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Devops Syllabus

April 18, 2023
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Devops Syllabus: Industry Expert Designs DevOps Curriculum to Teach You Everything You Need to Know

You want to learn the ins and outs of the Devops field, but you can’t decide which Devops course syllabus to follow. If you’re looking to learn everything there is to know about the world of Devops, look no further than our unique Devops course syllabus, designed by an industry expert with over 9 years of experience in the field.

This DevOps Syllabus is designed by a senior engineer with over 9 years of experience working in the industry. Learn about the basics of what you need to know before starting a career as a DevOps Engineer. This course covers best practices, tools, and techniques for automating tasks and collaborating with other engineers on projects.

The goal of this syllabus is to give you an overview of the skills needed for success in this role so that when you’re looking for work or interviewing for positions, you’ll be able to confidently say Yes, I know how to do that.

Devops Course Syllabus

1. Overview of DevOps

  • Why DevOps?
  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps Market Trends DevOps Engineer Skills
  • DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  • DevOps Ecosystem

2. Version Control with Git – Devops Syllabus

  • What is version control
  • What is Git
  • Why Git for your organization
  • Install Git
  • Common commands in Git
  • Working with Remote Repositories

3. Git, Jenkins & Maven Integration

  • Branching and Merging in Git
  • Git workflows
  • Git cheat sheet
  • What is CI
  • Why CI is Required
  • Introduction to Jenkins (With Architecture)
  • Introduction to Maven

4. Continuous Integration using Jenkins

  • Jenkins Management
  • Adding a slave node to Jenkins
  • Building Delivery Pipeline
  • Pipeline as a Code
  • Implementation of Jenkins
  • Build the pipeline of jobs using Jenkins
  • Create a pipeline script to deploy an application over the tomcat server
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5. Continuous Deployment: Containerization with Docker

  • Introducing Docker
  • Understanding images and containers
  • Running Hello World in Docker
  • Introduction to Container
  • Container Life Cycle
  • Sharing and Copying Base Image
  • Dockerfile Working with containers
  • Publishing Image on Docker Hub

6. Containerization with Docker: Ecosystem and Networking – Devops Syllabus

  • Introduction to Docker Ecosystem
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • Managing Containers
  • Running Containers
  • Introduction to Docker Networking
  • Network Types
  • Docker Container Networking

7. Containerization using Kubernetes

  • Revisiting Kubernetes
  • Cluster Architecture
  • Spinning up a Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu VMs
  • Exploring your Cluster
  • Understanding YAML
  • Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
  • Creating a Service in Kubernetes
  • Installing Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Deploying an App using Dashboard
  • Using Rolling Updates in Kubernetes
  • Containers and Container Orchestration

8. Continuous Monitoring with Nagios

  • Introduction to Continuous Monitoring
  • Introduction to Nagios
  • Installing Nagios
  • Nagios Plugins(NRPE) and Objects
  • Nagios Commands and Notification

9. Introduction to DevOps on Cloud – Devops Syllabus

  • Why Cloud?
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Why DevOps on Cloud?
  • Introduction to AWS Various
  • AWS services
  • DevOps using AWS

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Kiruthika Muthukumar is an accomplished Oracle trainer with six years of expertise in the field. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National College of Engineering, Nellai, she has established herself as a proficient educator. Kiruthika's passion for teaching is matched only by her love for reading poetry, which she indulges in during her leisure time. Her dedication to Oracle training stems from a deep understanding of the subject matter coupled with her ability to impart knowledge effectively to her students. Kiruthika's commitment to excellence and her penchant for poetry make her a unique and engaging instructor, enriching the learning experiences of those under her guidance.

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