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ETL Testing Courses in Chennai

Aimore offers cost-effective ETL testing training courses in Chennai with guaranteed 100% placements. Enrol today.
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Aimore’s ETL Testing Training - An Overview

Aimore Technologies offers the best ETL Testing Courses In Chennai, which provide an in-depth understanding of the concept through real-world examples. Our course curriculum covers test automation, data cleansing, transformation, and mining.

Our ETL testing course will teach you how to test data warehouse systems and their associated business intelligence applications. You will learn how to design test cases, execute tests, and interpret results. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the different types of data warehouse architectures and how they impact testing.

We also offer training packages with complete course access, personal trainer & mentoring support, which has been well received among those who have joined this training program. Our trainers have experience working with top organisations, so that we can assure you about the quality of training at Aimore Technologies.

Aimore’s ETL Testing Course:Top Features

Practical Experience
Aimore offers extensive hands-on experience to its candidates with 100% Placement At Top MNCs.
Realistic Scenarios
Our training offers practical experience through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios.
Accredited Instructors
Direct or virtual courses taught by accredited teachers to hone your technical skills.
Industry Recognition
Online or direct proctoring to validate your skills with acknowledged credentials.
Recommended Plans
Customised schedules that focus on specific domains or job roles of your choice.
Intensive Learning
55 hours of coaching by certified instructors to encourage self-paced learning.
Expert Assistance
Adequate number of one-on-one Q& A and doubt-resolving sessions with instructors.
Unlimited Sessions
Freedom to attend any number of batches for a lifetime to learn ETL testing.

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ETL Testing Training at Aimore: Eligibility Criteria

To join Aimore’s ETL testing training course in Chennai, you must have good knowledge of databases and computer programming languages such as SQL and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. The ability to understand complex data structures and to work independently is a major prerequisite. You should also be able to implement creative thinking with a keen eye for detail when designing test cases.

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ETL Testing Training: The Syllabus
  • Introduction to the Fundamentals of ETL Testing
  • The Comprehensive Life Cycle of ETL Testing Procedures
  • Exploring Database Principles
  • Role of ETL within the Business Intelligence Landscape
  • Differentiating between OLTP and OLAP Systems
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Practical Session: Constructing OLTP and OLAP Databases
  • Introduction to the Basics of RDBMS
  • Understanding Core Relational Database Principles
  • Differentiating Between Conventional Database Testing and Data Warehousing Testing
  • The Importance of Integrity Constraints
  • Practical Session: Implement Data Warehousing Testing Methods and Test Integrity Constraints
  • Understanding Workflow within a Data Warehouse
  • Comprehensive Scenarios for ETL Testing
  • Techniques in ETL Mapping, Data Warehouse Assessments, Identifying Data Mismatches, and Addressing Data Loss
  • Practical Session: Construct a Data Warehouse Workflow and Develop ETL Mapping Solutions
  • An Overview of Various Testing Scenarios
  • Techniques for Structure and Constraint Validations
  • Ensuring Data Accuracy and Completeness
  • The Importance of Data Quality and the Validation Process
  • Implementing Negative Testing Scenarios
  • Practical Session: Develop Tests Based on Different Scenarios, Evaluate the Software's Structure, Validate Constraints, Ensure Data Accuracy, and Carry Out Negative Testing
  • Utilising SQL for Efficient Data Assessments
  • Familiarising with Database Structures
  • Techniques for Crafting SQL Scripts
  • Practical Session: Develop SQL Scripts to Evaluate Data
  • Understanding the Techniques for Report and Cube Testing
  • Determining the Scope of ETL Testing within the Business Intelligence Field
  • Practical Session: Determine the Scope for ETL Testing, Generate Reports, and Assess Data Cubes

Aimore’s ETL Testing Certification: The Benefits

ETL Testing Training at Aimore comes with a gamut of advantages, such as:
In-depth ETL Training
Our course covers theoretical classes in data warehousing concepts, Business Intelligence, and several practical sessions to understand real-world industry scenarios.
Personalised Attention
Compared to other IT training providers, we do not overbook students during lessons which lead to more individual attention than any other institution in Chennai.
Hands-on Training
We offer hands-on experience by providing students with access to up-to-date software and techniques they’ll need once they start working in this field so that they are fully equipped before entering the workforce.
Highlights Skills
Our ETL training will equip you with knowledge about ETL testing jobs and provide tips on preparing your resume so that recruiters can spot your strengths from afar.
Advanced Curriculum
Our training has been designed by experts who have tested many large data warehouses around the world. With a 100% job placement rate, our pieces of training are ideal for those looking to launch or further their career as an ETL tester!
Practical Capabilities
Learners who have completed the course will have gained a thorough understanding of data warehousing and business intelligence concepts, enabling them to quickly put their knowledge into practice in the workplace.

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ETL Testing Certification: Unraveling More Details

ETL testing is a process of testing data migration from one system to another. It is used to ensure that data is transferred correctly and that the data quality is maintained. ETL testing can be used in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and retail. To become an ETL tester, you must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Also, it is vital to have the option to function admirably under tension (pressure) and fulfil time constraints. Aimore Technologies can provide the training you need to succeed in this field.

Our ETL training certification teaches:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Working of BI
  • ETL data validation
  • ETL testing process
  • ETL standards & basics
  • ETL best practices
  • Dependency & constraint testing
  • Error handling
  • SQL deployment for data check implementation
  • ETL certification preparation
  • ETL database testing comparison
  • Data warehouse testing

The duration of the course is two months. The course is divided into six modules, each covering a different aspect of ETL testing. Aimore Technologies also provides real-world examples and case studies to help trainees understand concepts through practical experience.

Initially, coding was a prerequisite for ETL testing. However, there are many no-code ETL tools to automate the ETL testing process without going through the trouble of writing ETL tools.

In the current job market, ETL professionals are among the best-paid. Certified ETL developers take home impressive salaries. As they gain experience in this field, they have more potential to bag jobs with bigger paychecks.