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Data Science Course in Chennai

Let your career take off with Aimore’s data science course in Chennai, with placement! Let’s put you on the right path to success.
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Aimore’s Data Science Course: An Overview

Data is gold and expertise in data science is one of the most wanted skills in the tech world. By keeping your skills current and relevant, you can advance in your career and get ahead in the game. The data science field is constantly evolving, so it's important to keep up with new developments.

With Data Science, scientific techniques, procedures, algorithms, and systems are used to obtain information from unstructured and structured data in several formats. This methodology combines Natural Language Processing, statistics, computing, and mathematics to provide a holistic world view.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and ML, data science has become faster and more accurate. A cross-functional skill set and expertise are required for data science, so it is expected to proliferate over the next few decades. To meet these needs, we have designed Data Science training in Chennai with placement. Our training is based on real-world data sets and real-world objectives.

Our Batch Schedules

(Monday - Friday)
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Aimore’s Data Science Course Features

Hybrid Learning
Experience a blend of online lectures, case studies, workshops, and practical sessions enriched with real-world examples for hands-on experience.
Interactive Feedback
Get ample opportunities to ask questions and receive valuable feedback from your instructors.
Holistic Curriculum
Access a comprehensive curriculum encompassing all critical aspects of Data Science & AI.
Multi-Disciplinary Training
Receive training in Machine Learning, R Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Python within this course.
Placement Guarantee
Benefit from our Data Science & AI training program in Chennai, which assures 100% placement.
Flexible Scheduling
Experience convenience with flexible timings that enable complete course comprehension.
Performance-Based Certification
Earn a Data Science & AI certification based on your performance in internal assignments and practical sessions.
Expert Guidance
Learn from the industry's best with our team of experienced trainers who bring in-depth knowledge from the field of Data Science & AI.
Our Candidates
Candidate Profile
  • Professionals with adequate mathematical, logical, and analytical aptitude.
  • Fresh graduates wanting a career in Big Data or Data Science.
  • Database aspirants wishing to explore the world of Big Data.
  • Managers from diverse fields want to sharpen their analytical skills.
  • Software developers are aspiring to become data scientists and business analysts.
  • Hadoop experts who want to learn R and Machine Learning execution.
  • Statisticians who want to apply big data statistics techniques.
  • Information architects wishing to specialise in predictive analysis.
  • Analysts want to master data science concepts.
Our Trainers
Trainer Profile
  • Certified professional with 12 years of experience in the IT industry.
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced, and dedicated to helping students to succeed in their careers.
  • Provide one-to-one consultation services for a personalised approach to help you get your dream job.
  • Impart knowledge about Data Science & AI to help you stay ahead of competition.
  • Approachable and ready to answer all your queries related to data science & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cover all concepts from basics to make every student expert in data science and related topics.

Aimore’s Data Science Certifications

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics
Deep Learning - 50
Apache Spark

Machine Learning is the next best thing in technology, making waves in the tech world. Aimore’s data science training in Chennai focuses on upskilling our candidates to excel in their domains and refine their capabilities to face real-world scenarios at work. Our ML training is completely hands-on, which is a bonus.

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Vector image of a professional pursuing a Machine learning training.

Machines demonstrate a great deal of intelligence, and everyone finds it fascinating. A certification in Artificial Intelligence can catapult your professional life to greater heights, which is why it is one of the most trending courses. Aimore’s AI course, combined with Deep Learning, can make you an expert in building powerful AI algorithms and more.

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Our Data Analytics course uncovers all the minute details of big data analytics- how data is collected, stored, and processed, and the use of various techniques in executing these actions. We hone your skills in Data Modeling, Statistical Inferences, Predictive Analysis, and Data Visualisation.
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A software specialist learning a Data Analytics course.

To handle Big Data, you need to master Hadoop, an amazing platform to handle deep analytics to store and retrieve vast sums of data in diverse applications. Our Hadoop training will teach you how to make the best use of the platform and to use its crucial aspects.

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Deep Learning combines the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Aimore’s training in Deep Learning covers AI concepts, implementing ML algorithms with deep networks, neural networks, and Deep Learning frameworks. You will also get hands-on training and skills training from our accredited instructors.
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A professional exploring Deep Learning using the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Knowledge of Apache Spark is essential because it comes with high-level APIs for Python, R, Scala, and Java. Furthermore, it is a hundred times faster than Big Data Hadoop and ten times faster than a disk drive. Our data science course in Chennai with placement is advantageous because it covers the syllabus as per the current IT trends.

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Aimore’s Placement Program

Placement in top companies
Live projects & certification
Resume preparation
Free technical support after course completion
Experiential learning through projects
Regular mock interviews
Free laboratory facilities
Free Wifi facility
Option to earn income through blogging
Trial classes to help you learn
Insightful lab exercises
Located in Chennai's IT hub

Be a Winner With Aimore

Aimore is the foremost data training centre in Chennai. Master your skills from the best experts with the latest data science syllabus.
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Aimore’s Data Science Training: FAQs

Modern technical industry uses data science to analyse data and make smart predictions. It is a relatively new field with immense potential. With the right skill set, data scientists can find lucrative careers in a variety of industries. The field is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, making it a great option for those looking to start or further their career.

Our data science training prepares you with:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Data Science
  • Fluency in Statistics and Data Mining
  • Ability to create a decision tree
  • Ability to explore big data concepts
  • Expertise in using Map Reduce and Tableau

A job in data science involves working with massive volumes of data. This is where your mathematical skills and knowledge come into play. Your expertise in linear algebra, statistical hypotheses, and calculus is inherent in helping you accomplish business analyst tasks. Mastering these skills may be challenging. However, consistent practice will help you hone your mathematical skills.

To excel in your data science career, you will need:

  • Programming language skills
  • Higher educational degrees and certifications
  • Knowledge of Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • Knowledge of AI and ML
  • Understanding of Natural Language Processing
  • Knowledge of Computer Vision

Aimore’s data science training prepares you for all this and more.

Aimore Technologies provides the most comprehensive data science training in Chennai. In addition to teaching ML, AI, R programming, and Python, machine learning, we provide our students with hands-on training from qualified professionals.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and tools related to data science in this course. By the end of this course, you'll be able to analyze and manipulate data, create predictive models, and convey your findings in an effective manner. Moreover, you'll have the chance to showcase your data science talents in real-time projects.