AWS Tutorial - Learn Amazon Web Services from Experts

AWS Tutorial – Learn Amazon Web Services from Experts

AWS Online Training offers all of you the vital devices you would need to set up your IT foundation, without purchasing anything.

From AWS course, up until now, we have seen why we ought to learn AWS and what precisely AWS is. We should now push forward and find out about the administrations that AWS training in Chennaibrings to the table.

AWS Databases

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS is an 'overseen' social database administration, i.e., it is a help that can oversee social databases for you. It can do different mechanized errands, for example, doing security patches, reinforcements, and so on.


DynamoDB is a NoSQL database administration from Amazon. It underpins key-worth and record information. It additionally bolsters point-in-time recuperation, on-request reinforcement, and re-establishes.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is an information warehousing administration from AWS. It can give strategic investigation and is utilized by most of the Fortune 500 organizations and even new companies!

Amazon ElastiCache

AWS ElastiCache is an in-memory information store and reserve administration gave by AWS. It improves the exhibition of your web applications by storing the much of the time questioned information.

AWS Security


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) causes you oversee access for assets and clients in your AWS biological system. It encourages you powerfully give granular access to AWS assets.


AWS Key Management System causes you make and oversee keys. It gives you a focal spot from where you can control all your encryption keys.
Since we are finished with AWS Security administrations, let us currently feel free to comprehend AWS Management devices in this AWS instructional exercise.

AWS Management

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation causes you make an assortment of AWS assets from a solitary snap. With this instrument, organizations and people can set up a huge engineering with a negligible snap!

AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks is an arrangement the executive’s administration by AWS, which causes you oversee and design servers on AWS utilizing Chef and Puppet. It permits you to arrange both Amazon EC2 cases and on-premises servers.

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a logging administration from AWS. It gives the occasion history of all AWS account-related exercises. It encourages you in inspecting, consistence checking, and administration.

AWS CloudWatch

AWS CloudWatch is an observing assistance from AWS, which causes you screen AWS assets in your AWS account. You can likewise make cautions and determine activities at whatever point a peculiarity happens on AWS.

AWS Customer Engagement

AWS Connect

AWS Connect is prepared to convey a client contact focus or a client assistance focus. It causes you register on a cost-free number and permits you to course the approaching approaches this enlisted number to operators who will go to the calls. Each usefulness of this application is computerized, consequently empowering you to set up a client contact focus in minutes if not hours!

AWS Simple Email Service

AWS Simple Email Service (SES) causes you send mechanized messages to the necessary beneficiaries. It furnishes you with an API, which your application can utilize and send messages through code.

By AWS Online Training, you are completely mindful of the considerable number of ideas you must know before beginning with AWS course. Let us currently advance somewhat ahead and realize how to make our own record by enrolling on AWS training in Chennai.

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