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A Handbook on Selenium Testers- Qualifications & Roles Explained

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The Software Development Lifecycle incorporates the essential phase of software testing. While manual testing remains a viable approach, the limitations inherent in manual methods have created a demand for automation testing. Consequently, there is a rising need for automation testing tools and proficient individuals capable of harnessing them effectively. Selenium Tester is a prime example of a highly skilled professional qualified to conduct Selenium Testing by utilising the comprehensive Selenium suite of tools. Thus, the number of candidates joining the Selenium course in Chennai and other big cities has tremendously increased in the past few years. In this blog, we will delve into the role of a Selenium Tester by exploring their job description, responsibilities, and many more.

An Overview of Selenium's Dominance in the World of Automation Testing

Selenium, a well-known open-source automation testing tool, serves as a robust platform for testing web applications across diverse platforms and browsers. It provides a unified scripting interface compatible with multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, and Perl. Selenium focuses primarily on testing online applications and does not extend its support to desktop or mobile applications.

In the wake of the surging popularity of automation testing, Selenium testing has emerged as a highly sought-after domain. Selenium Testers, distinguished experts in their field, are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting Selenium Testing using the Selenium toolkit. They adeptly harness Selenium for automation testing, ensuring the reliability and quality of web applications. As per Zion Market Research, the global test automation market, valued at USD 15.87 billion in 2016, is poised to reach USD 54.98 billion by 2022, exhibiting substantial growth at a CAGR of 23.01% from 2017 to 2022.

Selenium is prominent in automation testing, with a consistently increasing demand. In addition to the role of a Selenium Tester, various other career avenues are available in this field, such as Selenium Automation Engineer, Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), Selenium Test Analyst, and Mobile Testing Lead. For professionals in the United States pursuing a career as a Selenium Tester, the average annual salary ranges from $62,509 to $100,971, with an average compensation of approximately $83,200.

Navigating the Roles of Selenium Tester Career Path

Understanding the intricacies of the Selenium Tester role is vital for crafting a compelling resume. Here are the expected qualifications and responsibilities for a Selenium tester:

Key qualifications

  • Proficient in developing, organising, and executing test scripts.
  • Utilises functional and business knowledge, including testing standards, procedures, and guidelines, to achieve team test objectives.
  • Ensures test results are comprehensible and accessible.
  • Identifies defects and oversees their resolution.

Key responsibilities

  • Analysis of Functional and Business Requirements.
  • Development of an automated testing strategy framework.
  • Authoring test automation scripts.
  • Evaluation of test outcomes and reporting of results.
  • Assisting team members with technical issues.

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Demystifying the Selenium Tester's Journey- Roles by Experience

Selenium tester roles can vary depending on one's level of experience. In the following section, we categorize these roles based on years of experience:

(Entry level) 1+ years of experience

  1. Analysing the application under test (AUT) and comprehending testing requirements.
  2. Creating test plans using Selenium Element Locators and WebDriver API Commands.
  3. Troubleshooting test cases to identify issues and rectify them.
  4. Using Java programming to enhance test cases.
  5. Executing test cases.
  6. Monitoring and reporting defects.
  7. Producing test report outputs.

(Intermediate level) 2+ years of experience

  1. Generating resources for test automation, such as function libraries.
  2. Collecting testing data for data-driven testing.
  3. Employing Index Properties and Regular Expressions to handle dynamic and duplicate objects.
  4. Implementing parameterization, synchronisation, and defining test results.
  5. Running tests and troubleshooting them.
  6. Analysing and monitoring test results.
  7. Monitoring and reporting defects.
  8. Adjusting and performing regression testing.

(Advanced level) 3+ years of experience

  1. Assessing and comprehending the application under test from an object identification perspective.
  2. Identifying end-to-end scenarios and code modularity.
  3. Creating test scenarios and aggregating test results.
  4. Developing modular components.
  5. Establishing an automation infrastructure and implementing TestNG or JUnit automation frameworks.
  6. Managing concurrent test execution and error handling.
  7. Conducting cross-browser testing and data-driven testing.
  8. Evaluating test outcomes.
  9. Exporting and specifying test results.
  10. Updating and maintaining test automation resources.

(Expert level) 4+ years of experience

  1. Selecting test cases for automation based on identification.
  2. Executing a test automation strategy.
  3. Determining the most suitable Selenium tools and configuring the Selenium test environment.
  4. Formulating an automation test plan and setting up the Selenium environment.
  5. Creating, organising, and controlling resources for test automation.
  6. Developing, enhancing, running, and debugging test cases.
  7. Conducting regression analysis.
  8. Resolving technical issues.
  9. Acting as a liaison between development and testing teams.
  10. Communicating with users to share updates and address issues.

Final words

A career as a Selenium tester provides a significant role within the automation testing industry and offers an appealing salary. Learning Selenium is increasingly crucial for individuals aspiring to become test automation engineers and those seeking a prosperous career in the software testing field. Selenium has become a technical prerequisite, especially for those aiming to become Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs). Contact Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai with placement, if you want to learn Selenium and gain a promising career.

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