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Enrol in our RPA course in Chennai and gain proficiency in Business Automation. We guarantee 100% placement, securing your pathway to success in top MNCs.
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RPA Training - An Overview

RPA is a software automation technology that enables organisations to configure computer software, or a robot, to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting with digital systems to execute a business process. This can include tasks such as providing customer service, data entry, processing orders, and handling employee onboarding and termination.

RPA is one of the hottest skills in the job market today. Businesses across industries are looking for workers with RPA skills to help them automate tasks and processes. If you’re looking for a new career or want to upgrade your current skills, RPA training in Chennai at Aimore is an excellent option.

Aimore Technologies has been providing complete Robotic Process Automation Training in Chennai for years now. You’ll also get hands-on experience invoking an UiPath workflow and Citrix Automation. Get expert instruction from experienced trainers at Aimore Technologies who are passionate about making automation as easy as possible for their students.

Features of Aimore’s ​​RPA Course in Chennai

Industry-Aligned Placements
We ensure 100% placement assistance at top-tier MNCs, fostering a seamless transition from learning to application.
Practical Learning Approach
Our training emphasises practical exposure via lab sessions, meticulously replicating real-world scenarios for an immersive experience.
Expert-led Training
Learn the nuances of technical skills and industry best practices under the guidance of our accredited instructors. Opt for either in-person or virtual courses as per your convenience.
Credential Validation
Ascend your professional stature with an industry-recognized credential. Validate your RPA skills virtually with online proctoring or at a designated testing centre.
Flexible Learning Plan
We provide recommended learning pathways based on specific domains or job roles. However, the flexibility to tailor your learning journey remains in your hands.
Self-Paced Learning
Enjoy the luxury of learning at your own pace, complementing your unique learning style and schedule.
In-Depth Instruction
Benefit from 55 hours of thorough, instructor-led training, equipping you with essential RPA insights.
Personalised Doubt Resolution
Avail of one-on-one doubt resolution sessions, ensuring complete understanding of each concept.
Lifetime Batch Access
Attend as many batches as you desire with a lifetime access privilege to our course.

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Transform Your Future

Secure your future with the power of automation. Enrol in our Robotic Process Automation course today and embrace the future of business transformation!
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Prerequisites for RPA UiPath Training

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn about RPA and the different tools available for automating processes. No prior experience is necessary. To be eligible for RPA training in Chennai, you should have completed your graduation in any discipline. A basic understanding of computers and the Internet is also required as the course includes using various online tools and systems. In addition, it's necessary for you to have basic English proficiency to follow the coursework effectively.

Having a foundational understanding of Microsoft Office and Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) can provide an added advantage. However, this is not a mandatory requirement.

Our RPA course is primarily intended for those keen to explore RPA and the different automation tools available. Regardless of your prior experience, we ensure you grasp the basics of RPA, its life cycle, and the deployment of the UiPath tool. By the conclusion of this training, you'll possess the capabilities to invoke a UiPath workflow and implement Citrix Automation, taking your career to the next level.

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RPA Course in Chennai The Syllabus of Our

RPA Training at Aimore covers the following topics:

