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Decoding Cloud Computing - AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

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Organisations are swiftly transitioning to the cloud to enhance their operations' cost-efficiency, agility, and innovation. This migration has significantly expanded job opportunities for individuals with cloud skills and increased institutions offering the AWS course in Chennai. This blog serves as a valuable starting point for those new to cloud computing or seeking to bolster their resumes with cloud expertise. Furthermore, we will compare the leading cloud providers AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. To help you determine the ideal cloud platform to learn, we will delve deeper into these top three providers and emphasise their key differences.

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We've provided concise overviews of the top three cloud service providers to make it easier.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a comprehensive cloud computing platform. In 2006, it pioneered public cloud computing, providing web services for IT infrastructure to businesses. AWS currently holds the largest market share in cloud services.

AWS's cloud computing services encompass various categories, including computation, storage, analytics, databases, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, and IoT. It boasts a substantial community of clients and partners, ranging from enterprises to startups and government organisations.

Key features

  • Scalable, reliable, and cost-effective infrastructure
  • Over 200 fully-featured services
  • A flexible and secure cloud computing environment
  • 81 availability zones spanning 25 world regions

AWS certifications

AWS offers a range of certifications to validate your AWS Cloud expertise and enhance your credibility. These certifications demonstrate your conceptual understanding of the platform and your practical experience with AWS infrastructure.

AWS courses

  • Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect on Pluralsight
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Complete Course (NEW 2021) on Udemy
  • AWS Certification Training for Solutions Architect on Edureka
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty 2021 – Udemy

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, introduced in February 2010 after its announcement in October 2008, is a public cloud computing platform. It closely rivals AWS and provides a broad array of goods and cloud services to help organisations address current challenges and shape the future. Azure's product portfolio includes computing, AI & ML, analytics, databases, DevOps, IoT, networking, storage, web, and security. Azure serves clients from governments, businesses, and corporations.

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Key features

  • Over 200 products and cloud-based services
  • 90+ compliance offerings
  • Azure is used by 95% of Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Datacenters in more than 60 global regions

Azure certifications

Microsoft certifications provide globally recognized validation of specialised knowledge in cloud and digital businesses. They are categorised into Fundamental, Associate, and Expert Levels based on roles.

Azure courses

  • Azure Fundamentals by Microsoft Certified
  • Using Microsoft Azure to Implement Web and Mobile Services on Pluralsight
  • Getting Started with Azure on Coursera
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep - AZ-900 on Udemy (May 2021)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a suite of cloud computing services. Leading businesses from various industries rely on Google Cloud to tackle their business challenges. Google Cloud's services include computing, data analytics, data storage, networking, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning.

Key features

  • Multi-cloud, open source, and hybrid cloud capabilities
  • Over 100 offerings
  • A global network with 85 zones spanning 200+ countries and territories
  • Emphasis on security and trust

Google Cloud certifications

Google Cloud certifications validate your expertise and skills in transforming enterprises with Google Cloud technology. GCP certifications are categorised into Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Looker levels.

GCP courses

  • Understanding Your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Costs on Coursera
  • Professional Cloud Architect for Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Scalable Data Architecture Design on Pluralsight
  • Using GCP to Modernise Data Lakes and Data Warehouses on Coursera

Why Study AWS (Amazon Web Services)?


  • Rapidly growing, dependable, and stable public cloud service
  • Holds the largest market share in cloud infrastructure
  • High demand for AWS specialists
  • Attractive compensation packages
  • Abundance of AWS Learning Resources

Wrap up

Selecting a specific cloud platform, AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, as your starting point for your cloud journey can help you focus your learning efforts. Later on, you can broaden your knowledge by exploring other platforms, allowing you to develop diverse cloud skills that will give you a competitive advantage in this expanding industry. Get in touch with Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai, if you wish to learn AWS, Azure or Google Cloud under the guidance of highly experienced professionals.

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