Connectivity to SQL Azure
  2. Direct Connectivity to SQL Database
  3. Interactive API Console
  4. Connecting a web page
  5. Connecting with pdf
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