The life cycle of an automated system

The life cycle of an automated system

How to build and deploy an UiPath workflow

How to build and deploy an UiPath workflow

How to invoke an UiPath workflow from within UiPath Studio

How to invoke an UiPath workflow from within UiPath Studio

What Citrix Automation is and how it helps you automate Citrix applications

What Citrix Automation is and how it helps you automate Citrix applications

An overview of RPA security considerations

An overview of RPA security considerations

  • Overview of Robotic Process Automation
  • Architectural patterns in RPA
  • The distinction between various RPA bots
  • Tools employed in RPA and their selection criteria
  • Developing an RPA process and understanding its life cycle
  • Techniques for handling data in RPA
  • An introduction to the UiPath tool and its significance in RPA
  • Understanding workflow files and activities in UiPath
  • A look at the diverse interfaces of UiPath
  • Introduction to automation activity packages
  • Various projects that can be executed in UiPath
  • Introduction to the UiPath Studio
  • Roles and functionalities of UiPath Robot and UiPath Orchestrator
  • Techniques for working with variables and managing control flow
  • Automating tasks in Excel
  • Automation of Desktop, Web, and GUI using UiPath
  • Procedure to automate user interfaces
  • Configuring automated tasks
  • Introduction to variables, arguments, and package imports
  • Monitoring output results
  • Comprehensive study of recording techniques
  • Data extraction from browsers and various scraping methods
  • Recognising user events and recording sequences suitable for automation
  • Introduction to programming using Data Tables
  • Understanding the structure of Data Tables and searching methods
  • Activities related to Data Tables and creating workflow environments
  • Introduction to Collections and Email Management: Sending, Receiving, and Reading
  • Invoking workflows in UiPath and data manipulation techniques
  • Automation techniques for Citrix virtual applications
  • An overview of PDF and advanced Citrix automation
  • Coding foundations in UiPath
  • Exploring different organisational projects
  • Techniques for debugging and error handling
  • The significance of screen scraping in UiPath
  • Various methods of screen scraping, including image operations
  • Techniques to automate email-related tasks: reading messages and downloading attachments
  • Introduction to Sequencing and Flow Charts
  • The creation of reusable email components
  • Overview of Queues and Queue Management Systems
  • Techniques for data scraping and inserting in queues
  • Introduction to the RE Framework
  • Utilising the State Machine layout
  • Exploring various states in the State Machine and associated workflows
  • Understanding global and default variables in the main workflow
Benefits of Gaining

RPA Certification From Aimore

Gain Expertise
Enroll with Aimore Technologies to gain a strong footing in digital transformation. Learn to build a digital workforce that catalyses rapid business growth.
Master RPA Features
Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of RPA using UiPath studio, a tool that bridges the gaps between diverse sources, systems, applications, databases, and manual tasks.
Learn from Professionals
Our RPA trainers come with a rich 12-year experience in Robotic Process Automation. They offer deep insights into different RPA tools, their life cycle, and the deployment of the UiPath tool.
Multiple Sessions
Benefit from multiple sessions led by trainers who possess in-depth knowledge of the latest RPA software and tools.
Globally Recognized
Upon completing the training, you will receive the esteemed Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) certification. This serves as a beacon of your upgraded expertise and your capability to design innovative solutions to enterprise-level project challenges.
Job Opportunities
Armed with RPA skills, you open doors to various roles, including Developer, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Associate, and Process Consultant.

Secure Your Future

Take the leap towards a rewarding career with Aimore Technologies. Join our RPA UiPath training today and step forward as a UiPath Certified Professional.
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RPA Certification From Aimore - Your Questions Answered

Citrix Automation is an accessible yet powerful tool designed to automate recurring tasks on your Windows desktop or laptop. This may include activities such as form-filling, extracting data from web pages, and managing applications. With no requirement for programming knowledge and availability for free on the Citrix website, it's a convenient tool compatible with all Windows versions (except Windows XP).

Online RPA training is an excellent opportunity for Software Engineers, IT Professionals, and Software Testers. If you're eager to seize opportunities in the rapidly expanding RPA market, this online training is perfect for you.

Indeed, UiPath is one of the most adaptable RPA tools available, adjusting real-time to task requirements. It supports both attended and unattended automation modes and incorporates multi-tenancy for heightened operational efficiency. By prioritising tasks effectively, UiPath enhances productivity, making it an indispensable automation solution for any business.

The RPA lifecycle encompasses five crucial stages:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

The Planning stage outlines objectives and identifies the automation process, followed by the Development stage, where the RPA is designed. The Testing stage ensures the effectiveness of the automated elements before they're Deployed. Maintenance then ensures the optimised usage of these elements.

Absolutely, non-IT candidates are welcome to enrol in our RPA developer foundation training. Some RPA tools, including UiPath, don't require expert-level programming skills. If you're a non-programmer keen to explore automation, UiPath should be your learning priority.