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10 Must-Have AWS Skills to Supercharge Your Career

December 17, 2023
Image of Cloud computing concept illustrates the top AWS skills to boost your career.

Cloud computing is the present and future of the business world. This technology has profoundly impacted the job market by transforming organizational data management in recent years. Cloud architecture has become the go-to solution for businesses to create remote access to databases, platforms, and software.

In this context, specializing in cloud computing, particularly in AWS, has become crucial for anyone seeking to stay relevant in today’s job market.

If you are an aspiring AWS professional looking to take your career to the next level, this article is for you. Our blog has covered you with all the essential skillsets you need to succeed in this promising career.

AWS Skillset: What You Need to Become An AWS Superstar

The skillset for a trailblazing career in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a unique blend of technical and interpersonal abilities. Organizations look for technical capabilities and impressive soft skills while recruiting AWS developers. To make a strong impression, you need to excel in the following:

Programming languages

Do you have Java, C#, PHP, or Python in your kitty? If you do, well and good. If not, it is time to pursue a programming language course because it is essential for every AWS developer and DevOps engineer. Programming knowledge is essential for:

  • Task automation
  • Scriptwriting
  • API creation

Is programming a must for every AWS candidate? Not necessarily. If you are a SysOps administrator or a solutions architect, this is not a mandatory skill. Nevertheless, knowing at least one of the programming languages mentioned above can leverage your career because it is vital for handling organisational cloud infrastructure.

AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs)

AWS-SDK is a compilation of libraries and tools for developers to build interactive applications for AWS services. Proficiency in AWS-SDK, AWS services, and architecture is a potential combination that enables you to:

  • Excel in integrating AWS services into applications
  • Deploy the right services for specific use cases
  • Optimise application performance


Your DevOps skills can be useful, especially when dealing with cloud-dependent SaaS applications. This skill has multiple benefits:

  • Helps expedite application and service delivery by bridging the collaboration between development and operational teams.
  • Promotes improvement of current models through integration, development, and deployment.

Container tools

AWS cloud architects have much to gain by honing their skills in container tools like Kubernetes and Docker because they help you specialise in:

  • Creating hybrid applications
  • Improvise machine learning models
  • Package batch processing jobs
  • Deploy apps from one computing environment to another

AWS's container services, integrated with the AWS cloud, are widely used for their comprehensive networking, security, and monitoring capabilities. Enrol in Aimore’s AWS training in Chennai to sharpen your skills in Docker and Kubernetes.

Migration & deployment skills

Understanding the intricacies of migration and deployment is a must-have for AWS developers. These dual skills help in fully harnessing the power of the cloud. Deployment is all about installing cloud-based apps using automation to achieve a more stable, risk-free application.

Developers must also know how to migrate existing programs like re-hosting, re-platforming, and re-architecting.

Cloud security

Cloud security has come a long way since companies hesitated to store their sensitive information in the cloud. Today, cloud security is like an impenetrable fortress, thanks to professionals specialising in cloud-related security expertise like AWS.

AWS cloud security is a highly sought-after career path with great potential for career advancement and financial gain. A course in cloud security can land you in prized jobs in reputed companies.

Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture is on top of every organisation’s cloud list because it allows easy scaling and modification of services and seamless migration of serverless apps from one cloud to another. A course in AWS Lambda will help sharpen this particular skill set in terms of theoretical and practical understanding. Serverless architecture is a top business priority as it offers more than just improved server abstraction, which is why it is a must-have AWS skill.


In your profession as an AWS developer, you are bound to come across many roadblocks. Hence, it is only natural that you know how to deal with them. Furthermore, each time you solve an AWS roadblock, it becomes easier to debug and fix subsequent issues.

Also, it is important to note that there is no tailored roadmap to AWS debugging. It is your experience that counts. You will most probably encounter issues related to IAM permissions or VPC-based access rules. Your honing this skill relies entirely on how effectively you debug and solve the issue. In short, practice perfects your debugging skills.

Communication skills

One of the major soft skills you need as an AWS developer is communicating with crystal-clear clarity. This includes your oral and writing skills because your collaboration is fundamental in building practical systems by interacting with various departments within the organisation.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is an umbrella term for an arsenal of skills like:

  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Logical thinking
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Identification and resolution of issues
  • Creation of innovative and practical solutions for complex problems

To be a successful AWS developer, you should know how to approach problems systematically, analyse the pros and cons, and consider multiple perspectives to gain optimum benefits. This skill set is crucial for effective decision-making in AWS development.

Wrapping Up

The IT realm has a special place for AWS professionals specialising in cloud computing, cloud management, and cloud-based app development. Arming yourself with the skills mentioned above can make you an invaluable asset in the job market. Combine this skill set with well-preparedness and assured confidence, and you can reach the zenith of your AWS career.

Aimore Technologies helps you achieve this dream with AWS courses handled by experts in this field. If you wish to enrol in our AWS training in Chennai, please contact our team for further information and assistance.

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