Selenium Training In Chennai

Selenium Training In Chennai – Aimore Offers You The Best Selenium Training In Chennai With 100% Job Placement, Live-Projects, And Courses Certificate.

Introduction to Selenium Training Course

Selenium is a programming language which can be used to automate web applications. It is used by developers to test their projects and make sure they are working properly. Aimore Technologies offers professional selenium training in Chennai to students who want to learn automation testing and get an edge over the competition in their careers.


The course includes practical sessions on live projects, along with project-related assignments, certificates, and job placement assistance from the institute. Aimore Technologies is the best selenium training institute in Chennai and offers the best automation testing course in Chennai with 100% job placement guaranteed.


Aimore Technologies offers job Oriented selenium training in Chennai with 100% Placement. Learning selenium automation testing is extremely beneficial for IT professionals looking to advance in their careers. Aimore Offers Live-Projects, And Courses Certificate. Let’s get started with Selenium Training at Chennai and transform your career completely !!! We at Aimore also provide online courses on selenium Automation testing with 24×7 support, email assistance and easy payment options

selenium training in chennai

Selenium training in Chennai

Automation testing is gaining momentum nowadays. When discussing automation, one cannot overlook Selenium, which is regarded as one of the best tools for automation testing. Organizations are looking for people who are knowledgeable about Selenium, a framework for testing web applications. Having a suite of tools that looks into the various requirements of organizations, Selenium supports important languages including Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc. At the Selenium training in Chennai, we will teach you right from the basics and then move on to the advanced concepts. You will be in a position to handle live projects once you complete training from the Selenium institute in Chennai which will provide exhaustive technical assistance. You will also have the benefit of the flexibility to choose your course timings. 

Delving deep into Selenium from the Selenium training institute in Chennai

The open-source nature of Selenium is one of its major advantages. Any organization can deploy it to test its web applications. You can seamlessly test a website on any browser with the help of Selenium. You can even perform even a tiny modification to the code so that it fits your requirement accordingly. Moreover, you can build your test cases with the help of IDEs including Eclipse, NetBeans, etc. Another important feature of Selenium is that there can be a seamless integration of it with other open-source frameworks including TestNG, JUnit, etc. You will learn all these from the Software testing Course in Chennai.

Nowadays several organizations are shifting to the DevOps culture and Selenium comes in handy here. There is a great need for collaboration in organizations wherein the development and operations teams strive to break the organizational silos and produce optimum results. The UI automation team also understands the objectives of the development and operations team and works in tandem with them. Bringing in security practices at the outset of the software development life cycle is also important in DevOps and it is called as DevSecOps. You will learn all about these in detail from the best Selenium training in Chennai

Selenium is made up of various components, and each has a unique role in assisting the development of web applications through automation testing. These are Selenium IDE, Selenium client API, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. 


Learn Selenium WebDriver from the Selenium certification in Chennai

Selenium WebDriver is an important concept of Selenium that is mainly useful in handling the needs of websites that need to have a plethora of features. Besides, the testers should take care to make the website function properly on both desktop and mobile platforms. Here also Selenium WebDriver comes to the rescue. It is basically a set of open-source APIs and supports Windows, Linux and OSX. It is highly user-friendly and lets users work on personalized extensions. The development code is deployed to the best through Selenium WebDriver. The Selenium WebDriver is executed in and supported by Java, Python, Ruby and C#. Are you curious to learn all these from one of the best Selenium training institute in Chennai? Then Aimore Technologies is the right choice. 

