Set Your Career Path In Data Science with Aimore Technologies -

Set Your Career Path In Data Science with Aimore Technologies


Data scientists design, build and maintain data architectures. They connect programming and implementation, the theory of data science with the business implications of data. Data Scientists requires strong software engineering skills with applicative skills of theoretical knowledge and statistics and algorithms.

Career path:

Data scientists are multi-talented professionals. Being programmers, statisticians, and functional data storyteller they have diverse opportunities as

1. Business Intelligence Analyst

A BI analyst uses data to find out market and business trends and gives a clear picture of company status.

2. Data Mining Engineer

The data mining engineer examines data of the third party with their own. After analyzing, he creates sophisticated algorithms to help the company and also analyze the data for further aspects.

3. Data Architect

They work closely with users, system designers, and developers to create blueprints to integrate, maintain, and secure data sources.

4. Data Scientist

Data scientists translate a business case into an analytics agenda. They develop hypotheses and understand data and its limitations. They also use algorithms to analyze data further. They use business analytics to explain the status and also help devise solutions that will help the company to move forward.

5. Senior Data Scientist

A senior data scientist predicts the future needs of businesses. They gather data, and they also analyze it thoroughly to resolve complex problems. They use statistical data and develop tools to analyze the data further.

Why Aimore Technologies?

In Aimore Technologies the needs to become a data scientist of are fulfilled efficiently. A data scientist has a wide job opening and has become the hottest job of the decade. The companies are using the insights that data scientists to stay one step ahead of their competition while keeping overhead costs low. It is a position for specialists. You can specialize in different fields of skills like speech analyst, text analyst (NLP), image processing, video processing, medicine simulation, material simulation, etc.

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