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Best HTML & CSS Training Institute in Chennai provides Real-time and placement focused HTML & CSS training in chennai. Aimore provides HTML & CSS Certified Professional Training Course with Day-to-Day and Real Time Scenarios HTML & CSS Project Oriented Training with Interview guidance.

Our HTML & CSS Training Course in Chennai offers Hands on Practical training towards web designing. We are the Best Web Design Training Institute in Chennai in-terms of syllabus and expert training. Our HTML & CSS classes are designed for the professionals who are looking forward to increase their market value through knowledge upgradation and for the working professionals who want to explore their career.

Overview: HTML and CSS go hand in hand for developing flexible, attractively and user friendly websites. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to show content on the page where as CSS is used for presenting the page. HTML describes the structure of a Website semantically along with presentation cues, making it a mark-up language, rather than a programming language. HTML allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms.

Course Objectives:


In this module CSS is used to style and lay out web pages — for example, to alter the font, colour, size and spacing of your content, split it into multiple columns, or add animations and other decorative features. This module gets you started on the path to css.

  • Benefits of CSS
  • CSS Versions History
  • CSS Syntax
  • External Style Sheet using
  • Multiple Style Sheets
  • Value Lengths and Percentages


In this module, the basic goal of the Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) language is to allow a browser engine to paint elements of the page with specific features, like colors, positioning, or decorations. The CSS syntax reflects this goal and its basic building blocks are

  • CSS Syntax
  • single Style Sheets
  • Multiple Style Sheets
  • Value Lengths and Percentages


In this module, CSS selectors define the elements to which a set of CSS rules apply. In this module, you will find how many selectors are there how to use it

  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Attribute Selectors
  • CSS – Pseudo Classes
  • Grouping Selectors
  • Universal Selector
  • Descendant / Child Selectors

CSS2-Color Background Cursor

In this module, CSS Backgrounds and Borders is a module of CSS that lets you style elements backgrounds and borders. Backgrounds can be filled with a color or image, clipped or resized, and otherwise modified. Borders can be decorated with lines or images, and made square or rounded.

  • background-image
  • background-repeat
  • background-position
  • CSS Cursor

CSS2-Text Fonts

In this module, CSS Fonts that defines font-related properties and how font resources are loaded. It lets you define the style of a font, such as its family, size and weight, line height, and the glyph variants to use when multiple are available for a single character

  • color
  • background-color
  • text-decoration
  • text-align
  • vertical-align
  • text-indent
  • text-transform
  • white-space
  • letter-spacing
  • word-spacing
  • line-height
  • font-family
  • font-size
  • font-style
  • font-variant
  • font-weight

CSS2-Lists Tables

In this module, lists table that defines how to lay out table data.

  • list-style-type
  • list-style-position
  • list-style-image
  • list-style
  • CSS Tables
    • border
    • width & height
    • text-align
    • vertical-align
    • padding
    • color

CSS2-Box Model

In this module, CSS box model that defines the rectangular boxes—including their padding and margin—that are generated for elements and laid out according to the visual formatting model.

  • Borders & Outline
  • Margin & Padding
  • Height and width
  • CSS Dimensions

CSS2-Display Positioning

In this module, the position CSS property specifies how an element is positioned in a document. The top, right, bottom, and left properties determine the final location of positioned elements.

  • CSS Visibility
  • CSS Display
  • CSS Scrollbars
  • CSS Positioning
    • Static Positioning
    • Fixed Positioning
    • Relative Positioning
    • Absolute Positioning
  • CSS Layers with Z-Index

CSS Floats

In this module, the float CSS property specifies that an element should be placed along the left or right side of its container, allowing text and inline elements to wrap around it. The element is removed from the normal flow of the web page, though remaining a part of the flow (in contrast to absolute positioning).

  • The float Property
  • The clear Property
  • The clearfix Hack

At the end of the course, participants will be able to get :

  • By the end of this course, you will have a basic & thorough understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Upon completion, you will have coded a handful of useful HTML & CSS examples
  • In the last section of this course, you focus on building a beautiful, semantic, HTML & CSS web page
  • By the end of this course, you will have impressed yourself, and will be able to hit the ground running with your newly acquired skillset
  • Start building beautiful websites
  • Build a portfolio website, so you can highlight your best web work
  • Get the ball rolling for a career in web design
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