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    1. Selenium Introduction
    • Course Objectives
    • Different learning stages
    1. Basic Installations
    • Getting started with Java
    • Installing Java
    • Installing Eclipse
    • First Eclipse Project
    • First Java program
    • Importing projects in Eclipse
    1. Java Concepts – Basic – Selenium Training In Chennai
    • Datatypes and Variables
    • Operators, Loops, Arrays, and String Classes and objects
    • Class constructors
    1. Java Object-Oriented Programming
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstraction
    • Package and access modifiers, Exception handling
    1. Collections API, Reflections API
    • Introduction to Collections API
    • List Interface and Array List Class
    • Set Interface and HashSet Class
    • Map Interface and Hash Table Class
    • Reflection API usage and importance
    1. File handling with Java
    • Managing and Reading a Properties file
    • Reading, Writing XLS Files with POI API
    1. Downloading Selenium, Architecture of Selenium Web driver 
    • Selenium 3 and 4 differences
    • Downloading WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse
    • The architecture of selenium Webdriver
    • Browser versions with WebDriver
    • Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Edge
    1. Web driver commands
    • Browser Commands
    • Web Element Commands
    • Find Elements Commands
    • Check Box & Radio buttons
    • Drop Down & Multiple Selects
    • Web Table Handling
    • Alerts and windows
    • Frames
    1. Locators & Xpath
    • Inspect elements from the browser
    • Relative & Absolute XPath
    • Firebug and Fire path
    1. Synchronization – Selenium Training In Chennai
    • Implicit Wait
    • Explicit Wait
    • Fluent Wait
    1. Action Class
    • Drag & Drop
    • Right Click & Double Click
    • Mousehover Action
    • Robot Class
    1. Automation framework
    • Testing and Data Driven Framework
    • Testing and Hybrid(Keyword + Data-driven) framework
    • Page Object Model
    • BDD/Cucumber Framework
    1. Selenium Grid With WebDriver, TestNG, and Maven
    • Grid Introduction
    • Configuring Hub and Node
    • Running tests on Multiple browsers and Nodes
    • Install Testing
    • Testing Annotations
    • Testing Parallel Execution
    • Testing vs Junit
    • Testing Data providers
    • Maven Introduction
    • Install Maven
    • Create a new Maven Project
    1. Jenkins, GIT, GITHUB Integration – {Selenium Training In Chennai}
    • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Configuring Jenkins
    • First Jenkins Project
    • Build Triggers in Jenkins
    • Introduction to GIT
    • Installing Git
    • Git Commands and Operations
    1. Selenium and Database Testing
    • Introduction to Database testing
    • Java Database Connectivity – JDBC.
    1. Selenium IDE/RC Overview
    • Selenium Appium
    1. Appium Introduction
    • Architecture Of Appium
    1. Appium Installation On Window
    • Installing Android Studio
    • Installing Java
    • Designing or configuring framework(system) factors for both Android SDK and Java.
    • Configuring Virtual Mobile device
    • Download Node.js and Install Appium via npm Configuring Appium clients
    1. Appium Installation On MAC
    • Install Xcode
    • Installing Eclipse IDE on MAC
    • Downloading Appium/Selenium jars
    1. Automation On Mobile Apps – {Selenium Training In Chennai}
    • First Appium program
    • UI Automator Tool – Inspection of elements
    • Touch action
    • Scroll down
    • Swipe action
    • Invoke App with package activity
    1. Automation Of Web Apps
    • Configure the real device to the system
    • Desired capabilities for real device
    • Coding in mobile browser automation
    1. Appium Framework
    • Testing installation
    • Run Testing tests
    • Appium Parallel Execution using Testing
    • Framework design
    1. Java Oops Basic For Appium
    • Classes, objects
    • Strings
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    • Abstraction
    • Modifiers
    • Polymorphism


    Why should IT professionals learn Selenium?

    Selenium is one of the most important and widely used tools for automation testing. It is an automated tool that can be integrated with various third-party software applications to help you find bugs, errors and other issues with your application. Automation testing is crucial as it saves a lot of time, which could otherwise be wasted on manual testing.


    Selenium training institute in Chennai offers automation testing course in Chennai which will equip you with all the necessary skills to efficiently handle automated tests, use third-party tools and perform tests without human intervention. With the right selenium training institute, you’ll also learn how to test cases that are more complex than what a single person could do manually.


    Selenium course in Chennai also teaches you how to effectively monitor and manage your automated tests, making sure they run efficiently and effectively. With a few clicks, you can run hundreds of test cases on various application platforms.

    Selenium Automation Testing Is In-Demand

    1. Selenium is one of the most popular technologies in the world today, and there are many reasons why. It is a powerful automated testing tool that can do anything you tell it to do with the help of its API. Aimore Technologies provides job-oriented selenium training in Chennai with a guarantee of 100% placement. Learning selenium automation testing is extremely beneficial for IT professionals looking to advance in their careers.

      Aimore Technologies Offers Live-Projects, And Courses Certificate. They also have placement assistance so that students will be able to find jobs soon after completing the course. With the popularity of selenium automation, more and more companies are seeking skilled professionals who know how to use this tool. 

      The courses by Aimore Technologies offer plenty of practical hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge about selenium technology which makes them one of the best choices for anyone looking for Selenium Training in Chennai.

    Selenium Training in Chennai Teaches You New Skills

    Selenium is a set of different tools used to automate the testing process of web-based applications, such as browsers and websites. It’s a way to run tests without having to manually do it yourself on every browser. Selenium can be installed on your computer or server and is also available as a cloud service which means you could also use it from anywhere with an internet connection. Selenium automates website testing by scripting interactions between a browser (or other software) and the website being tested.


    Selenium training includes scripting, programming languages like Java, and test script development skills. With all these essential skill sets at your disposal, there won’t be any hurdles while developing test scripts. The most important thing to learn while taking selenium training in Chennai is script-building skills. Scripts help you make decisions based on parameters like What type of button to click. What fields to fill up? Where to click next? When does the page fail? And much more!

    Selenium Certification Gives You an Edge

    In a competitive job market, professionals are always looking to get an edge over the competition. Learning selenium automation testing can help you do just that! With Aimore Technologies’ selenium training, you’ll learn the fundamentals of testing webpages with selenium tools and frameworks. You’ll also be trained to use popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.


    Certified professionals are more likely to get jobs because employers know they’re more skilled and can get projects done faster. Employers are constantly looking for good testers, and learning how to test websites is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates. Selenium course in Chennai is beneficial not only to individuals but it will also to provide companies with better quality software products as well!

    Selenium Live Projects Offer Real-World Experience

    Selenium is an important skill that many IT professionals need to learn. The problem is that it’s hard to find a good place to practice and apply your skills. For those working with selenium, Aimore Technologies offers selenium training in Chennai with live projects and courses certificate. These will provide an invaluable opportunity to learn the craft while getting hands-on experience. They also offer customized training programs for different levels of expertise or as freshers for experienced testers.


    The first step to learning Selenium is to understand what it is and what it does. Selenium is a web computerization device that can be utilized to mechanize(automate) internet browsers. It can likewise be utilized to test web applications.


    The selenium course in Chennai will teach you how to use Selenium to automate web browsers and how to use it to test web applications. You will get hands-on experience by using Selenium to do both of these things during the course. You can practice in front of a live audience, so everyone gets plenty of time for questions and answers.


    After completing the course, participants are invited to stay for our post-course activities which include testing sessions with sample application developers from other tech companies. All attendees will have their laptops and internet connection provided by us.

    How can Aimore help you learn Selenium?

    Aimore Technologies provides job-oriented selenium training in Chennai with a guarantee of 100% placement. Learning selenium automation testing is extremely beneficial for IT professionals looking to advance in their careers. Aimore Provides Live-Projects And Certificate Courses. With Aimore’s assistance, you will be able to excel in your career opportunities by acquiring the necessary skill sets.


    Aimore provides its learners with industry-relevant selenium courses which allow them to learn the latest technologies and skills required by today’s employers. Along with our hands-on learning approach, we also offer projects based on real-time scenarios where students can apply their knowledge and skills learned from class.

    What are the features of Aimore Technologies?

    Aimore’s Selenium training in Chennai course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and concepts of Automation Testing by which you can work on Web Applications, Mobile Apps and System Utilities that are used across industries such as Banking, Insurance, Transportation and many more. You will be taught how to automate the application testing so that it becomes easier and faster to find bugs before releasing any product or software into production.

    Why Choose Aimore Technologies for Selenium Training?

    Aimore Technologies has a special way of training people and making them successful. We are one of the best selenium training in Chennai that offers live projects, course certificates, and 100% placement. With our expert trainers and comprehensive course material, you can be sure to get a job after completing the training at Aimore.


    We offer a range of courses from basic selenium to advanced selenium with specialized courses such as Scrum Master, Agile Development etc. You can also choose from our five-day or ten-day courses to suit your needs and budget. We have trained over 2500+ students. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

    What are the benefits of Selenium Training in Chennai for IT Professionals?

    Selenium training institute in Chennai provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date training course. The benefits of selenium training are that it is a specialized skill, which makes you an expert, gives you an edge over your competitors and helps automate test scripts, which improves efficiency. Selenium automation testing Course in Chennai can be completed online or Classroom, providing flexibility to students and increasing convenience.


    Students receive a certificate upon completion of the course that can help them get a job or provide proof to their current employer that they have learned this skill. Selenium has been growing in popularity as it is found more often as a requirement for jobs. This also increases demand for professionals who have experience with selenium as automation testing becomes more important to businesses across many industries.

    Aimore's Selenium Training in Chennai Is Comprehensive and Affordable

    Selenium is a browser-based tool used to automate web-based applications. It can be a helpful tool for anyone looking to develop websites or other software, but it’s also useful for those who test software and are tasked with finding defects.


    To help students and professionals interested in web-based software development and web-based testing learn more about selenium and its potential benefits, Aimore offers a comprehensive course that’s less expensive than many competing options.


    In addition to being affordable, Aimore’s courses feature live projects, so students get a more realistic view of how to use selenium as well as hands-on experience. With helpful staff members and convenient course scheduling, it can be hard to find reasons not to choose Aimore Technologies for your selenium training needs. 

    So why choose Aimore Technologies over other institutions offering Selenium Course in Chennai?

     With us, you’ll be learning from industry experts who will teach you skills directly relevant to your desired career path. We don’t just offer a generic IT course – we focus on technologies such as Java and Selenium for testing.


    Plus, by enrolling with us, not only do you get access to the courses taught by industry experts but also an opportunity to explore more advanced topics under the guidance of our industry experts.


    With Aimore Technologies’ customized selenium training programs for beginners or seasoned professionals alike, we can ensure that all students leave equipped with essential knowledge and hands-on experience ready for employment opportunities around the world!

    If you are an IT professional looking for career opportunities or want to get an edge over other professionals then Aimore’s selenium training is perfect for you! Sign up now!

    Job-Oriented Selenium Training in Chennai with live project

    Selenium Automation Testing is a method that can be used to test webpages, web applications and mobile apps. This is the future and important skill for any IT professional. 


    Aimore Technologies offers Job Oriented Selenium Training in Chennai with 100% Placement. It includes Understanding Web application technologies, Understanding functional testing using Selenium, Basics of Core Java and JUnit along with industry-standard frameworks like Restful Web Services, Maven etc., and Learn Test Script Development framework with Java scripting language. These are the basics which help one understand and learn Test Script Development Framework – A framework to create test scripts easily by automating steps taken by a human tester on GUI or Visual User Interface.

    Selenium Training in Chennai with 100% Placement

    Selenium training is a way to acquire skills that are in great demand and give you an edge over others. Selenium Automation Testing can provide you with the skills needed to automate repetitive testing tasks which will make your work easier. It is necessary that you have the right qualifications so as to be able to handle this kind of job, and getting selenium training from Aimore Technologies will give you the qualifications needed. Selenium training will also help you to save time by automating tests that would take up too much time otherwise. We provide 100% Placement after course completion.

    Prerequisites for learning Selenium from the Selenium classes in Chennai

    Fundamental knowledge of manual testing and some comprehension of core Java would be sufficient to learn Selenium from the best Selenium training in Chennai

    The career scope after Selenium training in Chennai

    There is an increasing demand for software to help the company achieve its important goals. Furthermore, the organisation cannot afford to produce software that is of poor quality, so software bugs must be fixed as soon as possible. For this, a user-friendly library is very important and Selenium fits the role appropriately. The tester can aid in the quick release of new versions through Selenium. 

    In the present job market scenario, Selenium testers are in great demand. If you know any programming language including Java, Python you will have a good career. 

    Selenium is used widely by organizations. Once you complete the best Selenium training in Chennai, you can become a quality engineer, Selenium automation analyst, mobile testing engineer, Java Selenium automation engineer, etc. 

    Since artificial intelligence is applied to mitigate the complexity in the present world’s software, in your role as a test automation engineer, you can learn the benefits of AI and how it is advantageous to testing. 

    If you learn Selenium WebDriver with Java basics, then you will stand a chance to get amazing job opportunities. You will learn about Selenium automation alongside the fundamental concepts of Java programming from the Selenium testing training in Chennai. You will also know about the WebDriver basics. 

    Are you an aspiring candidate who wants to launch your career in the IT field? Or do you want to migrate from a manual tester to an automation tester? Contact Selenium training institute in Chennai that molds you into a well-equipped candidate who can attend interviews with confidence. You can ask any Selenium-related queries to the expert trainers who will clear it immediately. You will develop customized frameworks that are highly optimized after getting trained from the Selenium course in Chennai

    Industry Expert Trainers

    If you’re looking for a Selenium testing course From The best & well-experienced trainers, look no further than Aimore Technologies. Aimore Technologies is the best selenium training institute in Chennai that offers Selenium Course in Chennai. The trainers at Aimore Technologies are experienced professionals who will help you learn everything you need to know about Selenium testing. You’ll also get hands-on experience with real-world projects.


    The Aimore team knows that many employers look for students with some practical experience with their programming language or application. For this reason, they’ve devised a curriculum designed to give students plenty of practice before starting a job. What makes this course so valuable?


    You will receive a certificate of completion valid worldwide and a knowledge base of tested frameworks and tools like Ruby on Rails, Python and AngularJS etc.  Moreover, if you take our Selenium Course In Chennai, we guarantee you 100%, placement. So what are you waiting for? Take our Selenium Course in Chennai today!


    Selenium automation testing is a skill that can give you an edge in your career. Learning selenium automation testing is beneficial to get an edge in their careers. Aimore Technologies offers job Oriented selenium training in Chennai with 100% Placement. Aimore Offers Live-Projects, And Courses Certificate. It is the only selenium institute in Chennai that provides courses and live projects as well.